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Hi I’m very interested in buying the app just have a few questions….

Can I embed soundclod code to post Can users login with Facebook Can I embed MP3 and MP4 to posts.


Yes you can integrate everything wr did storyboard and clear system but if u do some changes need extended license

Have a good days ;)

Dear MWorkers,

is your app optimzed for iPhone 6 and 6+?

Regards Simon


Yes also support ipad and ios 8.1

Have a good days ;)

Can i use this plugin with Woocommerce? Thank you.

Yes if need settings need only php codes

If i buy plugin, you can change this if need? I buy now. Thank you.

Need extended license


I can call pdf file but that stay in the app, no go out of the app? All my post are in pdf file.



You can integrate all plugin into our apps only need some codes

Have a good days ;)

Wow… Really? Thanks!! God bless you!!

:) You too.

We are here to help you everytime

Dont forget to review our app

Have a good days ;)

I do not recommend MWorkers to work. I paid for work over a thousand dollars and did not finish it as I wanted. It would pay for the best, he would not do anything for free but always said that when they had time. At the end of two weeks I decided to take the app to someone else to finish it. Do not recommend.

Before I pay always answered emails after paying … They disappeared. It is sad and shameful.


I have nothing more to say. If Envato or user wants any evidence, I can also display emails.

Have a good day you too.

We did codes later sent you later say everything okay ty ? right ?

But later you wants some extra properties and we don’t time to do thats .

if you want to see more i will show Skype conversation everything there.

Thank you.

You show me capture not the app, you sent the app after I pay you “and did not (repeat) finish it as I wanted”. I have the same conversation like you in Skype and emails. I’m not afraid.

If someone wants to risk hiring you is his right, but I would recommend not.

Well, is all.


Hello Can I play movies embedded with Spider Video Player in my Posts?


All plugins integretable into our apps for video play need some codes in app.

Have a good days ;)

I want this feature and User registration feature. How much it costs?

send e-mail us via profile page.

Hello, the template looks great but i need some additional help. Where am i suppose to put the Server_files? Inside the /public_html/wp-content/ ? As a result, I keep receiving a pop up on the app that says “Network error occurred. Retry later…” Thanks for your help

Still waiting for help – My Error form Xcode: 2015-04-23 20:14:56.718 WinMoreAnayltics[2597:1037363] Reachability: Reachable via WiFi 2015-04-23 20:15:03.910 WinMoreAnayltics[2597:1037363] Error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 3840.)” (Unexpected end of file during JSON parse.) UserInfo=0×7ba611d0 {NSDebugDescription=Unexpected end of file during JSON parse.}

Can anyone help me? I believe my problem stems from the unclear english in the documentation provided from this line in particular “Later upload Server_Files inside files (into your Wordpress site remote folder) to your remote web site ftp.” I would like to know where I should put these Server Files? Your help is sincerly appreciated – Thank you

It’s been a week since I purchased this product and the 3 minute setup time indicated in the documentation has turned into wasted hours of trying to get it working. I can only now believe there must be a serious error with the template. I feel frustrated and ripped off. Any assistance to help resolve this would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you

It does not work if he can connect to the database but not displayed any post

my server is faster with a speed of 15 GB RAM

help slow loading News

App working for slow or fast reason = hosting service

Have a good days

Will we ever Android version?

Yes we will do

Have a good days ;)

HI, I try to use this app in a new blog but doesn’t work. I connect to the DB and the category and comments appear but my post no.

check your mysql wordpress table names start with wp_ ?

Yeah, start with wp_

How does the app work? Use a plugin or rss feeds? Does it fetch multi cats or what? No description.

Using Php Mysql Bridge, Json Based


can i show all my wordpress categories, Recent Post, Push Notification and ads ?

yes you can do but app changes need extended license

why extended license? regular license will not cover this features?

push notification need app changes

Selamun Aleyküm;

üstad?m bu uygulamay? biraz daha geli?tirip bi proje haline getirebilirmiyiz ?

All problema was solved. For make app for iOS (was my experience). I recommend 100% MWorkers. Good communications and excellent work.

Thank you dont forget to give 5 star :)


Not problem. Of course, 5 star!! Thanks you too. Blessing!!

Getting this error:

NSErrorFailingURLKey=http://ewtorch.com/?json=get_post&post_id=693}}, NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=http://ewtorch.com/?json=get_post&post_id=693, NSErrorFailingURLKey=http://ewtorch.com/?json=get_post&post_id=693, NSLocalizedDescription=The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection.}

Add your info.plist thats

<key>NSAppTransportSecurity</key> <dict> <key>NSAllowsArbitraryLoads</key> <true/> </dict>

Did that. Cleaned build and re-ran, still getting:

2016-02-14 16:10:16.411 WordPressium[51736:34438815] Reachability: Reachable via WiFi 2016-02-14 16:10:16.639 WordPressium[51736:34438815] Error: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1012 “(null)” UserInfo={NSErrorFailingURLKey=https://ewtorch.com/WordPressium_Category.php?page=1, NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=https://ewtorch.com/WordPressium_Category.php?page=1}

hi its awesome app but just want to know those comments should show each news but your one its showing in different way. if i buy you can change that to each post comments? also likes and views available?. and also looking for android version. thanks

for custom codes need extended license also you can do thats. later we will do android version


how to get extended license. tnx


here top right change regular license to extended license later you can buy.


1.does it support RTL ? 2.Can I translate it into Arabic easliy ?

yes in commrnts we wrote arabic code change for this and app changes need extended license


any update for Wordpress 4.6.1 ?

hi, logo in app is customizable? Why I see a AD video ? works on iOS 11?

hi still are you offer the services?