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Demo link?

There is no demo link yet! You can check the screenshots attached.

look´s good.

Thank you @FlexBarker

This looks awesome.

Will be picking up a copy soon just to show support for this awesome addition to WordPress.

Good Luck With Sales.


@noumanmughal Thank you for your kind words and support.

I’d honestly love to be a first sale. Just wanting to know will it pop up in my themes portfolio light box? http://iamtyrae.com/#true-vibes-ep – Theme: Kalium

Hi @anselcarr! Thank you for showing your interest in our plugin.

If you are creating posts for the lightbox and in the lightbox the text like

http://iamtyrae.com/#true-vibes-ep-2-celebrating-down-syndrome-day “Thank for watching this special episode of True Vibes. Stay tuned every Sunday! Like or share, it helps more than you think!” is being managed by the content area then Yes the plugin will show up in lightbox too.

Awesome!! Will see how this goes!

Possible to insert it with a shortcode ?

Hello @aleccs! No its not possible yet but in the new upcoming update this feature is being added. Thank you for showing your interest in our plugin.

Thank @DEV-Themes

Is it working with Google Rich Snippets? Star Review in Google Search?

Thanks @ecreativesol

Hello, is it possible to limit reviews and likes to registred users only ? Thank you

Hi @nidamo! No its not possible yet but we have already considered to add it in new upcoming update. Thank you for showing your interest in our plugin.

Hello, does this have the ability to export the view data per product/page?

When do you think it will?

Hello Stickbymyside22! sorry currently we haven’t planned to add it yet.

I’m trying to use the shortcode on my post, but it won’t display at all. Also, the standard “before content” type options do not work correctly at all. Very messy. Please help.

Hi 5Starruk!

Can you please PM me the link of your site and the details so I can check why isn’t working

can the posts be sorted like unijokes.com? They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

Hi nivroc! sorry currently we don’t have this functionality but we are considering it to add in our next update which is coming up soon.

can the posts be sorted like unijokes.com? They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

Alright so I finally took the time to purchase the plugin. I’m halfway satisfied. I like the simplicity of the plugin but I’m having slight issues. For example I can’t only have it on my post page (Without it popping up on regular pages). 2nd, when I have it on “After Content” it completely jacks up my website. Will there be updates soon? Cause If I can just simply have the ratings under my video post or under description above the comments and only on post pages. It’d be PERFECT!

Very nice job dude

Hello, i have a portfolio grid, I’d like to know if your plugin can show the views under each thumbnail like youtube for example?

Hi, Thanks for showing your interest in our plugin.

If each item of portfolio is seperate post than Yes it is possible to show the views under each of them. Let me know if you need any more information.


Ok thanks I think I’ll give a try but I have another question. I want the post count only for my portfolio posts, is it possible? If yes, how it works?

Hello, I’ve finally found another solution for the moment but I bookmark your plugin in case I need it in the future, have a nice day!

remove this junk demo, it affected my browser with viruses

This looks like exactly what I need for my site. However, I need to know if this will work with my site. I have got a “social website” with many different buddypress profile accounts. So basically I need to add this plugin to every profile and let the users rate / like each other. Would that be possible?