World Cup 2018 (soccer) - Memory Game - CAPX (HTML5 and Mobile)

World Cup 2018 (soccer) - Memory Game - CAPX (HTML5 and Mobile)

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World Cup 2018 – Memory Game is an Excellent game to develop the memory and the quick reasoning of children. The main benefits for children playing Memory Game:

- Improve motor skills;

- Stimulate creativity;

- Help in the development of the spatial notion;

- Develops the photographic memory;

- Develop the quick reasoning;

- Contributes to better brain development;

- Accentuate the notion of different colors;

- Improve concentration and eye coordination;

- Improve the sense of autonomy, self-esteem and self-confidence;

- Avert stress and anxiety;

This game contains:

- 6 levels of difficulty;

- Images of all World Cup 2018 Selections;

- Fun Gameplay;

The game is ready to be published on your site. Just grab the html5 files and upload them to your server. That’s very simple!


- Mouse or touch control;

- Work on all HTML5 browser and mobile devices;

- Easy way to add/replace images;

- High definition;

- Included Construct 2 file(source);

What you get

- Construct 2 File (source) with fully commented Code;

- Image assets;

- Game demo;

- HTML5 Game files (ready to be uploaded to your server);

- Documentation – How to add it to your site;

- Documentation explaining the game and how to add/replace imagests.