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I purchased your plugin and i am using that on

I am using RSS widget in sidebar. for that i created new view file for RSS widget. Problem now i am facing i want to show few lines of content for each RSS feed post.

I used $item->content to display content. But it outputs “A” for all posts for content. Can you please check.


Ok, I’m stumped… just bought this bundle. Seems to be exactly what I need, but it’s not working.

Specifically, I am displaying an RSS feed. It displays the feed properly, but it never updates. With or without AJAX updating, even after I delete the cache files, even after reloading, it continues to display the same items from the RSS feed.

If I load the RSS feed directly in a browser, or use the built-in wordpress RSS widget, I can see that new items are being added to the feed, but this plugin never seems to see it. If it caching info anywhere else besides the global/cache folder?

Hello, i just bought your plugin but he doesn’t work properly. I used Rss widget and :

- there is a problem on the accents - when I activate the ajax, display bug in the next refresh

Please help me. David

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Hi! The widgets don`t support Norwegian letters like æ ø and å !! What to do?!