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Hi there,

Can I place tweets as a short code on any page?

Hi webjump,

At the moment they’re not supported but I can see this as a very useful feature to have. I’m going to add it over the next couple of days and I can drop you an email if you’d like?

You can send me your email address by going to my profile page: http://codecanyon.net/user/micmania1

There is now a [twitterfeed] shortcode included. See the description/documentation for its use.

Will this plugin still work with the Twitter updates scheduled to be released soon that are apparently breaking RSS Feeds?


This plugin has been built specifically to deal with that issue. So yes, it will work.

Does this plugin allow display of a single tweet with no heading? I have a horizontal bar that I use for twitter updates and I’d like to continue using it that way. Thanks!

You can add the widget without entering a title. It will display a list of tweets without the title (UL tags). If you have any problems you can send me a message on here and I’d be happy to help.

Just a suggestion, but it’d be swell if you could show the “time ago” date stamp, or at least make that an option.

The plugin is great though, thank you very much!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be adding this in soon.

This functionality has now been added.

+1 to clicknathan’s comment. The “time ago” date stamp would be a great feature. Bookmarked this for future purchase. :)

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll add it over the next few days and will let you know when its done.

This functionality has now been added.

Is it possible to suppress username via short code?


I get a lot of white pages on the settings page, and the access codes don’t feel in after i grant access from the twitter account.

What should i do?

Hi, could you please take a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Also, if you could try turning your php error reporting up (if possible) that might help towards solving the problem.


is it possible that the plugin doesn’t work anymore? I have your plugin on 2 of my websites and tweets doesn’t display.



Yes, the plugin still works.

Could you DM me details of the website you use it on and also screenshots of the settings on your website & a screenshot of your Twitter app settings?

Thanks, Michael

Sorry Michael about that, everything came back 2 hours after so I guess it was Twitter who was down. Thanks for the support.

Good to hear its all working.

Every time I upload this it just gives me a white screen and breaks the website? Any ideas

Can you try turning on debug mode and tell me what error you’re getting?

Also, any more info would be helpful (ie WordPress version).

Hello, I’m assuming you can have it static, if you just want to show the latest tweet? Does the text also wrap onto a new line if a site responds down?

Thanks, John

Hi John,

Yes, you can show the latest tweet either using the widget provided or the shortcode. These are both covered in the docs.

The style/responsiveness will depend on what theme you use. The plugin comes with some default styles but inherits a lot from the theme and all styles can be overridden using CSS.

Regards, Michael

Hi, Is-it possible te automaticaly create a wordpress post from each tweet ?

This isn’t what the plugin sets out to do, but if you’re a capable developer you can add this functionality to your site using this plugin the core.

Is it possible to remove the twitter username from the start of each tweet – no real need for it to be there as it’s always the same twitter user feed.

I am getting this error Notice: curl_setopt_array(): CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST with value 1 is deprecated and will be removed as of libcurl 7.28.1. It is recommended to use value 2 instead in /home4/dm/public_html/wordpress/magfolio/wp-content/plugins/oauthtwitter.tmp/PHPTwitter/Twitter.php on line 306

I’m also getting the same error on PHP 5.5.20 as weblees along with lots of deprecated notices for preg_replace (preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback)

Are any updates planned before I go and fix all these errors…?

Doesn’t work as listed. Shortcode embed doesn’t accept any form of page positioning, leaving the embedded widget placed hard left.

I also purchased ‘Twitter-Ultimate’ which contains the same error. Twitter’s own widget works fine though – back to that!

I have an error. It says:

Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/joshda5/public_html/trimtabbrewing.com/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-4118275-wordpress-twitter-feed-plugin/template/oauthtwitter_latesttweets_widget.php on line 3

Please assist!

Never mind. I fixed it. :P

We are working on celebrity website where we are looking to show latest twists from that respective celebrity. Means one page for one celebrity and on that page, we would like to show the most recent feed from Twitter from that celebrity. Is it possible using this plugin?