WOW Gallery - Magic WordPress Gallery

WOW Gallery - Magic WordPress Gallery

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WOW Gallery - Magic WordPress Gallery - 1 WOW Gallery magic WordPress plugin that allows you to display various content formats in a highly customizable grid. Unlike many gallery plugins, WOW Gallery offers an easiest way to create maximally unique and optimized grids for all device types.

Main Features

  • Modern Scrollable intuitive UI – Live device preview, native tag selection system, custom links preview, different sort types, thumbnail generator and much more..
  • 7 layout grids – Plugin comes with 7 grid layout. It has very familiar ones like: Justified, Masonry, Carousel and non standard: Flex, Smart. That gives you opportunity create absolutely unique grids.
  • 28 predefined captions -13 square 15 circle each circle can be square with specific customization. You can easily create new captions using powerful caption editor
  • Powerful caption editor – allows you create unlimited custom captions based on current caption templates. Controls every details in caption such as: overlay, borders, shadows, gutters, icons and etc…
  • Image compressors – OptiPNG and JPEGtran compressors integrated into WOW GALLERY upload and thumbnail generator with optimal parameters for major hosting OS.
  • Pixel Perfect Grid Optimization – adjusting every single image in grid.
  • Responsive image serving – WOW GALLERY follows in RICG image serving standard. Allows you to set different image sizes and grid in 6 dimensions: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Landscape, Tablet, Phone Landscape and Phone.

And much more…

  • UI customization from admin panel – select load types, gutters, colors and much more.
  • Video support in lightbox – view YouTube or Vimeo in lightbox.
  • Caption Editor – unlimited custom captions.
  • Responsive gallery for each screen resolution – You can set specific grid also specific resolution.
  • Pixel perfect gallery optimization – every image looks perfect, clean and sharp.
  • Native tag selection sytsem – use tags to collect and classify images with different themes.
  • Unlimited thumbnail generator – make personal thumbnails for each gallery.
  • Device preview -choose the device type you want to create gallery for and work with it.
  • Filtering – Comfortable filtering your images.
  • Retina support – Looks perfect in high resolution devices.
  • 4 default and customizable themes – Minimal, Underline, Material and Material Dark set your best view.
  • 5 lightboxes – Colorbox, Magnific Popup, Venobox, Lightcase, Swipebox – choose the best one you like.
  • Swipe support – Use gestures to work with gallery on touch-devices.
  • Custom links – set link you want to any image.
  • Filters – Browser hash history

Grids Showcase

Video tutorials

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  23.01.19 - ver 1.3.3
  - Added custom link target
  - Fixed stag select all

  04.08.18 - ver 1.3.2
  - Fixed long gallery names break markup
  - Fixed Maximum flex layout optimization error
  - Fixed non-standard mobile screen DPR gallery render error

  24.06.18 - ver 1.3.1
  - Added filters - browser hash history
  - Added layout tpls deleted with gallery
  - Fixed default thumbnails
  - Fixed maximum flex layout css generation and load more properties

  29.05.18 - ver 1.3
  - Added layout selector
  - Added automatic thumbnails optimization

  - Fixed retina src load  

  28.04.18 - ver 1.2.1
  - Added multiple galleries live preview edit
  - Added new caption

  - Fixed caption editor active hover change caption
  - Fixed carousel right to Left
  - Fixed close sidebar menu

  23.04.18 - ver 1.2
  - Added new carousel layout

  - Changed device preview

  - Fixed IE11 Edge build grid
  - Fixed plugin activation header error
  - Fixed image empty fields timeout and save 
  - Fixed hiding captions sidebar
  - Fixed layout tab caption selection 

  31.03.18 - ver 1.1.6
  - Changed locked retina ratio for future updates
  - Changed some UI 

  - Added caption hover active mode

  - Fixed Caption editor bronte active hover option
  - Fixed lightbox none option
  - Fixed touch gestures
  - Fixed preview safari load fix(chrome engine detection)
  - Safari retina fix

  20.03.18 - ver 1.1.5
  - Added youtube embed link support:

  - Fixed custom links in device preview
  - Fixed custom device complete delete
  - Fixed image connected remove

  17.03.18 - ver 1.1.4
  - Update documentation - video tutorials links

  - Fixed specific 2 lightboxes open
  - Fixed admin js dependency
  - Fixed captions hidding admin panel
  - Fixed fixed-content none thumbnails to prev images
  - Fixed filters brackets usage

  08.03.18 - ver 1.1.3
  - Changed enable horizontal align for Flex grid
  - Changed Adjusting each image which allows delete default thumb templates
  - Fixed none thumbnail image notification
  - Fixed hidden images loading position
  - Fixed device preview images error sizes after sizes changed
  - Fixed smart breaking after adjusting
  - Fixed justify-page gutters
  - Fixed load after click switcher

  06.03.18 - ver 1.1.2
  - Fixed arrow paginator bullets centering
  - Fixed jquery dependency
  - Fixed arows flat theme active color picker
  - Fixed arrows centering
  - Fixed arrows none
  - Fixed caption-editor placeholder
  - Fixed diderot icon size
  - Fixed caption centering
  - Fixed diderot caption title desc source

  01.03.18 - ver 1.1.1
  - Fixed device preview rotate button hide
  - Fixed Edge and Firefox force full width extra width
  - Fixed "infinite scroll" with "scroll after click" bug
  - Fixed image change thumbnail error with none thumb
  - Fixed new thumbs templates delete

  27.02.18 - ver 1.1.0
  - Fixed gif upload
  - Fixed adjusting images error after upload
  - Added force full width
  - Added Justify-page, Grid-page rtl mode

  21.02.18 - ver 1.0.0
  - Initial release