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Can the toggle have a title beside the toggle icon?

Best regards, BackuPs

I have made an update to allow using text instead of icons if you wish. It will take a day for update approval. I will let you know when it is ready. You can see an example on the demo page at the very bottom. The Toggle-It button displays “Open” and “Close” for open and shut states. Thanks, -Nolan

DO NOT BUY THIS PLUGIN. IT DOES NOT WORK!!! Just waisted 12 bucks.

How does it not work? Did you ask for support before claiming it does not work? No you did not. Please send me an email to and I will help you get it working. Thank you, -Nolan

How to use your own image as the toggler?

It uses preset Entypo Icons or text for the toggle buttons.

Is there a way to use this outside wordpress? I love this idea. Thanks!

I will look into converting for jQuery/HTML usage. I will let you know. Thanks, -Nolan

Thanks, that would be terrific!

Would it work if I put the toggle-code in one of the themes php-files directly? I would like to show or hide one of the loops.

I need to know this before I buy. Could not figure it out from the example and the description.

Yes, You should be able to add the elements directly into your theme and it would work as long as the plugin is activated. Thanks, -Nolan

I bought the plugin but i Can´t get it to work :-( I have no idea what am I missing here.

Here is the code I use in one of my theme files (test1 and test2 should be two different loops later on):
<div class="toggle-it" data-target="#test1" data-shut-speed="2000" data-open-speed="2000" data-open-text="Test 1" data-shut-text="Test 1" />
        <div id="test1"> test 1 </div>

        <div class="toggle-it" data-target="#test2" data-shut-speed="2000" data-open-speed="2000" data-open-text="Test 2" data-shut-text="Test 2" />    
        <div id="test2"> test 2 </div>

Please send me an email to and I will help you get it working. -Nolan

Hi Nolan,

Pre-sales Questions: After taking a look at your demo page for the Toggle-It plugin I had some questions.

1. The arrow you use to reveal the Screener looks like it has a bug. It starts on the Left side when closed, then jumps to the right when opened, then back to the left when closed again.

2. The Arrow on the top right that reveals the “Nuvu Extensions Themes” logo sides down as the content is revealed (which is good), but the Arrow in the center (just below your large image of the “230+ Entrypo Icons..”, stays above the content it reveals.

So in order to close/hide that center content, you have to scroll back up the page to the Arrow (not so good in my opinion). Is it possible to easily adjust this in the Admin Panel, or does it have to be hard coded?


1. This is not a bug – the trigger element is floated left of the screenr element(video) – when the video is hid there is nothing to push it right relatively position thus it being pushed all the way left inside the container div. 2.These are just different examples of what you can do with it. You can put the trigger anywhere on the page and toggle any other element. The top logo trigger is inside a different container below the toggle element. The “230+ Entypo Icons” trigger is above the toggle element in the same container thus keeping it above. There is no admin settings this plugin allows you to add simple html elements as triggers to toggle any other element on the page. Here is an example of html used for this plugin it toggles the h1 element with a class of “ghosttext” – All the color/icon parameters are set in the “toggle-it” element html. I added some inline styling to position the toggle-it button.
<div class="toggle-it" data-target=".ghosttext" data-color="rgb(255, 255, 255)" data-shut-color="#eeeeee" data-icon="????" data-shut-icon="????" data-size="45px" data-shut-speed="2000" data-open-speed="2000" style="position:fixed; top:100px; left:15%; padding:10px;" />
<h1 class="ghosttext" style="font-size:50px; text-align:center;">Toggle (SlideUp/Down) Any Page Elements!</h1>

Hope this helps, -Nolan

Thanks for the quick reply Nolan!

I see from your previous comments that you can either use text as the trigger or the “230+ Entypo Icons. Are the icons loaded as a font? If so, I assume that I could either edit the Entypo font and add my own set of icons to it or simple create my own custom font and edit your code to point to a different font?

Yes the Entypo icons are loaded as the font so you could edit the CSS to point to a different font icon set etc.

Hi. I’m having trouble making this work. Icons appear invisible on page. I can hover over icons and click on Invisible Icons. I can see there is some kind of movement on page but I can’t see the icons. I saw your videos but I need to use this toggle to hide text only, not images. I wasn’t able to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Please email me at and I will help you. -Nolan

Thank you much for your prompt response and for all your help ! This is just what I needed for my site. Everything works now and looks awesome! Wish you lots of Sales. Thanks, again!

Thank you! :)

I cannot seem to have multiple toggle on one page? Once I place this code: NOTHING shows up after it (that is placed in the page), more toggles, more text, nada. Can you help?

What code? You can send me an email to and I will help you. -Nolan

Hello. is it possible to achieve this when clicking: 1- close every div on the page with the same “toggle-it” class. 2- open the target div. Second: Am i gonna be able to specify initial div status? Thank you

1. Yes you can target a class which allows you to toggle many elements at once. Option: data-target=”.a-div-with-class”

<div class="a-div-with-class">Element One</div>
<div class="a-div-with-class">Element Two</div>

2. You can set the data-state=”shut” option to have any target element be closed on page load.

<div class="toggle-it" data-target=".a-div-with-class" data-state="shut" />

I hope this answered all of your questions. -Nolan

Hi, Is it possible to toggle horizontally? I try to do Something like at below link. Also, is it possible to add buttons like at below example? Regards

No sorry there is no horizontal toggle. I would have to create something custom for you. Send me an email to if interested. -Nolan

Nice. Before I purchase, is there any chance I can toggle an image instead of an icon? So you click the image and the content moves down?

Sorry that is not an option. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi, do you have instructions anyplace? I purchased the plugin based on the ability to use “text” but can’t find any mention of it other than in the comments here. Also, why does any icon I try have a shadow styling? How do I get rid of that?

Under the wordpress admin->settings menu there is a doc page. There must be a styling conflict going on with your theme or another plugin. Please send me an email with the link to your page and I will check it out. Thanks, -Nolan

This plug-in seems exactly what I need.

I have two questions: can I use it to toggle the entire contents of a sidebar on or off?

If so, could I default to “On” on a desktop, and “Off” on a mobile device? (That’s not hugely important, though).


1. Yes as long as you know the sidebars “class” or “ID” property. 2.No sorry there is no option for this Good luck! -Nolan

Is your plugin compatible with wordpress 4.7?

can i change the style? background color… font color, etc…

Yes you can.