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MhendiZ Purchased


can you add option “Hide right/wrong answsers” for Trivia Quiz. ı dont want show :D

they dont play again when they know the answer to the problem..


alascus Author Team


Please update your plugin, if this doesn’t work, open a ticket here: https://www.ohmyquiz.io/support/ and we will investigate the problem.

Have a nice day, Alex.


MhendiZ Purchased

i just updated again. sometimes working sometimes not working test. when i resfresh browser working and click start again dont working test :D

Hey MhendiZ! We have probably fix your issue. Can you send me an email at support@institut-pandore.com ? We will send you the last patched version. Thanks for your patience again.


flazaldo Purchased

In my test quiz, I notice that the images in the answers are much smaller than in the question when viewed on my laptop (Opera, Chrome or Safari browsers). Yet on my iPhone they are much larger and indeed the same size as the image in the question. I would like them to be displayed like this on computer too. Is there a way to increase the image answers sizes as they are not easily seen currently. See question 2 here for an example: http://www.ohmyquiz.io/demo/public/2017/10/28/mfquiz/

Many thanks, Mark


alascus Author Team


The images should work fine on your website. If you are having problems with this please open a ticket here: https://www.ohmyquiz.io/support/ and we will investigate this!

Have a nice day, Alex.


squeebo Purchased

I’d like to capture emails into GetResponse for visitors to see their results. Otherwise if I can just capture emails into the WP database then that will work too, and I can use Zapier to transfer the data to GetResponse. Will this be possible?

Pre-sale questions : 1. Are we able to force people to sign up to mailing list to see their results? 2. Are you integrated with Convertkit? 3. Are we able to have 3 (or more) potential outcomes on the personality quiz? 4. Can we have the questions in multiple pages (so they don’t all appear under same page) ?

Thanks Thanks

Hey Thibault! Vraiment désolé pour le délai de réponse, c’était une semaine compliquée.

1) Oui ! Pas de souci.

2) Non, désolé.

3) Oui, aucun souci ! Chaque personnalité s’affichera l’une sous l’autre, avec si tu le veux un pourcentage (test ici : https://www.ohmyquiz.io/demo/official/which-pokemons-are-you/ )

4) Pas de souci : https://www.ohmyquiz.io/demo/official/do-you-really-know-the-90s-a-multipages-trivia-quiz/


i try this demo quiz.


when i try to shared the result on facebook, the image is not showing.

Hey! We are experiencing a change in Facebook API, and I’m working on fixing it asap. Thanks for your comment!

Hi, why my plugin doesn’t update even when i’m downloading it right now from the web? I’ve just done it and instead of updating to 3.03 is still in Versión 2.09.

Hey! No idea, maybe an issue with Envato?!

Send me an email at support@institut-pandore.com and we will send you a directly link to download the last version.

Hi! After the great reboot update, the quizzes are not loading properly, Sometimes they load after a page refresh, sometimes only the spinning loading wheel shows up. What seems to be the problem?

The bug seems to be fixed, I’m deploying the update right now! Thanks for your patience.

Well, there still are some issues on chrome. And now it doesn’t show the featured images for personalities on facebook.

For Chrome, it’s probably a cache issue. Can you please send me an email at support@institut-pandore.com with a link to your quiz please ? Thanks !


votre plugin semble vraiment être parfait ! Je me permets de vous poser quelque questions :

1. Est-ce qu’il est possible de choisir un nombre limité de questions pour un quiz ? Par exemple, dans un quiz qui contient 100 questions, choisir de ne présenter à un joueur que 10 questions sélectionnées au hasard.

2. Le plugin permet-il de mettre en place un classement des joueurs ?

Merci d’avance, et bonne continuation !


Merci beaucoup :)

1. Oui, c’est possible sans problème, il y a une option pour ça.

2. Non pas encore, mais j’y pense sérieusement. Ça viendra dans les prochains mois seulement…

À bientôt ! Bon weekend !


cruz9009 Purchased

when viewing a quiz with images in mobile view. the images appears stacked on top of each other . how do i make them appear 2 in a row in mobile view not desktop . ty

Hey! Can you send me your quiz URL pls? thanks!

Nice support, Stephane is great and kind. He fixed two bug in a week for my website https://www.filmpost.it/ . Thank you so much !

Hey Francesco! Thanks a lot for your review, it would be awesome if you publish it in the “review area” instead of the “comments area”.

Just click here : https://codecanyon.net/downloads then click on the stars below the “download button” and copy/paste your very nice message here :D

Thanks again, have a nice day.

Hi Stephane. I get ‘Fatal error: Class ‘Self’ not found in /home/toriktv/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-viral-quiz-gr/controller/WPVQGR_Shortcode.php on line 46’ when I put a quiz on my post page?

And also my wordpress panel started to act weird. For ex: Plugin page is not loading frequently

I solved the problem, it was because of the php version

Hey hey!

Great, I’m glad you found the solution quickly by yourself (and glad you could update your PHP version).

Have a great day! Thanks for your purchase.



cossak Purchased

Hey. I did not find any other way to contact you. The plugin does not work for me on the site. The result is not displayed. I just bought the plugin version 2.09. It turns out there is version 3. When asked for support here https://www.ohmyquiz.io/chatbot/support-v3/ I was informed that version 2 is not supported. How can I get version 3?

Hey !

It’s crazy, why Envato let people download a very old file?! I sincerely apologise for that, let me contact them to fix this stupid issue.

Btw, can you send me an email at support@institut-pandore.com and I’ll immediately send you the last version of the plugin by myself.

Then if you need more help, we will be able to continue the conversation by email.

Thanks, have a nice day!



I wanted to know if you’re plugin allows to create trivias and record the results on the user to profile generating a leaderboard, and also if there’s a timer option for the trivia.

Thank you!

Yes! Leaderboard and timer will be 2 related features :) Sounds a great idea.

Also it would be nice to be able to generate lederboards for different trivias at a time, not sure if you can manage that. I’ve seen plugins that just allow a leaderboard, and they’re not that fancy. Something like that with separated leaderboards and time… Wow, that is fun!

Please, keep me updated ^^ I will come back to you once you have that =)

Okay thanks for the idea, I’ll do my best! See you, have a great day!

Hi, I saw you updated recently on 17 November 2017. Can you please write a note on what it’s updated compared to last release before this one?


Hey! The changelog is published at the bottom of the sale page : https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-viral-quiz-buzzfeed-quiz-builder/11178623

+ here : https://www.ohmyquiz.io/2017/09/30/great-reboot-released/ if you are upgrading from the old v2.