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1- add manual language switcher in setting tab to change app language manually by the user.

2- make elements right to left for RTL languages (when language has changed to an RTL one whole app should convert to right to the left direction, not just texts but also icons and everything!).

3- make all words translatable in app

4- let admin customize font family and font size from settings.cs . for example: add new custom font or change the font size.

5- add a built-in photo cropper for profile photo uploader (necessary).

6- add a built-in photo editor for photo uploader.

7- add a sticker system just like the telegram (people like to share their emotions by stickers psychologically)

8- make the whole app lighter an faster


Thanks for suggestion we will try our best

Hello elin , when the 1.5 update will relase ? in any day from now?

Its working normaly

Hello, I just give you a hint that you maybe can add Video & Voice Call in your iOS and Android Applications too!

Hi DonutChopper

We had already add the video and audio call to the app the app will be updated after 1 week from now


Elin Doughouz

In next update add encryption message text, like WhatsApp? you promised that function a very long time ago.

Hi panaiotis1

encryption was added to The video calls and videos call but for text still


Elin Doughouz

when add for text and data sent?

After the main script will add it

how it will be necessary to update the messenger?

Its necessary 100% you will be forced to update after you see the new features


Elin Doughouz

Does this app also support android 8?

Yes the new version is which is coming after few days is very impressive

Then I will wait for the renewal before I buy it