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Really nice and original plugin :) If the content of the posts was appearing on hover without the need to click (demo 2-3) it should be better yet but i’m not sure it can be done :)

You are referring to the Moofolio plugin which the Wobble demo resides on the same site. The Wobble demo is only on page – Thanks, -Nolan

yes it’s true, thanks :)

This is AWESOME! Congrats!

Why oh why would you max Kraken Shell on Tidehunter? :D

JK, awesome effects! GLWS

Lol – Thanks!

Hi, can i create the wobble boxes to point to pages, many thanks, looks good, Jay

I overlooked this option, Thanks for asking. - I just updated the plugin to allow you to bypass the lightbox for a single wobble item(no wordpress gallery bypass) You would just add a “no-lightbox” to the wrapping “a” tag for the image like so:
<div class="wb-item">
<a href="" class="no-lightbox"><img src="" width="300" height="240" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-36" /></a>
It will take a day or 2 for the update to be approved but if you purchase it before then I will simply email you the updated files. Hope this helps, -Nolan

I like this plugin, but weird as it may be I don’t like the wobble :)

Hello, nice plugin but he broke my youtube video on header when i active it. As you can see on screenshot


Can you please email me the link to your page to so I may investigate this. Thanks, -Nolan

nice, can support responsive? thanks.

It is fully responsive when images resize. See the response on the Wordpress images gallery in the demo when resizing the browser. Thanks, -Nolan

hi i want to ask if i can to add links in the images!?

Do you mean link the gallery images with tags? If so yes you can.

Can I have more than 1 gallery in one page?

the user like suscriptor can upload photos?

It can be used on wordpress galleries so you would need to allow the user to create a post and use the code to wrap a gallery. So this can technically be done but the user would need to know the plugin code to create the gallery.

hello. because when I click on a photo not my grows;


Please email me at for further assistance. Thanks, -Nolan


could I use this masonry gallery as a way to display products in my woocommerce shop pages?

No sorry this just displays images you insert inside page body.

Hello, great concept. I need to apply the effect to just a single image. I don’t want the image to be a link or show in a lightbox when clicked either. If someone clicks on the image nothing should happen – is this possible? Thanks in Advance

Sure just wrap any image in a div with the class of “wobble-item” it will apply the effect but not link it to anything. Example:
<div class="wobble-item">
<img src="" width="500" height="300" />

Ahh Thank you Sir! Well Done – Great Plugin 5 Stars :)

With Wordpress 4.1 don’t function? The gallery is displayed correctly, but when click on the image, this open in an other page and not with prettyPhoto.

It works with Wordpress 4.1 fine. You must have a conflict on the page causing the lightbox script to not work. Please email me at and I will help you figure it out. -Nolan

Hi! I love your plugin and I just bought it. When I apply the shortcodes, the gallery shows up but doesn’t have lightbox and it doesn’t wobble. Can you please help?

Please send me an email to -Nolan

just sent

are pagination?

I do not understand your question.