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Hi, I am interested but there is something not clear to me. Is this encrypted with a password? Is there a clientside decrypter?

If not with a password then i guess it is very easy to decrypt if people know with which software it was done.

Please let me know Thanks!

I think you are confused with the term “encode” and “obfuscate” . Encoding is simple hiding of code into unreadable characters whereas obfuscation is renaming of functions, methods, constants, strings & etc into unreadable objects. So encoding is just simple Encryption and obfuscation is advanced encryption. But when renaming it effects the whole code. My app here is the encoding one.

the big point for me is if it it usefull to use it. Because people who want your code can so easy decode. Tell me if I am wrong. I dont want to say it is bad. Not at all. Just wondering how the thiefs can decode everything.

if you know this quote : “No one can cheat death”; you will understand why. Most nullers use iDeZender and tools like that… don’t want to name them because it will affect my position on codecanyon.

It’s upto you whether you want to make this app useful or not.

Good effots. with base64_encode and eval, easy to decode from client site, you must find more than this two simple functions.

I made a obfuscator a while back it’s renames everyhting but there was one big problem that you can’t include that file to another one so i had to stop that project and started this one with simple encoding ;) – it’s pure basic encoding and as for decoding you can decode any php even if it is obfuscated with zend or ioncude -

less 2 min file is decoded :D php encode is wrong because php is open source :)

Yeah php is open source – everybody knows that. My tool here just makes you go WTS and wastes the decoders 2-5 mins…. ;)

I have a question if i were to use this app to encode php and after i upload on my site would the source code be encrypted on browser source?

Sorry but i didn’t get what you are asking. Even without encoding php code is not visible from browser’s source viewer. A encoder encodes a file so that even if your php file get downloaded directly it will be still unreadable.

Can encode html too?

Yes it can do it way.

how about if there is javascript inside the php file? Still can do?

As long it is under php extension (.php) it can do anything.

Very awesome software my friends ;)

thanks brother :)

Will “iDZ*ndr” and related websites be possible to decode your encoding?

its simple encoding not obfuscation. obfuscation is different and encoding is different.

hello, is this software still working?

Yes this is still working.

Hi , after I use Encoder the php file , it will run in the sever ?

Yes. It’s meant to work after encoding.

Does it will be easy to decode the codes?

No it just encode for simple security. Use advanced encoders and obfuscators.

not encode good.