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Thank you… ????

Hello, iIs this plugin working with custom post types ? Thank you

No, not in this stage. We can customization as per requirement.

Thanks, Indicane team.

Hi man, is possible create one filter per category??? Thanks


Its page, post and product wise, if you want as per category wise we will do customization on it.

Send a support mail for mail.



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Hi I like to know that on which basis you counting visitors which make the result accurate? I tried many plugins but they don’t show up with correct stats. Plus i have a news blog where i like to implement it on homepage listing showing the stats on each post. is that possible?

Hello, I am looking to find out if when downloading an excel file, can we only view certain products of a particular category?


No its not display by category but if you want than we will customize it for you.

Send a support mail to us if you want it.


Also, in your pictures it says all as an option, although I wanted to know if by default you can only select a specific category of woocommerce products that show up on the front end when viewing a page. So all products with the category ””Shoes will show users the oage view count. But if the product is from the category tshirts, no views will display to the user.

Is this possible by default?


Right now on plugin the settings for selected products if you select all option in products settings than counter is display for all products. if you select any of them than only display for selected product.

As same as products selection i will make for category too. if you select Shoes category than counter is only display for shoes categories product.

Send a support mail to so we will discuss more on it.


congratulations ;) GLWS


can I use php cose or short code to display counter ?

Write now no short code for display a counter, but if you want it then we will do customization for it.


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