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Nice work! Good luck with sales! :)

Yes, thank you.

i want it.. but i need it RTL (arabic)

so can you do any thing for it?

is it ready for arabic RTL?

it will support Arabic character ?

If adding the rtl.css style. But if you have problems I can fix it

hey is it possible to add a space on the top to write the teams name?

In ‘base.css’ file on line 283 add the code

margin-bottom: 10px;

Good script ! How change default training ?

I just sent in version 1.1, there may easily put the default alignment you want. In a few hours will be uploaded

Thank you !!

Well done :) Good luck

Thank you so much

buying it NOW, even when i cant use it

hope in new version it will support Arabic character :)

good luck with sales !!!

Send me your email, to give you the updated script, apparently is the typography in the ‘fonts’ folder

i changed the font to Arial, Arabic will show but not correct

gave me your email address ill send you an email now

Send me your mail this way, or look in the changelog.txt file there is also my email.

I love it. Good luck with the sales.

hi my friend,

i got your script.. now can you help me to add it to wordpress like..mmm

i frame?

the problem is solved

and script is working now.. thanks alot

Cool ;)

i call you on Facebook please help me

Hello, can you please add predefined countries colors???

and can you please add the players names by default? and input with player name with option to select another player name. with thumbmail

please do it i can pay more for this upgrade for your buyers…

please before the world cup is finished haha =/

Hola, la copa fue ganada por Alemania, y no tenía pleneado hacer esa mejora para el plugin.

can this be altered so that we can set just one team, not an international one?

Hello, if the script allows to a predetermined uniform color. What you can do is to hide the part of the uniform colors, so the user could not select colors but choose your alignment

Nice Work and Welcome to Envato. Good Luck