WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin

WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin

WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin is the one and only plugin you need to cover ALL of your needs for Redirects, 404’s, site migration and/or domain change/transfer setup needs.

This plugin provides ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY you’d find in different SEO redirect, 404, 301, regular redirect plugins and all. Combined all plugins into one, with added more functionality like our favorite “auto-redirect to nearest match URL”.

Features include:

  • AUTOMATED redirect to the nearest match! (no more surprize 404’s)
  • Easy CSV import/export for redirect rules list (mass add/edit redirects)
  • Manual redirect rules with all standard redirect options
  • Redirect per source
  • Mobile redirect (and other devices as well)
  • Redirect by user logged in or not
  • Redirect Logs
  • Easy to follow and comprehensive settings screen
  • and more…

Plugin Demo:

Change Log:
1.3 Updated error logs display using datatables.js.
1.3 Updated edit rule function to run via ajax for better user experience.
1.3 Fixed bugs when saving regex rules.
1.2 Cleaned up the code, reduced server load, increased performance. Updated device redirect library. Used a new table script for easier/better listing logs. Added auto-search / auto-complete to search dropdowns. Fixed various minor and visual bugs here and there. Tested and improved functionality and performance on multisite redirects.
1.2 Updated auto-matching algorithm to match url instead of page titles.
1.2 Fixed redirect functionality for different permalink settings.
1.2 Fixed a bug where redirecting private pages would loop forever.
1.1.5 Fixed subpage redirect issue and a bug with admin panel log table links.
1.1.5 Added homepage redirect option to source and target dropdowns.
1.1.4 Fixed a bug where log in control text was printed to screen
1.1.3 Added a check for user logged in state option for redirect rules
1.1.2 Updated the matching algorithm to work better for VERY long URL’s. (up to 255 character AFTER site url)
1.1.0 Added redirect logging as an option
1.0 Initial release