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Are questions/answers up-datable live or is everything built in the app?

q/a are built in app and easily add and editable..


1. Datastore? XML or JSON or SQLite? 2. How is scoring work? Can i define score for each question? Can I share score on Facebook or Game Center high score? 3. Is there option to eliminate wrong answers by using coins?


all questions are hard coded on the .m file so it is very easy to edit or add questions, each question have 100 marks defines in game class, yes you can define your score,yes you can share on fb twitter,yes you have 5 lives that make you alive in game.

hardcode questions in .m file look like a nightmare. no plist/XML/Sqlite database. No GameCenter integration also, i think.

actually adding or editing more data like questions or categories on .m is very easy instead of XML or database..

no game center integration???

oh another thing..yousaid questions are inside .m file..can they be on an xml file (plist )instead??

Yes very easily you just make plist put ur data init and call that list in .m..

Had made a similar app in the past. If Game Center with leaderboards and achievements were available in your app I would have bought it straight away!

Hi, is it possible to have iAd instead of adMob? Thank You!

Yes you can easily integrate iAd…

Hello, Is the game center integrated or not yet? Thanks

is all psd files provided with the app ?

Hello. has a version without ADS ?. let me know to buy

Don’t give any key for ads in Strings.xml no ads will be displayed, you will have a version without ADS. :)

Do you have Anroid version ?

hi a question plz ? support 64 as you know appstore accept just apps support 64 after 15/02/2015 ?

hi a question plz ? support 64 as you know appstore accept just apps support 64 after 15/02/2015 ?

Apple gave this notice to all ios developers. This is an ANDROID application it has no concern with Apple Appstore.

A ok but why you add it in the iOS category

we have added it in android category you can check.

This is for iOS or Android ? You put to iOS category and your sales letter say Both for iPhone and iPad. iOS-7 compatible. http://codecanyon.net/item/world-of-quiz/7908213/comments#comment_8904118

Does this app work with IOS 8/9 and XCode 6.x/7.x?

not yet need a update on it

Looks great! But I’m looking for android version with SQL db compatible.

Thanks we didnt work on it yet