Wordpress Woo Commerce Subscriptions Api Plugin

Wordpress Woo Commerce Subscriptions Api Plugin

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Wordpress Woo Subscriptions API Script – Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress Woo Subscriptions Plugin is an extended plugin version which allows you to easily grab / track complete record of your orders and post that status anywhere online at the world wide web.

Woo subscriptions allow you to fetch details and show order status and other information direct from your woo commerce store. With such advance plug-in possessing such outstanding features now you can fetch order information via api key and complete product details can be showed at your web page. Subscriptions status includes; Activated, Cancelled, expired, on hold, suspended, trial starts, trial ends, removed and much more.

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You can easily add triggers which most suitably representing your situation of woo commerce function

1- Payment Scheduled

2- Subscription Activated

3- Subscription Cancelled

4- Subscription Expired

5- Subscription On hold (Suspended)

6- Subscription Trial Ends

7- Subscription Processed

8- Processed Subscription Payments For Order

9- Subscriptions Activated For Order

10- Subscriptions Cancelled For Order

11- Subscriptions Expired For Order

12- Scheduled Subscription Expiration

13- Woo Commerce Subscription Expiration

14- Woo Commerce Subscription Activated

15- Woo Commerce Subscription Deactivated

16- Woo Commerce Subscription Product Options Pricing

17- Subscriptions End Of Prepaid Term

18- Processed Subscription Payment Failure

19- Failed Subscriptions For Sign Ups For Orders

20- Subscriptions created for orders

21- Cleared users subscriptions from order

22- Woo Commerce subscriptions updated users role

23- Woo Commerce Renewal Order Payment Complete

Non Subscriptions Features

1- New order notification

2- Order status pending

3- Order status failed

4- Order status on hold

5- Order status processing

6- Order status completed

7- Order status refunded

8- Order status cancelled


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All existing users are requested to upload the plugin files of each version manually using FTP and then Deactivate and Re-Activate the plugin to get the latest changes.

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  • Wordpress platforms with woocommerce is a complicated system, and every set up is unique so there are possibilities that errors or conflicts with other modules may appear. One of the most common conflicts / errors are of Javascript. To examine issues you must start the browsers console and properly test / look up for errors. If you found any error or issue and you don’t know how to fix it then without wasting any time please contact our engineers who are standby at our customers support and help portal.

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