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Wish I had known this sooner, that this plugin only works with the UK. Perhaps this should have been clearly stated, before purchase is made.

Hi my client needs to add a transaction fee onto the amount the client is paying. I need to this show up as an additional line on the final receipt produced by Worldpay. So the user will be paying for two items the inital payment + a fee. Both need to show up separately.



Is it possible to set the following parameters:

MD5 secret


Also, how do I return the user back to the website after payment?


No response in over 2 weeks…

Anyone got this working recently? Wish I had seen the last update was 2015. Dont Worldpay require more than just the Install ID these days?

Resolved over email.

Confirmed, now working.

says upload resultY.html and resultC.html …where are these files??


Can you please send us the site logins through the contact form on our profile page So we can check it.

sent – the form was meant to be live hours ago with customers being held back until resolved… please let me know asap – message sent over an hour ago.

Resolved over email.

I tried to contact you but have not heard anything, there has not been any update in over 2 years, can you confirm this still works? Are there any updates coming?


The update is on way to support latest version of GravityForm and Wordpress.

Thanks, will this work now or do we have to wait for an update?


The update is live on codecanyon.

I get an error on the workldpay page saying: The information sent from the merchant’s site is invalid or incomplete. Please send the following information to the merchant: The transaction cannot be processed:

The MD5 signature could not be verified.

Can you please help?

Is there any way to send a custom field as the cart id? For example, using Gravity perks Unique ID and send that are the cartid? I’ve just noticed the order id is sent as the description. Can you change this so its the cartid?


Are you saying you want to be able send custom ID through cartid field. If yes can you please contact us through the contact form on our profile page at

Replied using the form!


Just a couple of questions before we purchase this please:

1. Is this now supported with GravityForms 2.2.X. 2. Are there hooks to change the WordPay account before the form is loaded? We would have a default WordPay account which we would like the majority of payments to go through, but there are cases where we need to send payment to another WordPay account. We would know this before the form is loaded, so are there any hooks we could change the details before the form is loaded?


Pre-Purchase question – was Gadget1969 correct that this only works for UK accounts – I have a Global WorldPay account – need to know before I purchase Gravity Forms and your plugin! TY


Yes it works with only UK Accounts.