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clivio Purchased

Would it be possible to add at the end of the quiz the third input field – company name?


Unfortunately it’s not possible by default, but if you send a message to the support (ohmyquiz.io/chat), Alex will be able to send you a plugin which allows you to add this field. BUT, this plugin needs some change directly in his code. It’s very, very simple if you work with a developer or a tech guy.

In the next months, I’ll release a real plugin, easy to use.

We are at your disposal if you need help! Stéphane

With this plugin, can guests come on to my website and make their own quizzes/trivia for others to take? On the front-end


alascus Author Team


Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment.

Have a nice day, Alex.

Pre-sale question:

Will your plugin allow people to login with their facebook profile to have it analyzed to receive results like meaww.com or nametest.com?


alascus Author Team


Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment.

Have a nice day, Alex.


cacurtis Purchased

Great plugin!! How does Google handle quizzes that are paginated? (ones where the page is reloaded after every question) Will it scrape all of the content on the quiz or just the first question?


cacurtis Purchased

Great plugin!! How does Google handle quizzes that are paginated? (ones where the page is reloaded after every question) Will it scrape all of the content on the quiz or just the first question?

Heyy ! Thanks for your message.

It will scrapes ONLY the first page, because the rest of the quiz is hidden. Even if the html code contains the rest of the quiz, Google will just scrape the first and visible page.

Interested in purchase. One question though.. At the end of the quiz, I would like users to share main site url instead of quiz url. Is that possible?

Hey ! It’s not possible, sorry for that :-/ And it’s not even planned. You can always ask a freelance to customise it, but you won’t be able to get the next update of the plugin in the future (without overwritting your changes).


hectorpn Purchased

Hi Stephane,

I know your docs say your support policy is 5 days max? I sent a support request and WP credentials easily 2 weeks ago and still no reply.



alascus Author Team

Hi Hector,

I replied to you 7 days ago but it seems that you are not receiving my messages. Please check your e-mail again and if you don’t find anything create a new ticket with your request and with your WP credentials.

Thanks, Alex.


7gulli7 Purchased

Bonjour Stéphane, Super Plugin ! Il y a t-il moyen pour le quiz trivia de désactiver la zone de résultats une fois que toutes les questions ont été faites ? et désactivé l’icone noir de loading ? Car je ne ne me sert pas de cette fonctionnalité et ça charge donc pour rien…

En effet, je souhaite seulement que l’utilisateur coche la case et voie si il a bon ou pas + je met une zone d’”explication de la réponse”

Merci:) Gulli

Hello !

Malheureusement ce n’est pas possible en l’état, sans modifier le code du plugin. La seule solution “naturelle” que je vois aujourd’hui consiste à rediriger l’utilisateur à la fin du quiz vers une page du site qui n’affiche pas de résultats (avec l’option “rediriger” dans les settings du quiz), mais plutôt un texte comme “merci d’avoir joué !” et rien d’autre.

Belle journée,


Ok, merci pour la réponse :)

Autre question. Si j’importe un quiz avec image d’un site A puis je l’exporte sur un site B, les images seront conservé et transféré sur la bibliothèque du site B?

Ou est ce que j’aurais remettre une par une les images?

Merci bcp,

Bonne journée

This plugin looks awesome, but I don’t use Aweber, Activecampaign or Mailchimp. I use Drip.co. Is there a Zapier integration or any other way I can get my email leads directly into Drip with this plugin? Thanks!

Hey! There isn’t any integration with Zapier for now, sorry :( I know that’s not the best solution, but for now, you can export players’ list and import the csv file into your emailing provider to add people. I’ll think about the Zapier integration (I’ve gave up on that few months ago because it was painful and expensive for users).


gtufta Purchased

I guess the “Allow subscribers ?” function only work on the admin panel? It would be great to have this function on front end as I dont allow anyone else than admin access to admin panel..

Hey! You are right. It’s not planned to create front end edition form RIGHT NOW but maybe one day. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Stephan, I have a very rare problem…

Sometimes, when you load the Quiz on a mobile device, it does not let you click on the answer but it redirects to an advertising website: go2click.org

It happens many times when you come from facebook. Weird.

you can try from this URL:


I do not understand where the problem comes from.

Have you had any similar comments? Any ideas?



Hey Javier,

I didn’t try your website yet, but with your message, it looks like a worm :/ There are several worms on Wordpress that redirect people to ads website depending on their referer (facebook, google, ...). They redirect enough randomly to be not visible by the webmaster.

Let me investigate on this with my team tomorrow, and I’ll keep you in touch. Honestly, you should already scan your website with a malware scanner (https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/tips-tricks/how-to-scan-your-wordpress-website-for-hidden-malware/) because I’m 99% sure you are infected.

Vaultpress sounds the most famous malware scanner, but I never tried it myself. Good luck, I’ll come back quickly.


Estephan, thank you very much for your time.

I followed your recommendation and paid Vaultpress. After passing the remove, he discovered two “modified” files.

You can see the print here: https://applauss.com/vaultpress.png

One was inside the folder of your plugin, but in the “upload” directory probably because of my mistake. That may have created the whole problem.

I am at present repaired. I’ll tell you later if this is solved.



Don’t worry about the detection included in my plugin : it’s a false positive. I’ve already contacted Vaultpress about that, but they don’t do anything. Guzzle (the file vaultpress detects) is one of the most famous web open-source project on Github : https://github.com/guzzle/guzzle Unfortunately, a part of their code is detected as a malware by Vaultpress, but again, it’s a false positive.

But I really hope the second issue is the good one! Keep me in touch.



braddor Purchased

Pre-sale question. I noticed that Buzzfeed recently added the ability to add links to Amazon items within their quizzes (to make affiliate money from the options), so I was wondering if something like this would be on your roadmap as well in the future? Thanks.