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this is exactly what I need, but I was wondering that you offer no support. In the case the plugin has some bugs, I get no support – right?

Yes right.. But support like what? You mean theme configuration? If the plugin has bugs I will fix it, not your theme

Ok, thanks for your quick response

You are welcome.. You got my point? I will fix any bug related to thr plugin. Moreover, if you have any extra ideas regarding the plugin, that is also nice.

Glad to know about this plugin, For instance: if i have wordpress theme Avada installed and complete customize running website with avada plugins and more others. Now if i want to switch n test another theme. How the system will work?

if i choose Bridge theme to Test Drive, now i already have Avada theme and plugin, So how it will work with complete theme demo and plugins?

Hope you get my point.

Yes I get your point, and this is what the theme does! When you set the new theme, you will see its option in the admin panel as if the new theme is activated, but visitors will still see avada. When you enable it, you will no longer see avada settings temporarily just when test drive is enabled, you will see the new theme’s option panel and so. When you disable the test drive you will see avada settings again.. If you enabled test drive and customized the new theme and it is ready, it ia then your decision to activate the new theme from “appearance > themes” as a default theme and then disable the test drive. When you enable it you can see the front end of new theme as well. The test drive has nothing to do with plugins, your pluhins will stay activated

Can i activate new theme with Demo content?

No it will be activated with the current content.. You can see all your posts and pages

It looks like I can use it to test new theme updates. Sometimes theme updates are big and change all kind of things on the website. If I rename a theme update and install in different directory, will I be able to work on an updated theme and check it before setting it as live default?

Using this approach you have to be very very very careful, because the theme settings saved in the database may have same key names and cause a conflict with the old version of the theme. So, altering some settings in the new version (with renamed folder name) may affect directly or produce some conflicts with the old theme. [This scenario applies to the same theme with two different versions]

I didn’t realize this, thank you for pointing this out.

This breaks my admin panel (WP 4.3.1, running Twenty Twelve theme). Once installed, doing anything in the admin panel results in a blank page, even hitting /wp-admin/. I had to delete the plugin folder to fix. Thoughts?

Would you please enable the error log from wp-config and show me the error? I tried this on 4.3.1 and it is working

Hi This plugin break my site and gives me the following error in site and admin panel:

Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/*/public_html/*/wp-content/plugins/themetestdrivereborn/themetestdrivereborn.php on line 174

Can you advise?

Using WordPress 4.4.1 running Avada theme.

Please open the file and add @ before extract directly. So it will be @extract….

I am going to update my code. Sorry.

I am using on a mac when i attempt to upload themetestdrivereborn.php, I get “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

Please upload the plugin into your wp-content/plugins/ folder and unzip it there. Note: unzip just the plugin, not the other files (documentation and so..)

Hello SikiFn,

pre-sale question: is it compatible with the latest WordPress release (v4.5.2)?

Thank you in advance!

Hello there, Pre-sale question: Will widgets that I set up in the new theme reset when I activate the theme for real? They seem to do that with the free test drive plugin. Do child themes work? All the best, Ferdinand

Excellent job ;)