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Hi, I’ve emailed you for support but heard nothing back. I am having issues with an MD5 error “The MD5 signature could not be verified”. Any clues?

I would like to find out if we can use your plugin so that our customers can pay their invoices online through our website. So no shopping card but just the ability to pay an invoice.


Can I give my gateway link (provided to me by my bank) and you can intergrate it? Thank you


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i have a master card but the bank tell me that i can not receive the payments. can you tell me in details which kind of card should i have to use with this plugin? Thanks


You cannot receive payments on any card. If you want to accept payments you need to have merchant account. As you have purchased the plugin i would suggest you contact Worldpay support and they would help you get one.


Hi, i’ve just emailed you regarding installation. Please take a look when you have a moment as none of the screenshots in your documentation match what we’re seeing in WorldPay. Have they changed their website?

thanks very much.


Resolved over Teamviewer.

Yes, outstanding support. Thanks alot!!!

Hi, Ive put <wpdisplay item=MC_callback> in the payment Payment Response URL box alone but on the test it still doesn’t redirect and marks the payments as pending. Was i meant to add this before.

Hi, would you be able to tell us what is the different betwin your plugin and this one: It seems like this are the same plugins but yours is half price. What are the major differences? Thank you


They both are same integration but might differ in features.

Hi I Seem to be having Trouble on Redirecting back to the site once a payment has completed. I have tried both the which it states within the plugin & <wpdisplay item=MC_callback> which it states within the Documentation – Please could you advise what i am doing wrong?


Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page and send in the site logins.

Also please make sure you have uploaded the html files in your production environment as uploading to test environment won’t copy it to production environment by default you need to upload them again in production.

Hi, does this plugin support ‘Worldpay Business Gateway’ having spoke to Worldpay my client said they stated it had to be the Wordpay Business Gateway Plugin’ to work with their setup.


This plugin is RHTML integration of Worldpay UK. So long as you have Worldpay account with Junior Installation in your account you can use this plugin. Check here for more info

Sent a message through contact form. Thanks!

The link doesn’t work – “Error establishing a database connection” – any ideas please?



Try it now. There was a issue with server.

I configured your plugin and in test mode its working fine at my end but when I switch it back to production mode its giving me following error message. Please note I have copied the file to production as well and waited for 6 hours but everytime I check it doesn’t work. Can you please tell me how to fix this for production mode?

The information sent from the merchant’s site is invalid or incomplete. Please send the following information to the merchant: The transaction cannot be processed for one or more of the following reasons:

The merchant account is suspended. The order currency selected is not supported. The authorisation mode is incorrect. Test mode is unavailable. The installation is not live.

Following up?


Make sure your account is activated for live payments by contacting WorldPay Support.

Messaged you via the contact form but no reply yet.

Having a problem with the lack of redirection back to website following payment in WorldPay. Followed the documentation in your website and uploaded the HTML files onto live ‘Select Junior’ profile.

Payment response URL seems to be properly configured as the order is changed from pending payment to processing on WooCommerce, however the customer is left in the WorldPay page rather than being redirected to our website.

Please help, thanks.

Please make sure you have uploaded the html files in your production environment as uploading to test environment won’t copy it to production environment by default you need to upload them again in production.


I sent a message using the contact author on the support tab 4 days ago but haven’t received a reply. As I didn’t receive any confirmation either I’m wondering if you received my message, so I thought I would try again through the comments section.

I have setup the plugin but when I try a test transaction I get an error saying ‘The MD5 signature could not be verified’. I contacted the WorldPay support and they said if I used MD5 the SignatureField should be completed and match in both the plugin and the WorldPay setup. As there isn’t an option for the SignatureField in the plugin can you please advise what I need to do to resolve this/

Many thanks


Please follow the documentation at As for the signature fields they are taken care by the plugin during checkout.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve already been through that setup page and just double checked to make sure and I’m still getting the error. The only difference I can see is that your instructions show an input in the Info Servlet Password field of the WorldPay Installation Administration page. Could it be that?


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Hey Guys, our plugin has suddenly stopped working. All orders are now showing as pending and the stock etc is not being updated, even though the order is going through OK at WorldPay. Could it be because we have upgraded the site to SSL?

Its difficult to know, we upgraded to SSL before christmas and have a few different payment methods, but its the only major change we have made to the site. Is there anywhere we need to update the site url in Worldpay? We have the site autoredirecting all pages to SSL which may be an issue. Where shall I send Logins?


Send the logins through contact form on our profile page at

Emailed you