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Hey Fayway… this looks great, I have been waiting for a decent “Related Posts” plugin, this one seems to exceed all my wishes. Looking forward to putting it to use.. Good luck with the sales..


Thank you for your kind words :)

does this work with custom post types?

Hi Darryl

A new version is now available, the plugin will look for related posts using tags if they are available, if not, it will search for posts having the same taxonomy list you can define in the plugin general settings.

Kind regards

Hello Mate! First I’d like to say its a really nice plugin you’ve made! But I was wondering just one thing, is the only way to use this plugin via a widget? or is it possible to use a peace of php code and put in in the single.php file? I want to use this plugin under my posts but before the comments, and I dont have any widget space there.

Yes of course, I already made an update, it’s waiting for CodeCanyon reviewers approval, you can send me an email via my profile contact form to quickly receive a copy.

And thanks for your purchase and nice rating :)


I am really looking for a related posts plugin that allows you to load the next set of posts via ajax.

Reason being that I am building a video website, so I want to show 10 related posts and then have back and forward arrows like a carousel. if you implement this I will buy it straight away.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will try to implement this feature in the next releases.


A question.. can I print just pages or just posts? or maybe pages in a template1.php and posts in a template2.php?

No it’s the wrong way, template.php must no be changed.

If you want to display 6 related posts to a page, you need to use the following function in your theme page template

echo_thumby_related_posts_html($ID, $title, $max_cache_age, $max_w, $max_h, $max_posts, $random_posts, $default_thumb)

all parameters are optional, so if you want just to customize the number of displayed related, you can call

echo_thumby_related_posts_html(null, “You may also be interested”, null, 120, 120, 6) this was explained in the last section Template functions here

if your theme use the same template file for both posts and pages, you can make the test is_page() before calling echo_thumby_related_posts_html

I read a lot that related posts plugins slow down the site a lot, how is your script doing in the performance and load department?


Thank you for your interest. Well, the plugin has it’s own internal caching system for both related posts and thumbnails, all cropped and resized images are cached for further reuse. And to load related posts, no custom complex SQL is used, the plugin is based only on built-in Wordpress functions (which are optimized from version to version by WP team).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me using my profile contact form for more details.


hi … i just buy it & it wont grab the first attached image of posting.. is there a way to set manual always use the first attached image? pls check my sites sidebar to believe ;( i ill let it run until 12.00 lunchtime CET today

this plugin generates 150MB covercache in 1 day… dats heavy.. any way to fix this issue to?


All related posts, cropped and resized images are cached for further reuse to save your server charge load… so the generated overcache will be reduced in the next days.

This max cache age can be adjusted for both widget and inline related posts.


How can I turn the vertical posts into an horizontal ligne? Without description, only thumbnail and title?

- To only have thumbnail and title you need to customize the wiget template (

- To turn in horizontal, you need to provide a customized css, see example here

Thank you but I’m really bad at coding. Can you provide me the customization and maybe the css?

Yes I will try, please private email me using my profile contact form

Does it work with W3 total cache and with many articles ?


Hi, what do you mean by “many articles” ? You can send me an email using my profile contact form form for more details. Regards

hi there :-)

is there any possibility to NOT display related posts on pages?

cheers r

or better a function not only to include post types but exclude some?


Hi there

Thank you for your purchase and suggestions. I will try to include them in my next plugin update.


I can’t change the default thumb url when there is no image available.

I’m inserting the url to my own image and clicking save, but it still shows the default image in the sidebar.

Hi Thanks for reporting, I will send an update as soon as possible.


I like this. Is this working with latest WP 3.6.1 without errors ?

- How are thumbs generated ? Do they need to be featured images ? - Works with images hosted on other server like imageshack etc… ? – Works with posts already published ?

Thanks for reply.

Hi there

All your questions are answered in the plugin description :) Please send me a private email using my profile contact form for more details


Thank you for reply I received from email too. I am considering it soon.

Do I need to purchase one license for each blog I own?

Please refer the this page for more details about license

Pre-sales question: Can I include related posts from other sources? I have 7 related-theme blogs, so I want to include some posts from one blog into another… thanks in advance.

No it’s not possible te relate on posts from another blog

I’ve installed the plugin and when asked for custom post types that I want to include, I typed in the two that I wanted to include – but it’s including posts from every post type. Is this bug?

Hi there. I just purchased and set this up tonight, and I’m pretty excited about it! Is there a way to exclude tags or categories? That would be REALLY helpful! Also, how can I center the “You may also be interested in…” title?

Thank you!


I just installed it but there are two problems: 1. Some thumbnail images are broken. (Please refer to: ) 2. Excerpts are not displayed (please see the screenshot above.)

Could you please let me know how to fix these problems?

Thank you.

Hi. I resolved the first problem. However, the excerpts still do not appear even if I set the Excerpt words count to 30.

I resolved the 2nd issue by modifying the custom css. Thank you.

can add the shortcode in a popup? what will display? (like and exit popup)