Workplace - Office Management and HR Laravel Application

Workplace - Office Management and HR Laravel Application

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The Workplace is designed for organizations and companies to connect, communicate, and cooperate with their teams and employees using the Workplace. It helps streamline communication and develop teamwork among these organizations. Workplaces can be utilized to increase internal communication and collaboration among employees, particularly those who work from home or across departments.

How It Works?

  • Purchase the Workplace application from CodeCanyon
  • Download and install the application on your server
  • Log in to your application as an admin
  • Assign tasks to the users
  • Manage attendance, timesheets, leave reports, and assessments
  • Manage Payslips of the users
  • Users can view their assigned tasks, submit their daily attendance, and describe their daily work description

Who is Workplace for?

Employee: The workplace portal allows employees to update their daily attendance. From their panel, they can check what tasks they have been assigned they can request time off, see their paycheck, manage their profile and many more.
Admin: The site admin who operates the application. Employees salaries and applications for leave, and work assignments are managed by the admin.

Key Features

  • Task Manager
  • Timesheet – Daily Work Update
  • Manage Employee Leave Requests
  • Employee Performance
  • Custom Performance Criteria
  • Assessment
  • Employee Manager
  • Payslip
  • Send Payslip With Performance Report
  • Office Inventory Item
  • Multiple Branches
  • Employee Profile
  • Employee Location tracking
  • Employee Device tracking
  • And many more..


Demo Link:
Admin Login-
Password: 12345678

Employee Login-
Password: 12345678


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