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I have sent a couple of emails to


If you can have a look please purchase code 6960a322-6692-4b7b-943e-8f4e3f52aeb5

I dod look at the documnetation here file:///C:/Users/info_000/Dropbox/Foodie%20Friends%20NEW/Plugins%20and%20PHP%20Files/Plugins/codecanyon-11423006-wordpress-ultimate-redirect-plugin/codecanyon-11423006-wordpress-ultimate-redirect-plugin/documentation/Documentation/index.html but my plugin screen looks different



Hi, we received your emails. I’ll check and reply them via email in a minute. As for the documentation, we’re aware the documentation has the old version screenshots, we’ll need an update there too but we have so many functionality in line, we wanted to have a batch of new features completed before we updated the screenshots. Apologies for the confusion. That’ll come in soon with the new updates.

Please see my email from info@foodiefriends.co.uk as it is urgent

Got tht emails now, will reply in a minute via email.



can you upload bulk redirects via csv or text file?

Currently you can upload via xml (you can also export existing redirect rules to see the xml format to copy). We have it in our development queue to add a csv upload as well very soon.

Pre-Purchase Question! Is it possible to not globally set a redirect but to fill in a shortcode on some pages & posts to redirect visitors who are not logged in?

Hi, you can define redirect rules for “non-logged in users” for those pages with our plugin. No need for a shortcode.

hi there,

The plugin redirects all agents, allthough i’ve set it to mobile. Now my regular Desktop page redirects to mobile page…

Please advice. Thanks!

can you send us an email with login credentials to test please? our email is pm at weptile com


Just a few pre-purchase questions;

1) Can I use this plugin to redirect specific pages to other pages? 2) Can I turn off auto-url correction?



1) yes. 2) no. We never thought someone would want to deactivate this :) But we can add it to our queue for a future version if this is so important. It’s a quick addition so we can include it within our next update.

So, I thought this plugin would redirect my 404 errors to the closest match. Instead the browser hangs and I get a “redirected you too many times.” error- any ideas? When I deactivate the plugin it just goes to my default 404 page, which is not ideal but better than when the page hangs. Any ideas? Can you look into it? If not I would prefer a refund.

Hi, it sounds like there’s another redirect in action. Do you have another redirect plugin or something that manages your 404’s? Or perhaps your theme header has something that overrides the plugin function? And a final check would be the server… The htaccess file or the server setup might have a rule for 404’s or maybe another redirect rule.

How the plugin works is it runs the matching algorithm on the page header. You shouldn’t be seeing the 404 page because it runs the matching on 404 head and redirects then. So it doesn’t load the 404 page itself.


I used to have 404 redirected but since that plugin isnt working really well i bought your plugin.

In the redirect log i see the automated redirects, but some of them are wrong. Is there a way i can update/edit these manually to the right url, just like in 404 redirected?


Hi, what do you mean they are wrong? You mean the auto-matching algorithm is redirecting those pages to a link that you don’t want to? And you want to define a better (or correct) link instead? Then yes, you can define rules for these 404 links as much as you like. So these auto-redirects will then start using your defined rules instead, resulting in them redirecting to the pages you want them to.

Indeed, i started logging redirect but many of them are redirected to a link that doesn’t match at all. So i want change that link to the correct page. How do I do this and how do I delete the auto-matched 301.

Also, is there a possibility to siwtch off the auto-matching algorithm but still log 404’s, so i can fix them manually.


I just uploaded an XML file of 1100 redirects. Unfortunatly none of them work and it pretty much ruined the plugin. I can’t edit or remove them and the page lay-out is not working anymore.

When i try one of the redirects, chrome reports “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”

Could you please contact me via e-mail so we can solve this.

Thanks, Maarten

Hi Marteen, Are you using any other redirect plugin or maybe a server setting that redirects? Please email me at pm at weptile . com so we can dig this deeper and see the issue on your site.

I send you an email!

Got it, I’ll check and we can go on from there.

I’m trying to use this as a mobile redirect only. How do I set it up so desktop users don’t get sent to the mobile version of a page?

If you’re using a mobile redirect plugin, it might cause a redirect loop. May I get an admin login to see and test please? You can send the details to pm at weptile dot com.

Hi I have been using Safe Redirect Manager in the past, but looking for a better solution found your plugin.

Typical redirects include: from: http://www.carsapproved.com.au/toyota-prado-2015-review/ to: http://www.carsapproved.com.au/reviews/toyota-prado-2015/

I was hoping your plugin could solve my problem of having to individually create such redirects by searching for the closest match.

I just installed the plugin, but it goes into a loop (see log below). I have disabled it for now and gone back to using the Safe Redirect Manager. Can you apply a fix to get this sorted?;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/volkswagen-golf-92tsi-comfortline-2016-review;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:30 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:31 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:31 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:32 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:33 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:34 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:35 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:36 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:37 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:38 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:39 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:40 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:41 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:42 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:42 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:43 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:44 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:45 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:46 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:47 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;10/31/2016 01:19:48 am124.191.26.56;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/wordpress;http://www.carsapproved.com.au/wordpress/;...etc

Hi, did you deactivate the other redirect plugin when testing? The plugin should work in your case. If you try to go to this address page: /toyota-prado-2015-review/ Where does it take you without any redirects?

If that’s working, just make sure you’re redirecting any old url’s to this new url.

I hope I could explain :) If not, please feel free to comment further here.

Thank you. I managed to get it working to a degree. However when using regular expression to redirect /reviews/(.*) to review-${1} doesn’t work. Can you show how to achieve that using your plugin?

Hi, please give us a couple days to check if there’s a problem with the regex functionality. Last time we tested it was all working. If there’s a fix needed, we’ll publish it and you should get an email from CodeCanyon notifying you. So please update the plugin if you see an update.

I have a situation where the permalink structure has changed to just using the name of post, instead of having the date then name. The plugin isn’t matching to correct posts even though they have identical names, It seems to redirect to the same couple posts no matter the title.

Hi, did you update the plugin? We had this bug fixed a several updates ago. If it’s still occuring, please let me know your site url via email (pm at weptile dot com) and we can check.

There is something wrong with the plug-in. Whenever I activate it, they start to appear in my webmaster’s gogole crawl errors with ”/ feed” in front of the links

HI, can we take a look from your admin panel and with screenshots of the crawl error? Can you email the login and screenshots to us at pm at weptile dot com please?


I bought the plugin today and as far as I understand, it is not support Hebrew URL’s. Am I missing something? THX

Hi, we newer specifically planned for hebrew or any other language specific URL’s. But we’ll check with our developers to see if we can add this feature in a future update. If you’d like a refund for this for now, please feel free to request it over codecanyon and we’d gladly accept. Or we can wait for when we add the custom language URL support to the plugin.

Thank you very much! I will ask for refund.

Refund request accepted. Maybe you can try our plugin again later after we add special character support.

How does this “redirect” to the closest match? I can assume it uses the keywords in the 404 url?

Hi, it takes the url that the visitor tried to reach, and compares it with ALL the slugs of ALL pages and posts on the site. And it redirects to the closest match automatically. So let’s say someone comes to yoursite.com/contact-us and it’s a 404. But you have the page yoursite.com/contact instead. Then they’ll be automatically redirected to the /contact page (unless there’s a closer match than this).

Hello we have presently over 4K redirects and may have few more but not much and want to know if your plugin can manage this amount of redirects without slowing down the website.

We used htaccess but noticed lagging of the website because of our number of redirects.

Hi, We haven’t tested our plugin with thousands of redirects. Please feel free to buy and test it out. If you don’t like it, we’ll gladly accept a refund over CodeCanyon.

Hello.. I have a real estate website. I would like to use this plugin for when listings are deleted. Is it possible to use this plugin to redirect to a search page for that particular town automatically? For instance automatically redirect http://www.oldpostrealty.com/real-estate/5-willow-rd/ to http://www.oldpostrealty.com/search-results/?9=&2=&3=&4=Woodsburgh&6=&cols=6

Hi, well, as a best practice I’d say “do not delete” those posts :) I think it’s much better if you keep those listings live but add a custom field to mark them as “obsolete” somehow. You can find a decent wording for it and show on the page that the listing is no longer valid, or it’s expired or whichever way you wish to put it. This way it’ll still be indexed. And SEO is better this way. Because you will keep having lots of pages for google to search. If you redirect, you’ll not loose the past backlinks but you’ll loose the power of page count.

However, you will still need a redirect plugin no matter what. You don’t want 404’s ever. So I still recommend you to buy our plugin, and set it up, but not for past posts but for pages that you can’t track or for the rare case you delete or change a page.

If you’d like further consultancy, you can also contact us for a separate project on your site :) You can email us at pm at weptile dot com.

Well.. for one, I’m not sure I’m permitted to keep expired listings on my site.. and secondly, at any given time I have about 25,000 active properties. Over time I would have a ridiculous amount of expired listings/pages. I think it would simply be too much. That being the case, what would you best recommend I do with those deleted pages? Just forward to a generic recent listings page? Or perhaps a page with city/town links or something?

Either would work. But still you’d need to add the redirects manually.

Alternatively, our plugin can’t do it but we can code a small addon for you separately that redirects all “inactive” listings to a page like you mentioned. So once a property listing is inactive, it’d redirect to a page selection of yours.

Where are the instructions for setting up this plugin?!

When I use the redirection plugin, I get dozens of 404 notices and am able to fix them. I thought this plugin was suppose to be a lot better. I’m not getting anything in my log. Can you take a look? Also, what is the difference between the boxes “Is Active” and “Use Regular Expression.” Do I check both? What is the latter? A login that costs $29 needs better instructions.

Hi, We are aware of the lack of documentation. That’s mainly because we’ve improved the plugin a lot over the initial release and we never focused on updating the documentation for good. However, we plan to create a couple videos for tutorial and explaining how it all works. That will be done within June for sure.

As for your 404’s, are you using anything else for redirects? Normally you should not get any 404 if the plugin is active. It’ll automatically redirects to a nearest matching url, so no one falls to 404.

Is Active means, that rule is active. So you can add rules, and deactivate those rules from time to time. When adding a rule, mark Is Active.

Use Regular Expression is to check for regex rules in your rule. If you’re simply redirecitng url’s to a new url, then just skip this box. If you’re adding a regex rule as source, then mark this.

And yes, when you’re using regex, it means both checkboxes will be checked.

Hi so a pre purchase questions, is It possible to redirect someone to a page based on the page they are coming from. For example say someone is coming from the site with the url www.site1.com/page/page2/3957 when they come to my site can I redirect to them to a page like www.mysite.com/3957. So like based on the specific number in the url a visitor is coming from they will be directed to the to a page with the same number. If this is not possible can you let me know if you can add this feature for a custom jobs and roughly the price thanks!

Hi, the answer is unfortunately a no. Our plugin works on your site, checking the current target URL, not the referrer URL. So it’d only redirects based on the url they’re coming to.

I just purchased this, but I cannot activate the plugin. It installs and shows up in the list, but when I click activate the page just refreshes and it doesn’t activate.

Is there any other redirect plugin that might be conflicting? We never had a report of any activation problem so far. If the problem still exists, please let us know with admin login and we can check as well.