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Hi, this plugin isn’t compatible with SEO Ultimate. If SEO Ultimate in enabled, i cant edit the menu. Please fix it. thank you

I am having an issue with my client where they cannot even see the menu selections when logged into the admin area. But I can see the menu’s just fine and can edit them with changes showing on the homepage. Could this be a cache issue on the clients end? I use w3total cache and have cleared it multiple times.

Any advise is appreciated.

OK. He is does not have an admin role, I will try changing from editor to admin. But it was working just fine a few days ago.

Thanks for the quick response!

Not sure how else to troubleshoot this issue further. Changed user permissions to admin, they still cannot edit the menu. They have tried on 2 separate pc’s at their location. I can edit it just fine on my end.

if all works fine before – try reinstall wordpress. Or maybe they have some viruse on pc or some sort of firewall… not sure. .. maybe they can make video of issue for me to check and give you direction to digmaybe it was hacked or damaged. I can try from my side, but I think all will work fine.

Hi, thanks for the plugin. Are you planning to release a version for WP4 or is it already compatible?

Yes, hope to release it this month

great thanks


any upgrade instructions current version path /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ultimate-reciepes-maker === Wordpress Ultimate Restaurant Menu Maker === Tags: menue, restaurant, eatery, menus, hotel, bar, list Requires at least: 3.0 Tested up to: 3.5.2 Version: 1.3 Stable tag: 1.3

ohh. forgot to update readme. I use it for WP repository in general but i think plugin is pretty intuitive. If you need any help – ping me via PM

no no wait, I have running old version wp-ultimate-reciepes-maker 1.3, how can I upgrade to the new, just replace files ?

if you have lates version – yes just replace old files.

hi, is your plugin compatible with WPML? thank you!

To say true – I didnt tested it with WPML. Plugin have po files inside. Maybe it will help

Hi, is there any documentation on how to use this plugin. I fail to set-up my menu. Where do I attach dishes to a menu?

Best Thorsten

Hi. Last plugin release was more yeas ago. As I remember – no.

Hi, 1. can i put some prices under the ingredients of dishes? like this example: 2. Can i remove the corner prices?

Thank you.

Hi. Only if you can edit php and html

Hi evgendob Just a quick pre purchase question, is this compatible with WP4.4? Because it seems you have not done any upgrades for a while and that is kind of scary! Not sure if will work or if you will give a good support! Thanks

I tried to see the demo but is also not working, Not to bother in reply to me, I don’t feel confident. So I ask other members!! DOES ANY ONE CAN ADVISE ON A GOOD RESTAURANT MENU PLUGIN? Thanks guys :)

Hi. Sorry man, it was developed too much time ago. I didnt updated it.

HEY!!! Link is broken. I’m interested, once you get a working preview, please let me know.

Hey. Its realy old one. You can try admin part and here is expamle of front

I bought the plugin but does not load the image “Dish Additional Image” remains in search why?

PRESALES QUESTION I am looking for a menu plugin that I can use on directory website where I have multiple restaurants represented. So I will need something that be used for a variety of restaurants on the same site with the same plugin.

Also looking for a plugin that will allow the end-user to search for a particular food item and find all the different menus (restaurants) where they can find it.

Will this plugin do this?

hi, nop

Seems like your demo website is hacked.

Yep, fixed