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Hello, I need to build a web-site for a TV that has all their videos on youtube. I am looking for a plug-in that is able to create a post for each video in their youtube channel. This import procedure will not have to download any video and save it on the server, but just that for every video create a post in this way: Title: Use the title of the youtube video content: a player to view the video in the video description taken automatically from youtube. I ask all this because the web-TV would only upload videos on Youtube channel without going to overburden the resources of the site. Your plug-in is able to do this?

Hi, No this plugin cannot , it actually list 25 videos per page from a User’s Channel upto 1000 videos from the Channel and play the video on the page after clicking on thumbnail….

If you want a plugin with above features you have to wait until that kind of plugin is developed or contact us on support@vozax.com and share the details and budget with us so we can come up something useful for you…

Thanks Mehran

Hello Vozax

I am having some trouble with your plugin, which I purchased a while back.

I activated it recently, and found that it conflicts with my theme, and prevents my index page slider and gallery post module from loading content when activated.

Is this something you have experience with from other themes, and do you think it would be possible to correct on the plugin end, or should I go to the theme author? (The theme is Gonzo: http://codecanyon.net/2415788)

Hi Vozax

I think I was actually a bit quick to call it a theme-conflict after all.

I have tried a fresh downloaded copy of the plugin on a clean WP installation – no other plugins installed – and it is still failing.

I get this error message when trying to call the shortcode:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/www/rapslam.dk/wp-content/plugins/Wordpress-Youtube-Channel-Anywhere-Plugin/Wordpress-Youtube-Channel-Anywhere-Plugin.php on line 65

it seems there might be some error in the .php file?

Hi, Thanks for your response , its been 8 days :) Can you make sure you entered the correct channel name and also make sure that start index is “1” in control panel where you generate the shortcode…

this is the error because of empty result return from youtube against your entered criteria… If you think above mentioned things are entered correctly then please send us a login details to WP-ADMIN panel via contact form on our profile page so we can set it up for you!!!

you can email us admin login details to support@vozax.com tooo :)


Somehow the plugin shortcode is unable to display anything. I have used the channel name and I have used 1 as index start. But it is not working. Please help me out.

Make sure you used the same shortcode generated by the plugin , also make sure the Channel is not “Private”.If these are not the cases then Please email us at support@vozax.com with login info to Wordpress Admin Panel , we will look into it and fix it if there is any plugin side problem..

can i buy for wordpress 3.8?

yes u can , current version of plugin is up to date and if you still face any problem let us know we will configure it for you with out any extra fee :)

Is it possible to paginate the gallery, so that the visitor can stay above the fold?

yes its possible and we will surely consider it in next version . (which is coming in few days).



i’m trying to use this plugin on my site, but i receive the following error code:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/drexny/public_html/mikematsumura.com/wp-content/plugins/Wordpress-Youtube-Channel-Anywhere-Plugin/Wordpress-Youtube-Channel-Anywhere-Plugin.php on line 65

please advise, thanks!

[showchannel channel=”mikematsumura” total=”100” start=”1” order=”published” tcolor=”#3399ff” scolor=”#333333” title=”YES” maxwidth=”800” iwidth=”150”]

Hi , Sorry for late reply , your site design is messed up right now , make sure there is at least one video on your CHANNEL or make sure username is correct…

How do I move the titles above the video. They don’t match up with the videos as they are too far down and right on top of the next video. thx

To move them above the video you have to customize the plugin .. Currently there is no option to change title location in plugin…


What type of sort options are there? Can I display just one random video from a YouTube playlist?

no , it show all the videos at same time , if you buy it , we can do a tweak in code for you to show a random video.


Hello! I’ve installed the plug in but when I stand over the video the Play button moves away and leaves a gray thumb. If you have an email so I can share credentials for you to check because website is under maintenance mode… thanks!


I was going to purchase, but had a question about compatibility on mobile devices. I find that the pop-up does work, but it shows very low on the page after clicking one of the videos on the sidebar (you have to scroll down quite a bit to view it). Is there anyway to fix this – mobile compatibility is important to my client?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Thanks for the assistance, but I do have a start index in the shortcode. Please see the shortcode below that was created using the plugin – I notice that the generated shortcode just says “start”. Should it say “index start from”? Thanks again.

“[showchannel channel=”McallisterQuinn” total=”1” start=”2” order=”published” tcolor=”#3399ff” scolor=”#333333” title=”NO” maxwidth=”600” iwidth=”260”]”

I emailed you about the error above, but I am also having issues with this plugin and the new version of Wordpress (version 4.1.1). It causes the admin menus to stop working (and other items). Please assist!!!!

Email sent .. Admin Panel issue fixed.


Is it possible to change the lightbox settings somewhere so that the video when playing defaults to a larger size (720p for example)?

You will need a help of a programmer , because its using a library called HTML5LightBox and it will be required to do changes in the library .

Hi Vozax, I want to buy this Youtube channel plugin for my WP site, but I’m concerned that when I go to the demonstration page the video clips are showing as broken: http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-youtube-channel-anywhere-plugin/full_screen_preview/4741586

If I buy and use on a WP3.6.1 install, will it work?


Hi , they work on Wordpress 4.2 too , the demo page is too old with channel id which is expired .. So don’t worry :)