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Any live preview of obfuscated js files?

I don’t have a live preview but i have a encoded JQuery library you can download it at : http://clink.tk/9nEy

Greetings. Download link doesn’t work. Would you please restore it and let me know, thank you.

Recheck again. Or here is the full url : http://voltweaponteck.tk/dl/jquery.min.zip

its support mobile devices?

Yes it supports all kind of devices :)

I just had a look at your jQuery encoded source and it can easily be decoded by just unescaping it. I can’t understand how it protects the code then?

It protect just the front end part, it doesnt scramble or obfuscate the code :)

thanks, but not of much use for us then.

Its upto who wants to use it <3

hi its can embded html files

sorry sir didn’t get it…. can u please show some what are you trying to do.

have index.html file , how can i encrypt that/

html files are directly not supported. That’s why the name of this tool is “Javascript encoder”. Thought you can do manually by clicking “Add files” then under the file extension select “All files”. E.g : http://s27.postimg.org/4hjj15k7n/example.png

Hi! I wanted to know if the source code was delivered in theme of the purchase?

no source code is not included. if you want the source you can message me and we can discuss a possible price for it.


I’ve already bought WoW PHP Encoder PRO and WoW JavaScript Encoder PRO.

About WoW PHP Encoder PRO it works fine, I do my job perfectly. I found the solution I was looking for a long time and I am very happy.

About WoW JavaScript Encoder PRO I am trying for a long time but it’s still not possible to use it. All the times I do encode any JavaScript file to protect our client’s website, the website is not working properly. Is there anything you think I did not understand correctly? The way I use it is exactly as I use WoW PHP Encoder PRO.

Thanks in advance.

Havent still recieved anything ? can you email me to superbtheftauto@GMAIL.COM

I send now 3 attachments again. If you still don’t receive them let me know to create a download link here.


I bought this product about 2 months before and unfortunately I still wait for your answer and the solution of the problem.

This product never worked for me.

Until now I already send to you the same .zip file and the detail images of the problem 3 times, after your request. It is like you dupe me.

I work with CodeCanyon for years and it is really a very serious Company but about your product, I am really disappointed because you ask me to send the files 3 times, I am waiting for you to resolve my problem 2 months and you never answer. is this serious business?

I hope this time you will prove the opposite.

This is the LAST time I am writing to you about this.