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Helllo, your wp-admin demo is not accessible. Listed pass and login does not work…

Hi, are you talking about the “Authentication required” popup login or the WordPress login? The popup password is different. WordPress login is wurp / wurp.

I cannot get through “Authentication required” popup login. It is not possible to access http://wur.wpengine.com/wp-admin, because “authentication required” popup login comes always first…

The username for that popup is demo and password is weptilepass Then for WordPress login, the username and password is both wurp

We had to create 2 level protection as we had some spam visits in the past :)

Hi there, it looks like WP Ultimate Redirect Plugin has a bug.


PHP Notice: Undefined variable: redirectTo in …/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-redirect/ultimate-redirect.php on line 886

We had to disable the plugin, because it was on a production site. But, you can look at the file reference above to see that “redirectTo” is a variable that is only referenced on line 886, when it is trying to submit the variable into a function. It seems that $redirectTo is not defined anywhere else in the file, so that would throw the error.

Perhaps you mean ”$redirect_to” instead?

Thank you, we’ll look into it and fix it in the next update. Please keep an eye on the updates and update the plugin when we post the next version on codecanyon.

Hi, we’ve fixed the problem. Our bad :) We made a stupid mistake, and now fixed it. We’ve submitted the updated to CodeCanyon. You should get an email when the updated version is approved and online. You’ll see this issue fixed in the current uploaded version: 1.2.2

Hi there, this is more like a pre-purchase question. Are there are any benchmarks available for its performance in case there are lots of posts. I did try another plugin called nm404, which used the levenshtein distance thing but its performance was not at all good (its error logs were full of timeouts as even after 90 seconds it was not able to find any match for the URL)

Also, when testing the demo site, I tried going on to -

1. http://wur.wpengine.com/2016/03/post.html and it redirected me to http://wur.wpengine.com/register/

2. http://wur.wpengine.com/2016/03/post and it redirected me to http://wur.wpengine.com/sample-page/

In both these cases, I was thinking that I would be redirected to one of the post URL in that month (like http://wur.wpengine.com/post-2/ ). I was particularly interested in this URL pattern as I am dealing with something similar. Is there some settings change that can be done to make this work

Hi, it’s hard to answer your first question. But we never had a complaint so far. And we didn’t test with hundreds of posts ourselves either. But we’d definitely be curious about the results if you are willling to give it a shot. As we do to all our buyers, if you happen to not like the plugin for any reason, we simply refund, no question.

As for your redirect question, we check the full url’s to compare. So in the example, post-2 url doesn’t have the /2016/03/ in it’s slug so it won’t match with /post-2. It’s simply comparing the letters. BUT if you have any ideas to improve or additional options to add, with an algorithm or mathematical formula in anyway, we’re always open to improvements. We would gladly add it to our next plugin update.

If you’d like to discuss in detail, feel free to email us at pm at weptile dot com.

Hi again,

I’ve come across another error on the Ultimate Redirect Plugin.

There is an undefined variable in use ($post_options) on lines 567 and 585. I recommend running your plugin with php notices turned on so you can catch these errors prior to posting the next revision.



I took the liberty of debugging the issue. It appears that the main screen was converted to ajax, but the edit modal was not. Please see the attached fix.


Thanks, Mitchum

Thank you Mitchum :) We missed this and you found AND fixed it for us. Thanks a million. We have a few other small fixes to include in our next update. We’ll for sure use your input along with it as well.

We’ve just posted an update to the plugin now. Thank you once again Mitchum, we used your fix as you sent us.

(comment folded into post above for clarify)

Hi, I am having trouble with your plugin – require that all mobile users are redirected to a different page, however it should exclude tablet users. But when I select ‘Mobile’ as a redirect, it redirects both mobile and tablet.

How can I redirect phone users only?

Hi. By default, mobile covers tablet as well as you noticed :) If you want to redirect specific devices only, you can select different device types one by one in the rule. Like blackberry, iphone, Samsung, etc.

However, now that you mentioned it, I realized this is going to take some effort. Perhaps it’d be a nice improvement if we allowed multiple select on the “Agent” select dropdown. I’ll add it to our future improvement list before you say :) But for now, like I said, you’d need to select mobile devices separately to add redirect rules.

P.S. The plugin works as explained, but if YOU think it’s not working as you hoped it would and if you think you can’t wait for our future updates to add multi-select to the agent dropdown, please ask for a refund and we’ll process it rightaway. No questions. :) That said, I’ve already noted this addition to our development queue for September updates.

having an issue with auto-redirect to nearest match URL. doesnt seem to be working and cant see any config for it

Hi, can you give me a couple example links that you tried and where you think they should redirect to? So I can see why the algorithm redirects the way it does :)

P.S. Perhaps we can add a few settings for it, allowing admin to mark some pages off the comparison list. Thank you for the idea. We never thought people would need that.

Hi I have setup a redirect for Safari only issue is its also redirecting Chrome. Can you have a look? hakimoptical.ca/virtual-glasses

I even made a chrome redirect that redirects to the same page but it defaults to Safari redirect…. very odd can’t figure out why… does the redirect sometimes mistaken Chrome for Safari?

Also Mobile safari needed to go somewhere else so I’ve set that up… its working… but yea my Safari redirect is effecting Chrome… and I dont’ want it to

Interesting. Especially that other cases all work fine but only desktop chrome to have the issue. Can you email us at pm at weptile dot com with the example links? And perhaps the login to check the rules please? I’d like to test it out with multiple computers here on chrome and safari.


How do I setup a regex match in the system?

For example, I have a URL that is http://somewebsite.com/feed/ and I want to redirect it to http://somewebsite.com/.

What would the source(s) field look like?

Also, Can I make it only log and not redirect if I want to?

Thank you,


Which one do you want? 1. Redirect yoursite.com/feed/someurl to yoursite.com/someurl or 2. Redirect yoursite.com/feed/someurl to yoursite.com/

I can’t test your admin demo, can you please check? Thank you.

REF: https://wur.wpengine.com/wp-admin/ Plugin Demo Admin User:wurp Plugin Demo Admin Password:wurp

It just keeps looping for the same pop up window.

hi, in the popup use the following user / pass: demo weptilepass

and then when you reach the wp-admin use: wurp wurp

Hello, is it possible with your plugins to rewrite the url of all the content pictures in the library ? best regards, Bruno ilic.

Thank you for purchasing our plugin. The answer to your question depends on how you want to rewrıte the url’s exactly. Can you give me a few example url’s and new url’s you want to redirect them to?

Hi. I put in a brand new redirect rule with your plugin and it is not working immediately upon saving it. Are our settings incorrect or something? I want to make sure this works, since we want to take our redirects from two old, free plugins on our site and re-insert them into yours, as well as to do brand new redirects for our site. thank you.

Interesting. Can you provide us the admin logins to your site so we can examine it from the backend? Please email us the logins in private: pm at weptile dot com :)

sending over now

Hi, we’ve just released an update on the plugin to include url string support for redirects. I’ve also sent you the updated plugin via email too, just in case.

We accidentally imported our rules a few times and now we have a bunch of doubles. We have a clean XML file with all our rules but importing it just adds more duplicates. What files do I have to delete to “clear” our list so we can import our clean list with no duplicates?

Oh my God :) I can’t believe we didn’t add a reset or delete function anywhere :D Thank you for pointing this out. I’m adding this to our next release development list right now. Please keep an eye on the plugin updates and the next update will have this feature for you.

For now, duplicates doesn’t change anything. the latest one overrides the previous ones anyways. It’s just a longer list. I apologize for this on behalf of our team.

with this plugin I can say that in mobile mode redirect to other different pages.

Yes you can :)

Pre-purchase question regarding functionality. Can this plugin set up redirects for user login, user logout, and after user registration?

Hi, very good question :) The answer depends on your site/theme.

The plugin redirects based on the URL that the user is accessing and the referrer URL. The target URL can also include a URL string as well. So if you can designate your register/login/logout actions using a URL string, or a referrer page, than yes, it can be used for your purpose. Here’s 2 examples: 1. If you have a separate registration page, or you’re using the WP default registration page, then you can use that page as the referrer page URL, and it’d work. 2. If you have a URL string on your theme that shows up in the URL once the registration is submitted, than you can use that as the source URL (including the string in the end), then it works again.

And these 2 cases are covered on almost all themes these days, so the short answer would be a yes – most probably.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can buy the plugin, try it out or send us an email to help you on the setup. Our email is pm at weptile dot com. If you still don’t like it, we’d accept a refund no questions asked.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them here as well, or send us an email as well. Our email is pm at weptile dot com

Hi, very happy to see you are active and supporting a plugin you created. I have a pre-sale question.

I’m working on a lot of websites that have changed from one cms to another (for example, CFM or Yahoo Small Business, to Wordpress). Some were Wordpress, but have gone down from 5,000 pages to 1,000.

That means all their URL structures have totally changed.

I’ve done a lot of manual 301 redirects via .htaccess. I am wondering how your plugin can help me better manage all of this content that has changed? Such as page urls, image urls, .etc? Especially for SEO purposes. Hopefully this isn’t too loaded of a question.

Thank you for your time.

Hi, there are multiple ways our plugin can help you. Firstly, you can mass import rules instead of adding the rules one by one. This would save tons of time for you. And secondly, our favorite feature with this plugin, auto-redirects! You don’t need to even define a rule, the plugin will automatically redirect all 404’s into their nearest matching URL’s in your site. Eventhough this will eliminate all 404’s without any work, this may miss out some redirects you’d prefer. And for those, you can then define rules separately. You can also track the redirect logs to see which url redirects where.

Hello, i have installed your plug in, and it says that I cannot access the settings page. it says I am “not allowed”.

Please help me fix

On our latest update we added a new capability for our plugin. Appereantly there’s a but with the capability functions, and we’re working on it today. We will publish an update within a few hours and you should get an email notifying the new version. Please update your plugin to get the fix :)

We apologize for the small bug you’ve encountered.

We’ve uploaded an update just now. Hopefully CodeCanyon will approve it soon and you’ll get a notification for the updated plugin files. The version you’re waiting for is 1.4.1.

ok wonderful thank you very much. I will update you when I receive!


I have old urls with ID’s in them… and I have uploaded new woocommerce items with matching ID’s, but different URL. For EX:

Old URL: /show_Product.asp?ID=9384

New URL /shop/new-product

But the ID of the new URL product is 9384

is this possible?

Hi, the quick answer is yes. You can use url strings as source and add the new url as target.

If you need any help let us know anytime here or via email. Pm at weptile dot com