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Need some support.. Go to forums.. Signups closed.. Real helpful :) Can’t view replies to existing posts (similar to my own issuesI) until I login. Can’t log in, no account. Signups closed.

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re deploying the new landing page , the new store and the new support site. It may take a couple of days.

Until then, you can reach us directly on pressaholic@gmail.com. We’ll assist you on any issue you’re having.

Hope you understand.

Hi, I have the error in this place http://trueem.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=wpvr_video :

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/admin/www/trueem.com/wp-content/plugins/wpvr/hooks/wpvr.hooks.core.php:80) in /var/www/admin/www/trueem.com/wp-includes/option.php on line 837

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/admin/www/trueem.com/wp-content/plugins/wpvr/hooks/wpvr.hooks.core.php:80) in /var/www/admin/www/trueem.com/wp-includes/option.php on line 838

WordPress 4.8.2 Theme videopro 2.2.1 WP Video Robot – VideoPro Theme FIX

define( ‘WPVR_SMOOTH_SCREEN_ENABLED’, false );

It is already disabled =/

Ok I see. Can you please send your wpadmin credentials to pressaholic@gmail.com? Please make sure you grant us an access as administrator. We’ll take a look and get back to you shortly.



Hi there, Can you make this theme compatible with this plugin ? Thanks

Which theme :) ?

Very cool plugin – one of the best , just 1 issue:

1. I keep getting this error: You have exceeded the quota for this YOUTUBE credentials.You are probably using the default plugin YOUTUBE credentials. You should create your own. – i have used my own api but still gives this error.

Still waiting for feedback?

Hi there,

You have probably missed something while creating your API Key. Can you make sure you have followed the tutorial step by step?

Kind Regards

Hi there,

You have probably missed something while creating your API Key. Can you make sure you have followed the tutorial step by step?

Kind Regards


I want to buy this plugin, but here in your ad it informs that the supported version of WordPress is the “4.7.X”.

I’m using version 4.8.2.

Will the plugin work 100% on my version or not?

Thank you.

Hello Marcelo,

Sure it works perfectly with WordPress 4.8.2. We need to update our site and CodeCanyon landing page.



Now I bought the plugin “WP Video Robot”.

On the site you inform that it is translated to “9 languages”.

I see that it was only 66% of the translation to Portuguese, that is, it is almost in half.

You are lying and deceiving the user.

I tried to register on your site but it is disabled.

I’m already regretting having bought the product from you.

And now, how do I solve the translation problem that does not exist?

I’ll have to translate?

I did not pay for myself to have to translate the plugin.

Thanks a lot for your blazing fast translation :) Cheers!


MMGuedes Purchased


Version 1.9.16 is out :)


Kisp Purchased

Hello! Please delete the licence on foerdeart.de. The new domain is tanzplaylist.de. Thank you

Hi there,

Would you please send your purchase code by email to pressaholic@gmail.com?


This plugin has never worked for me. Had to pay to even talk to forum. Now license is associated with a site I don’t even use. Decided to try again now that it is updated. Now, I have to pay again to talk with support. Why? I have never been able to use this. This is worse than a JVzoo promise to make me rich plugin. I

Hi there,

You could deactivate your license from the old site, simply by clicking a button. If you cannot reach your old site, you could have asked us so we would reset your license from our end.

Why haven’t you ever asked for help before?

What you call having to pay to talk to forum is actually quite fair. Do you think paying $36 can get you a quality support team forever?

Kind Regards

Two years ago, someone asked if your plugin imports private/unlisted videos. If I own the Vimeo account and can provide the API credentials, and if the videos will be embedded on a domain that I have already defined inside Vimeo … will your plugin find the private/unlisted videos and import them?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, the plugin can only import videos that are public.

Best regards

Cron stop working after last update, when testing source and adding videos I’m getting this error https://postimg.org/image/6aulvv0ptn/

Hi again,

Would you please head to support.wpvideorobot.com and create a new ticket? Our support team will be more than happy to help.

This comment section is actually meant for pre-sales questions.


I have 3 lcenses (two valid) but your support forum tells me to buy another support plan …

Can you send an email with your purchase codes to pressaholic@gmail.com? We’ll check what’s wrong and get back to you asap.


demo not working

did you even touch bra? aint working!

Hi again,

I just did another test. Login on demo is working. Sources are fetching videos properly and videos are being added properly.


Here is the link of the demo site : http://demo.wpvideorobot.com/login/


kai7win Purchased

hi i want change my domian use plugin

Hi again,

Please send an email to pressaholic@gmail.com with your purchase code. We’ll reset your license from our end.


Is there a known issue with Source Filtering for Youtube Playlists ignoring the criteria? Published After, Published Before, Duration, etc. are all ignored when testing or running a source that is a Youtube Playlist.

Hi there,

That is not an issue. According to the Official Youtube API documentation, that kind of filtering works only with search endpoint. It means it is supported only by Search Sources on WP Video Robot.

Kind regards

Despite having 3 add-ons with licenses renewed yearly, the support forum doesn’t allow new tickets unless I also renew wp video robot support ? What if the ticket is related to un add-on?

I’m getting an CRON URL UNREACHABLE error with Autopilot like many others since the last update. The Cron is accessible and the token is correct (I checked the cron debug).

Hello there,

Good call! We’ll implement registering on the support using addons purchase code as well. Thanks for your feedback :)

Would you please get inn touch with us on the pressaholic@gmail.com, with providing your wpadmin area credentials? we’ll take a look at your issue.



mdorchain Purchased

Thanks, that will be much appreciated :) I’ll pm you now.

does plugin save imported videos to website server or just embed videos?

Hi there,

The plugin creates WordPress posts with the video embed code. That’s why it is a 100% legal solution.


CRON jobs keeps stopping. What can i do to prevent this from happening


Is it better for SEO to post as regular post or WPVR Video. and if we already posted in WPVR Video how can we covert to regular post method. When we do so all the videos from before show 404 page.