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Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


such a great work, fanatstic ! i wish you best for sales ;) :)


fully support rtl?

RTL will be in next update. It takes about 3 days


Is it possible for a community to publish their photos, which are on the same common gallery?

Thank you

Hi, from client side(not admin panel)? or what do you mean by community? How it looks like?


3x3 Purchased

After I installed the plugin, and clicked “WOW Gallery” in the backend, it shows a blank page, there are 3 errors in console. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ChildViewContainer’ of undefined Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘behaviorsLookup’ of undefined Uncaught TypeError: WGL.start is not a function I am using the latest wordpress.

Hi, submit me a ticket please:


Can the plugin handle this:

I need a grid gallery, with no hover effect opening in lightbox. The gallery is filled with images and video ( mp4, webm or youtube ) combined.

The last part is important ( between the images there must be a video ) not a image gallery and a video gallery.

Can the grid thumb size be changed in a different size 200px x 100px.


Yep. Because you add video only for concrete image. I ll create this example today, or wait a bit i ll demonstrate in existing one – check first one image and one note more it doesn’t support short urls like: – wil add support today but update will be a bit later. need full one like:

Ok perfect thanx.

Incredible support! Thanks

You re welcome

Can i have Shuffle effect in Masonry gallery?

Nope for now, in next updates will be, but not very soon, 2 3 weeks i guess

Hello, does your gallery plugin allow my users to publish their own photos in the gallery? In the form of a social gallery for example.

Thank you

Hello, nope, maybe at next updates

I have a question for you. First off plugin looks awesome….

1) can you assign an image to more than one category 2) can you force the ordering as well ?

Hi, 1. Of course 2. There are 4 ordering types: picture id, filename. title – added yourself and custom – mouse drag. I recommend you to wait new update that will be in coming Monday. Plugin has some confusing thumbnails settings, but all complexity will be reduced.


Does this plugin provide sub-categories filtrations.

Do you provide sub-category filtration. for example category H belongs to category A. So in the first filters row only A link will appear and when I click on A link then in the second filters row H link will be appear.

Hi, unfortunately nope.

Good Morning i have a few questions 1- How to add the thumbnails pics? 2- Can use external pics? 3- Can use a database for adding all the information? 4- Can you put a pic in more than one category? 5- and most important have tags for images to integrate a wordpress search?

thanks a lot for your time

Hi 1. You can create thumbnail template e.g. you want all your images have 300×200 (wxh) then add this template to gallery and thumbnails will be created with this template also templates can be scaled by height or width – you want all images must be exactly 250 height width will be calculated. 2. You mean by url? nope gallery hasn’t that feature only direct uploading or import from Wordpress 3. Data base? bulk import? nope 4. Yes. 5. Nope. But thank you for feature ideas. In future updates. but not very soon

Thanks and let me know if you take this ideas…. i try to find something like this from a lot time…..

Okay, surely.

Unfortunately, my galleries are no longer displayed on mobile devices. Everything works with version 1.2.

Hi, send me a ticket please with url.

I can’t see the demo. I can’t find the galley list and view page…

Hi, where you can’t see it? If you mean demo site WOW gallery menu button located at the left sidebar menu in admin panel –

This is awesome! However, it doesn’t work with Divi by elegant themes at all. Any plans to add support?

Hi, it just doesn’t work? At the nearest weekend will try to add support.

Thank you – I’ll be on standby. I just get the “gallery id not found” – tried a ton of things. Pretty sure Divi and WOW don’t like each other. This is the nicest gallery out there, though. :)

Submit me a ticket here please:

Had an issue, turned out to be my ignorance, and the developers were super prompt in reply and helped me within a few hours. Highly recommend just for support alone! Not to mention the cleanest/easiest to use gallery plugin out there!

You ‘re welcome!

Nice Plugin but after the last update, I can’t choose a layout. If I click on the layout (for example masonry) the spinning circle appears (Configuring Settings) and keep spinning and spinning. What can I do?

Hi, submit me a ticket please.