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Hi, can I use to any theme I want? it works for all themes???


Please send me an email via my profile contact form for more details if you want me to test it for a specific theme.


Hi bro,

Seems that activating theme switcher makes Nextgen Gallery unable to upload images in galleries. I tested with and without your plug, and all other plugs off, it comes from your. Any idea about how to fix it?




Hi Thank you for report. I’m going to investigate and make a new release as soon as possible. Regards


I want to create an event website. But I want the home page to be a one page event theme. but as I click on a page called “Other Events” I want that to go to another theme, (Same website) that features multiple events.

These are two different themes with different functions. Will it work?


Thank you for your interest, Yes it’s totally possible to implement your scenario, please check this screenshot http://i.imgur.com/QgaPwas.png

Don’t hesitate to send me a private email using my profile contact form for more details


hi i want a link in the footer that switches from the current theme to a high visibility theme and back again. Will this do that?


Can you please private email me using my profile contact form, we sill study how to make you test the plugin before purchasing.


Hi, I’m getting debug errors with this plugin. as below:

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$searchRule in .../wp-content/plugins/wp-theme-switcher-plus/wp-theme-switcher-plus.php on line 155 Notice: Undefined index: in .../wp-content/plugins/wp-theme-switcher-plus/wp-theme-switcher-plus.php on line 155 Notice: Use of undefined constant intval - assumed 'intval' in .../wp-content/plugins/wp-theme-switcher-plus/Core/RuleTester.php on line 12

I would like to purchase this product but I want to make sure it will help my issue. I am using a customized theme for my site and it turns out it doesn’t support Buddypress. I want to be able to use a different theme in our forums section that supports Buddypress. Can I use your plugin for this?


Can you please private email me using my profile contact form, we sill study how to make you test the plugin before purchasing.


Hi, I recently purchased to try this out. I’m going to buy the extended license for a multisite install but I have a question:

Setting up multiple scenarios for every subsite is a bit tedious. Is there any way to write out a scenario as a function and just use it in a plugin?

For example, I always use a scenario where the plugin switches themes on specific URI pattern (fruit/*) followed by if the user has certain roles (admin, contributer, editor.)

Is there a way to programmatically do this in a separate plugin so I don’t have to continually do it for every subsite?

Hey there,

I think this is definitely something super useful. I was just looking for a theme switcher specifically to change when someone is using mobile devices over desktop devices. Im glad to see that this offers that. However, I have some questions before i buy it:

1) How do you edit the content on the multiple themes? Some of my content looks great on Theme A, but may layout kinda funny on THEME B for mobile use. How would I edit it, save it as a theme and then use the Switcher to switch to it?

2) ha! I thought I had more questions but that was it :P

Hi, Thank you for interest, unfortunately you need to make specific changes directly in themes (functions.php), please don’t hesitate to contact me using my profile contact form for more details

HI I want to install for example 5 themes on my Wordpress site that have woocommerce plugin for store. Now I want to change themes by clicking on woocommerce categories. does this plugin do this perfectly?


We can not be 100% sure of the result because it highly depends on the used WordPress theme especially if it’s a custom theme that may not follow the standards of WordPress.

Please send me a private email using my profile contact form for more specific details on how to test your case.


Hey, looks nice i would invest into this item but why you don’t support this item? I like the idea and can find it useful for alot of scenarios.

Does it allow me to mod widget areas and menus for each theme? or can i only do that is it’s the primary theme? Thank you Fayway

Will the plugin work with latest wordpress version 4.6.1 ?