Discussion on WorkTick - HRM & Project Management

Discussion on WorkTick - HRM & Project Management

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I really want to buy this but I want to know if there can be more than one company. For example, I have company A, and someone has company B, C and D. Can we all signup into the software, pay the subscrition fee, and start working.

Each company with their interface, employees and so on. Different company but use the same service which will be in this script. Like Asana, or Slack you know.

Like I signup and put my company.

Someone in another country signup and put their company and start working. Is that possible in this?

Send your query here thanks

may I know laravel version on this project?

laravel 8.12 . thanks

Hello, If this one will updated soon i will take it

what do you want in update ? does this current version fulfill your need ? thanks

Before purchase

Is it suitable for the ERP system ?

Its has HRM & Project management module . thank you

I am creating a expense so i will show 500 server error problem after expense option is not opening how to solve this

naime_bh Author Team


I want to see the expense attachment how to see?

Hello Sir;

1- How can i Remove Gear Icon ?

2- How can make default Langugae ?

3- When i choose Arabic Language, I need to by default RTL is Enabled ?

Thanks in Advance

naime_bh Author Team

Please Renew your Support . thank you

Before purchase

Is it suitable for the ERP system ?

send your query to thanks

Is it suitable for the ERP system ?

Please Renew your Support . thank you

If I buy regular licence can I give access to other users without charge for free or do I need extended licensing for that also. I want to provide this for free to my users.

you cant give source code to other users , if you want to make a SaaS using this then you need to buy Extended license

is this support excel file importe like user or something?

i want change client permission to view only

naime_bh Author Team

Please contact here thank you

Hi Presale questions please. Can your script do the following.

1. I want to restrict what buyer does in own dashboard only thing I want them to do is reguster item they purchased and that’s it. Once they add item they purchased I want to get notification they added this item and I can either aprove or reject that added item.

2. If above is no can I as admin have option to add item I sold which will display on buyere dashboard ? Buyer can’t add edit or delete anything only thing they can see is item they purchased added by me.

3. I don’t need lots of features in this script can they be disabled or hidden using css code?

4. I only need following options. As Admin

a. Customer Full Name

b. Item they purchased

c. secret code or randomly generated number by website

e. price paid

f. date of purchase

5. Can I create custom fields with your script?

Ao far this is the only questions I have

naime_bh Author Team

Please contact here thank you

Hello, i am planning to purchase but i cannot see any place to add TAX details for the company or add TAX to the invoices, is it there and i cannot find it or this is not part of the software?

naime_bh Author Team

Please contact here thank you


rdb2013 Purchased

Request for refund. I cannot install the product on my web space.

we offer free installation service : please contact with your information. thank you

project and task can’t view or add notes by employee?

naime_bh Author Team

Please check demo . Thanks

in demo. employee can’t open project/task and add notes

we will check . thank you

Sir, are you planning to provide a real update for this product, so that new real features are added and developed continuously?

I don’t think it’s appropriate to get an update every few months that contains only cosmetic things that don’t add real value to the product, customers may accept delayed updates, but you get frustrated when you don’t add something new, you just fix some bugs and some other marginal additions..

When might the next update be released?

can you please suggest some features here that will help you . thank you

Truly fantastic! if you are planning an update I kindly suggest you start with a notifications pan or something to enable the user to see the feed of activities… Another minor suggestion, a better email integration to include email delivery to users, it seems like the mail client on settings isn’t properly utilized (for example, when making a new announcement, it should send out an email to all employees or clients).

naime_bh Author Team

we will check this feature, and if this is good for all users then we will add it soon .

Hi, does the software has a feature for the poll of employees? For example if we like to evaluate the performance of an employee we can use a poll that will be filled by others people in the company.

naime_bh Author Team

We will add payroll in next release . Thanks

hello, good job for this script. I have a few questions: 1. Will the next update be many with additional Addons (where we have to buy it). 2. For example, I install in my domain, and when I want to move to another domain, is there a problem later.

Thank you

1. we are working on the Next update 2. you can move if you have the data backup . thank you

Does this script allow sharing documents when the admin initiates project?

naime_bh Author Team

Please check demo. Thanks


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