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I am very interested in your plugin but I would love to see more example of what it can do. It’s hard to tell from your single Pinterest demo video. Could you possibly post some examples to a demo page? Something that shows when you insert “this” it returns “this”?

It is so easy , you add “Noun” it returns “Titles” from a carefully chosen titles database

I setup a demo you can check here

Username: demo
Password: demo

Hi, it seems an interesting project, its not easy to find a good title, is it possible to have our own database, so we can add more title template or something like that ! by the way where the plugin pull there database data, API or something ?


The plugin uses a built in database of titles . currently there is no option to add your own titles .

Editing the file titlesList can work i think

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your {word}?

My title {word}

The title generator is good for peple who use english i buy but is USELESS to me because it has built-in DB in ENGLISH.


Plugin Demo link not working can you please provide updated login details. Just want to check this plugin before buying.!

Regards, shelly

Sorry Shelly but the demo went down you can watch this video . it contains every single piece of info about the plugin


We’ve already seen this video. If we can try this once then that would be great. just want to check what kind of title suggestions we get for our WP Posts.!

is this working yet ?

How many of my personal sites can I use the plugin on. Is this price for use on only 1 site or can I use it on all of the sites I own?

Regular license grant the purchaser using the item in one single installation please check more about regular license here http://codecanyon.net/licenses/regular

This is a great idea, and I was about to buy it, but this #+#@$# Envato is making me put $20 in my account. Seriously, I thought this thing was $14. I am fine with paying $14, but I am unsure if the remaining balance will be used within one year’s time, and I don’t like the idea of just forfeiting the money. Otherwise they make you pay $16, instead of $14.

I know this might seem petty but these are obstruction to the final sale. As a matter of fact, I am obstructed, and I am now shopping for a similar plugin elsewhere. Don’t know if I will find it, but I really am not thrilled with the “strong arm tactics” of this minimum deposit thing that Envato is doing. The other thing is I already have $11 in the account, which I can’t use because it is not enough to make the purchase. Do you have another shopping cart somwhere where I can just make a simple transaction of $14.???

No other shopping chart is available. and these are Envato rules we authors have no relation to.

What does that mean? “we authors have no relation to.”? Anyway, I guess you lost a sale. I already have $11 in my account, now they want me to add $20, so I can buy a $14 product. AND…the money expires in a year. So what that means, in effect is, that I HAVE to spend $31 to get a $14 product!!!!!!

I mean we don’t set these financial things. we just like buyers accept the marketplace rules.

Pre-purchase question

The plugin works in Portuguese (Brazil) also or only in English?

Only in English.

Can this plugin work on the frontend or it’s just meant for the backend?

Just the back-end.

the demo link is dead. i want to buy this plugin

- Demo link fixed. Thanks for reporting.

Are you planning to update the plugin or video, Nothing has been updated for 2 years?

The plugin works as in the video with the latest version of wordpress and there is no plans to change anything regarding the functionality.