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Nice app, and what did you used to make that icon for the app?

can i translate this app. and add russian words?

As default there are no such option. You need to edit the source code to make it work with russian letters

hi how long can a word be ? support 8,10 and more letters too ?

There are no limit of word length, but if the word will be long cells size will be smaller

hello its support unicode?


Any arabic support to this ?


can we create levels ?

Does it work without bugs with Android Studio 2.2

thanks for app :)

nice app ,how can i add numbers please help

Hello, how many word enter the most in app? is it 50?

There are no limits

hi, this app has PHP backend ? or words are inside the APK ?

Inside the APK, simple TXT file in assets folder, just words seperated by comma

can you give me the apk demo link ?

I would like translate several languages, it is posible?

how can I use turkish letter and word?

I wanna edit for turkish letter and word. Please help me

Make apps worldwide not only for US. Wanted Russian words

I will think about this