WordPress Video Robot - The Ultimate Video Importer

WordPress Video Robot - The Ultimate Video Importer


WP Video Robot is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites. Actually, WP Video Robot is a complete and yet easy premium WordPress plugin with a schedule import system that makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest or most popular videos online.
WP Video Robot supports now VIMEO and DAILYMOTION in addition to YOUTUBE. Millions of videos are now within reach of a click.

One plugin. Infinite possibilities !

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  • UNLIMITED SOURCES : WP Video Robot is completely flexible and allows you to import videos from an unlimited number of sources.
  • DETAILED LOGS : WP Video Robot keeps a detailed log of all scheduled or manual fetching and importing actions. You can review what the plugin did later on.
  • TESTING VIDEOS : WP Video Robot has a user friendly interface for testing sources and choosing the videos you want to add.
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATES : WP Video is constantly updated and we make sure it always works with the latest version of WordPress. Also we regularly add new features.
  • VIDEO THUMBNAIL : Save all remote thumbnails images to your own server automatically to improve SEO. WP Video Robot sets the thumbnail as a featured image so you can use it in your WordPress theme as well.
  • FULL CONTROL : You decide how many videos you want, the new post status, in which category WP Video Robot should post and with which author account. There is a setting for everything!
  • VIDEO CURATION : WP Video Robot supports draft posting, it allows you to moderate and manual review the imported videos before publishing them.
  • NO DUPLICATE VIDEOS : The “Skip Duplicates” option prevents WP Video Robot from importing duplicate videos.
  • MANUAL IMPORT : You can manually import a single video by entering its unique youtube ID. You can then choose to import all the video metadata or only a part of it.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCES : WP Video Robot is built to handle multiple source and thousands of imports without decreasing the site performances.
  • AUTO CLEAN MODE : WP Video Robot auto detects invalid and deleted videos and automatically changes their status from published to invalid. Your site stays always clean.
  • AUTOMATIC TAGGING : For each created video WP Video Robot adds the related Youtube tags to your WordPress site. It helps your video to get higher ranking on search engines.
  • IMPORTING & EXPORTING : Want to backup or migrate your videos? WP Video Robot makes it easy for you to import / export thousands of videos.
  • RANDOMIZATION : Many different randomization features in WP Video Robot make sure that your site will look natural with diverse content and no unusual patterns that could be detected by search engines.
  • COMPLETELY LEGAL : All video imported are legal to be used and published on your site. WP Video Robot uses official Youtube API to fetch and import data.
  • INTERNATIONAL : The WP Video Robot plugin has been translated into English and French. It is translation ready with RTL support. All language files are included with the plugin. They are automatically used when you install WP Video Robot on a WordPress site in one of the languages.
  • NO CODING NEEDED : WP Video Robot auto-includes seamlessly imported videos in any query on your site with no need for coding.
  • COMPLETE INTEGRATION : WPVR is compatible with all WordPress themes. Actually, it creates the video for you, and then your theme defines how it looks on your site.
  • SHORTCODE : If you want to manually add an imported video into a post, simply use the plugin shortcode [wpvr id=XXX].


  • Wordpress 3.6+
  • PHP 5.5+
  • MYSQL 5+
  • cUrl 7.40+ extension using https is required
We have tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux.
We tested rendering on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


------------------------------- v1.8.9 ( February 20th , 2017) -----------------------------
- Corrected the Private Custom Post type missing option issue.
- Corrected the Youtube manual adding issue of v1.8.8.
- Removed the php command line automation line.
- Corrected the columns override function definition conflict with VideoPro.
- Corrected the conflict on WP Query when using VideoPro and posting as regular post.
- Corrected the format of the CRON Stopped error message.
- Fixed the autoembeding video player on non WPVR posts issue.
- Corrected the bug when selecting posting author.
- Fixed the time zone issue when running a source.
- Added a doExec param to simulate automatic source execution only.
- Added a view button when adding videos through TEST sources screen.

------------------------------- v1.8.8 (January 2nd, 2016) -----------------------------
- Added filtering between WPVR videos and regular posts.
- Corrected Facebook VS thumb error.
- Added capability to import videos to any custom post type, including regular post type.
- Corrected the save addon options bug.
- Corrected the wrong API Access options link.
- Corrected the Newspaper hook not firing on manual adding.
- Added some new fancy debugging functions.
- Corrected several execution bugs.
- Corrected async execution when HTTP authentication enabled.
- Added HD flag for videos where HQ thumb is available.
- Added Override admin columns option.
- Corrected the export options, videos and sources issue on WP Multisite.
- Corrected the exported system info line break issue.
- Added memory available info to System Info.

------------------------------- v1.8.7.1 (November 25th, 2016) -----------------------------
- Corrected the Javascript assets dependencies bug.

------------------------------- v1.8.7 (November 20th, 2016) -----------------------------
- Corrected the black bars issue on Youtube thumbs.
- Reorganized all the plugin settings and revamped the API wizard screen with fancy services logos.
- Corrected source owner info bug.
- Corrected the multisite cron data storing error.
- Corrected all WPVR portlets size issue on big screens.
- Corrected source posting category issue (thanks to Mike).
- Added WPVR install path to system info.
- Corrected the thumbnails not downloading issue (when running a source on multisite).
- Corrected the SSL error on CURL when used with Dailymotion SDK.
- Updated the JS and CSS assets used by WPVR (NOUISlider, Fontawesome, Selectize).

------------------------------- v1.8.6 (September 20th, 2016) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added a single video import wizard for better user experience.
- Added Sticky topbar on source edition screen for easy source edition.
- Added the wpvr_count shortcode that shows different video counts filtered by category, by services or by status.
    [wpvr_count] : Shows the total count of videos.
    [wpvr_count service=youtube] : Shows the total number of Youtube videos (youtube/vimeo/dailymotion/ted/youku/facebook).
    [wpvr_count category=movies] : Shows the total number of videos from the Movies category (use slug).
    [wpvr_count status=pending] : Shows the total number of pending videos (publish/pending/draft).
    Adding no_label attribute returns only the count number with no labelling.
- Added new custom hooks php file, where advanced user can hook into WPVR action and filter hooks.
- Added more simple message when visiting the CrON URL with CRON debug OFF.
- Added Update thumbnails bulk action to re-download thumbnails of selected videos.
- Introduced edit button when using source testing tool.
- Rearranged the source filters and added source posting categories filter (More/Less Filters).
- Rearranged the videos filters (More/Less Filters).

- Corrected the issue on Dailymotion Playlists import.
- Corrected the Video List screen blank screen issue (Thanks to Jorge Romero).
- Corrected the cron url generation error with WP installed on a subfolder.
- Corrected the manual adding issue with Youku videos.
- Corrected hooks to prevent WPVR from messing with attachments frontend rendering.
- Added exit blank screen when trying to access wpvr.cron.php directly (For better security).

------------------------------- v1.8.5 (August 20th, 2016) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added Video Author info when importing a video.
- Added Video Author on testing screen.
- Added Customizer support for metadata tags (%video_author% for example).

- Added cURL error debugging to core functions.
- Corrected the Timezone option saving process bug.
- Corrected the GET HELP link on Cron config screen.
- Corrected the double definiton of wpvr_show_restriction_msg function.
- Added version information on activation JS popup.
- Corrected the source parameter clicking issue.
- Corrected the PHP object to array conversion in the plugin code files.
- Corrected the VST rendering modified player 502 Bad Gateway issue (thanks to Leslie E.).

------------------------------- v1.8.4 (June 1st, 2016) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added Search Context on Youtube Search Sources.
- Manual adding now supports Video URL and Video ID.
- Added a pretty customizable cron permalink.
- CRON execution on multisite is now supported.
- Added categories filtering on Browse Addons screen.
- Added WPVR_DISABLE_THUMB_DOWNLOAD to disable downloading of the video thumbnail.
- Added a COPY button on WPVR Automation Options URLs.
- Corrected new update message removal on both single and multisite.
- Corrected addons and plugin autoupdate on multisite.
- Corrected make_click hook error.
- Corrected a conflict of noUiSlider JS framework.
- Corrected the TMP database entries async bug.
- Corrected the permalink 404 error on first plugin activation.
- Corrected Deferred and Unwanted list pages pagination bug.
- Adapted the cron data file to multisite installations.
- Corrected the wpvr_adapt_164 function bug.
- Corrected the cron execution bug on some server configrations.

------------------------------- v1.8.3 (April 5th, 2016) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Implemented a better timezone selector.
- Implemented expiration notices for addon licenses.
- Added Changelog reader on welcome page.
- Added a admin top bar menu for WP Video Robot links.
- Added a plugins page menu for main WPVR links.
- Redesigned bulk actions for sources and videos.
- Added Server Software to System Info.

- Corrected the loading animation on JS buttons.
- Corrected the dashboard CRON message timezone.
- Corrected Dailymotion text content bug (thanks José).
- Added video and souorces custom post types support hooks.
- Corrected async actions url bug on some server configurations.
- Added links to welcome page icons.
- Corrected the 'player instead of thumbnail' option bug (thanks to keithkraker).

------------------------------- v1.8.2 (March 5th, 2016) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added a Welcome screen with "Import Demo Sources" button.
- Redesigned the TEST SOURCE SCREEN.
- Added groupped Sources Folders actions.
- Added FontAwesome 4.5.0 Support.
- Improved sources bulk actions.
- Added AutoPilot support.
- Improved CRON CLI executions and reports.
- Added System Info Export to Text button.

- Corrected the autoembed_done autoinclude bug.
- Corrected some theme conflicts with the new get_themes_mb feature.
- Corrected some JS error when clicking buttons.
- Fixed the tinyMCE error on addons options screen.
- Corrected some CSS conflicts on backend with other plugins.
- Corrected DataFillers screen JS errors.
- Corrected Youtube Channel ID retreiving errors (thanks to Joanny and José).
- Fixed the tags being imported even if not wanted (thanks to Joanny and José).
- Fixed the Stress Graph JS bug.
- Fixed frontend error when a video service is disabled.

- Corrected the JS error on WPVR dashboard thrown by a category containing a quote.
- Corrected the WPVR dashboard Sources colors bug.
- Corrected Source Service Labels and Source Types bugs on Activity Logs.
- Added Execution mode and Execution time to Activity Logs.
- Corrected some buttons JS Errors.
- Corrected objects export known bug.

------------------------------- v1.7.1 (August 10th, 2015) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added CHINESE Translation.
- Added option to start local views count with Video Service views count.
- Added new translated part of FRENCH, RUSSIAN, ARABIC and SPANISH.

- Fixed get playlist data bug.
- Corrected ShowMenuFor option bug.
- Corrected the API Wizzard FadeIn JS issue.
- Corrected K format of views count.
- Corrected Smooth screen bug on sources and videos screen.
- After manual import, grabbing select is set to off.
- Corrected the autoplay bug on loop page.

------------------------------- v1.8 (February 20th, 2016) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- All metaboxes defined for regular posts now supported by imported videos.
- Sources Folders to organize your sources.
- Managing Unwanted Videos to refine fetching of better videos.
- Better Single Source edition Action Buttons.
- Added pagination to deferred and unwanted videos screen.
- Added Global Publish Date filtering parameter.

- Corrected Error on Dashboard / Sources Screen.
- Corrected Videos filtering known issue on redirection.
- Adapted the WPVR backend interface to mobile.
- Corrected a http referrer WP bug.
- Improved API Authentication process.

------------------------------- v1.7.5 (November 15th, 2015) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added Actions menus on Top of Testing Screen.
- Added Clone Source button on single source edition screen.
- Added filtering videos by service on wordpress videos list screen.
- Added activation cancelling that allows you to use your purchase code on a new domain.
- Added comments count on wordpress video list screen.
- Removed the autoClean feature that was buggy with the new Youtube API v3.
- Addons ordering has been improved.
- Local and custom tailored addons now appears on addons grid.

- Corrected the several sources testing nextPageToken bug.
- Corrected the manage videos pagination bug.
- Individual adding from youtube video id bug fixed.
- Fixed comments importing issue when manual granting access to youtube (thanks to Mario Radivojev).
- Fixed the Vimeo and Dailymotion declaration conflict with any other plugin (thanks to Mark Davidson).

------------------------------- v1.7.3 (September 30th, 2015) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added some new functions to search videos.
- Removed Autoclean. Preparing some new addons more efficient to track dead videos.

- Fixed the dynamic thumbnails uri error.
- Fixed the Api Connect Choices bug.
- Fixed the sources stats metabox bug.
- Corrected source getting tags bug even getTags disabled.
- Fixed the deactivated services sources and videos bug.
- Fixed the vimeo next page bug.

------------------------------- v1.7.2 (September 5th, 2015) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added full CHINESE, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE translations.
- Added option to start local views count with Video Service views count.
- Added new translated part of FRENCH, RUSSIAN, ARABIC and SPANISH.
- BEtter support for some modern themes.
- Added some new hooks to support new addons.
- Added statistics metabox for sources.
- Added icons for each source metabox.
- Support for new theme fixes addons (VideoTube and Newspaper).

- Fixed some warning s echoes on plugin activation when fresh installation.
- Fixed get playlist data bug.
- Corrected ShowMenuFor option bug.
- Corrected the API Wizzard FadeIn JS issue.
- Corrected K format of views count.
- Corrected Smooth screen bug on sources and videos screen.
- After manual import, grabbing select is set to off.
- Corrected the autoplay bug on loop page.

------------------------------- v1.7.0 (August 1st, 2015) -----------------------------
- Fixed version error.
- Fixed youtube search sources bug.
- Fixed backward compatibility ( Thanks to Jorge and Shon Dosla ).

------------------------------- v1.6.8 (July 20th, 2015) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added standalone video services support.
- Added CRON path execution support.
- Brand new API Access interface.
- Added API communications notices.
- Added Videos Screen EDIT/PREVIEW buttons.
- Enhanced the plugin screens loading with fading.
- Enhanced addons browsing experience.
- Adapted all the plugin screens to mobile.

- Fixed sources graph bug on WPVR dashboard.
- Fixed user roles restriction bug.
- Fixed JS errors.
- Fixed Dailymotion player issue (thanks to Carlo Bartozi ).
- Fixed default options init bug.
- Corrected JM Twitter conflict.
- Corrected errors on dataFillers ajax communications.

------------------------------- v1.6.5 (July 1st, 2015) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Add Hierarchy to selectize.
- Added WPVR_IS_LOCKED_OUT constant to prevent from being locked out the plugin.
- WPVR CRON is now available using php command line.
- Added 'Toggle All Grabbings' button on manual Adding screen.
- Added performance warning to avoid server crash due to misconfiguration.
- Added Reset CRON Data admin action.
- Added better System Diagnosis.

- Fixed the 'Go Back' button javascript bug.
- Improved Ajax communication to avoid crashing when illegal strings are echjoed by other plugins.
- Fixed autoupdate bug (thanks to Jorge).
- Add Default choice for Video Duration Filter.
- Add Default choice for Video Quality Filter.
- Fixed 'Get Full Description' option bug (thanks to Jorge).
- Fixed HTTPS embed bug (thanks to Nate).
- Fixed the trashed sources that were still reachable by cron.

------------------------------- v1.6.4 (June 22th, 2015) -----------------------------

[Added Features]
- Added Get Video Full Description Option
- Added Source auto tags
- Added SAVE SOURCE button.
- Advanced Source Filtering : by publish date , by video quality, by video duration.
- Updated Video services SDKs.
- Javascript Messages dialogs are no longer modal.
- Multiple testing tabs or windows now possible.
- Added HTTPS Video Url to dataFillers.
- Added Dynamic Video Views dataFiller to automatically fill/update your theme custom fields with the updated video views.
- Added Dynamic Custom Post Type Skipper to avoid conflicts with other plugins.
- Added ESC for closing dialogs.

- Corrected vimeo tags import bug.
- Corrected the addons reloader bug.
- Corrected javascript bug on add items on deferred screen.
- Increased security in API communications.
- Fixed the JS buttons spinner bug.
- Improved the youtube fetching by not geting tags of already imported videos.
- Corrected Vimeo Video Fetching bug.
- Added loading to thumbs on testing screens.
- Improved JS ajax communications.

------------------------------- v1.6.3 (May 30th, 2015) -----------------------------

[Added Features]
- Now you can handle imported videos permalinks as any regular post permalink.
- Now you can run several test sources without loosing temp results.

- Corrected post categories bug thanks to Giancarlo and David.
- Corrected Reset Addon Options Button JS Bug.
- Corrected dataFilter Adding Button JS Bug.
- Corrected Original Views on dataFiller Types select.
- Corrected site on plugin page.
- Fixed the Vimeo Antiduplicates bug.

------------------------------- v1.6.0 (May 10th, 2014) -----------------------------

[Added Features]
- Added selectize input instead of category checkboxes for better user experience
- Added Plugin Activation
- Added Custom String dataFiller Type
- Added dataFillers Preset for better compatibility with themes
- Better TEST/RUN buttons on Edit Source Screen
- Added video title to imported thumbnail filename, title and caption to optimize SEO rankings
- Added option to use a video as a normal post
- Supporting Addons to extend functionalities and enhance the plugin
- Permalink Rewrite Rule with 3 options : no base , category base , or custom base.
- Maximum resolution of thumbnails of imported youtube videos
- Video Content Affix and Suffix added to options
- Source Posting Categories enhancement
- Licences managment
- Added Admin Actions section on dashboard for advanced users

- Corrected several Ajax Buttons bugs
- Added Test Permission on cron.txt file for debugging cron errors and issues
- Added message when youtube daily quota is reached
- Remove Single thumb bug fixed
- postCats bug corrected
- dataFillers execution on manual adding corrected          


------------------------------- v1.5 (October 30, 2014) -----------------------------

[Added Features]

- Added Grant Access for each Video Service (easily connect Youtube/Vimeo/DailyMotion to the plugin :) )
- Vimeo Videos Service Supported    
- Dailymotion Videos Serviec Supported    
- Groups (Vimeo and Dailymotion) now Supported
- Post Format Supported
- Post Date Choose Supported
- Added fancy icons to the whole plugin
- AutoPlay Option Added
- Manual Import Adapted to Vimeo and Dailymotion
- Added API Keys Options for every video service
- Added Service Name on Deferred and Test Screens
- Added Videos Graph by Service on the plugin Dashboard
- Added Manage Videos Screen powered with ajax 
- With Filtering by Video Service / Post Date / Author / Categories / Video Status
- With Bulk Actions for the selected items
- With Layout choose (grid / bGrid / list ... )
- The sources list screen has been refreshed with new icons and new data
- Filter by Services on videos list screen added
- Added Track Duplicates toolbox to merge them
- Add Manage Videos Link To Videos Admin Menu 

- NonAdmin Users Cap bugfix on Deferred Screen
- Changed the crontab url to add
- Cron bugfix
- Cron Security Token Bug Fixed 
- Function naming compatibility fixed
- Changed the default Capablities to ALL OPEN 
- Security bugfix on API calls
- Bugfix on activity log screen
- Bugfix on sources bulk actions
- Bulk Edit bug fixed (thanks to Anatoli Cholak )
- Filter on Videos List Screen bug fixed
- Filter on Sources List Screen bug fixed
- Hide Envato PurchaseCode Notice bugfixed


------------------------------- v1.1 (September 15, 2014) -------------------------------
[ Added Features ]
- Added multiple youtube channels in one single source
- Added multiple youtube playlist in one single source
- Added capabilities for non admin users (logs, actions,options,import panel)
- Added Bulk delete permanently for sources and videos
- Added Bulk publish for videos
- Added items counter for playlist ids, channel ids and videos ids on source edit screen
- Added loading spinner to all buttons calling with ajax
- Added relevant column data for sources and videos
- Added 'clear logs' button on logs screen
- Added manual manage deferred videos screen
- Added an option for enabling/disabling batch adding
- Added duration and views on test and deferred screens
- Added flags for 'trendy' sources
- Added TimeZone Support for accurate time handling
- Added Custom API Youtube Key Support
- Added 'Embed Video Player instead of thumbnail' Option
- Added Working Hours Options to limit the plugin automated tasks to chosen hours interval
- Added a Fancy Dashboard of the plugin to 
-- overview all the videos and all the sources 
-- Check The Plugin Stress Forecast
-- Check Automation Status to debug troubleshooting
- Added Deferred Videos Screen To manually add/remove deferred Videos
- Added Columns to sources and videos list screens to improve overviews. 

[ BugFixes ]
- Admin role restriction bugfix
- Autoupdate Function bugfix
- Options Page bugfix
- Important bug reported on the display of pages fixed
- Minor bugs reported by customers have been fixed
- Corrected Log weird bugs
- Corrected GoBack Button on result screen
- Corrected GoToTop button on logs screen
- Corrected switch buttons RTL bug on options screen
- Corrected errors in translation
- Corrected including shortcode known bug.


---------------------------------- v1.0 (August 24, 2014) -------------------------------

Initial Release


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