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Hello, are there already translations available or do translations need to be done by yourself?

Hi there, translations generally aren’t included, although I think there may be an example Spanish translation (if I remember correctly). Thanks! :)

Had a client contact me about this plugin saying that her posts from July 2015 – October 2016 have disappeared into the void. Is there a way to retrieve these old posts?

Nope, I can’t see there being any reason why things have changed there. Except if the limit of posts being retrieved from each service has been reached? If so, just go to the Edit Timeline page and increase the values for each site. Thanks!

It was the API key just in case someone else comes across the same problem. Somehow it was removed either by fluke, update, or on accident.

Ah ok, that sounds about right :) thanks for letting me know!

Hi Sam Lovely plugin i guess.. and suitable for my next website project for my client. i have plan to buy it.

But i need to know, about infinite scroll. is it unlimited scroll? Does it has a button e.g “See Index” or “View More” (not Load More) button if it reaches a certain amount.

So we can bring user to Post or Page or Social Media URL .

Thank you very much..

Okay Sam.. Thank u v much.. i am 95% to purchase it.. and if i need some customization i will contact u, and with extra charge off course.. :)

Sounds good. Any customisation requests, just ask and I’ll see if I’m available to help :grin:

Yes Sir !..... :)

Hello, in twitter feed, instead of the word TWEETS, can we show our twitter name and thumbnail image ?

Also can it show date and time of the post ? I need to show data and time too with the timeline entries coming from twitter.

Hi there, the Twitter thumbnail image can be easily updated in the plugin settings.

As for the username, this is a simple change which can be made by manually editing the code in the correct place.

Yes, you can edit the date format for the timeline – just alter this in the Edit Timeline page and each item, including tweets, can show the date/time in the format you choose.

Thanks! Sam :grin:

Seems the images from a Facebook post are no longer being shown on the timeline. I have checked the API, the timeline options, and everything is the same as before. Any ideas of what’s happened?

Hello..this started happening recently. Our client noticed back in July. I’ve been researching the Facebook API you used in the plugin. The graph api is giving me back a json that has the following format:

"data": [
      "message": "Interpreting photography is not new, but now we have social media as another tool for identifying depression. \n\nI  wonder if for those individuals, whose  images are linked to depression, might their photography also serve as an outlet and a way to master some of the symptoms? \n\nIt would be nice to ask them how they \"see\" their photograph and  what the process of taking and posting was like for them.",
      "created_time": "2017-08-13T22:57:56+0000",
      "id": "1552935541626180_2005174769735586" 


I don’t see any reference of the photos in the metadata. I noticed they have a different api path for photos. Does the plugin need to be updated for this?


Hey there, hmm that’s strange. I’ve just been reading the notes on some of the API changes and I’m confused as to why the plugin has been affected. Could you send me an email directly please so we can discuss this further? Thanks!

Doing that right now, thanks.

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