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Can you advise how this is better than something like Titan framework, Fluent framework, Piklist, or even something like Admin Page Framework?


Thanks again for your feedback, this month we will send new updates with more components and improvements.

We will let you know.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

That’s awesome. Does this do options for plugins add well? Would it have conflict of used in theme and plugin on same Web install?

Right now it only works as an Theme Options for WordPress themes, but we’re going in that direction. One of our next steps for this year is the abillity to add metaboxes with the array.

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Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

nice work, GLWS :)

Hi blatomdesign,

Thanks for your comment, glad you liked our product.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Looks clean, GLWS. BTW, shouldn’t it be in the wordpress category? Just saying.

Hi barmmie,

First time we submit our product we tried WordPress category, because this is a 100% WordPress product, but envato rejected that category and asked us to submit on PHP Scripts.

For us don’t make any sense PHP Scripts as main category, because our product only work on WordPress and this may create some misunderstandings in some users.

We will try to talk again to envato team and ask to review the category again.

Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hi ! This script just looks great but I think you should add a form to create easily your own administration.

Actually there are many frameworks that are doing the same things as yours but if you want to be better than them, it’s in my mind a “must-have” option.

I think this will be soooo cool for developpers to have a way to create quickly forms.

Good luck with sales !

Hi Boson,

The idea of creating forms on the administration it’s nice, but i don’t think this will be good for end users, you’ll still need to integrate the output codes on the template.

In my case, I am a Theme Developer and I don’t want my users to install a new plugin and build forms dinamically, I want just the way that is suposed to.

Anyway we will write your feedback on our notes and study that later, who knows if it’s not the future.

Thank you for your inputs, because we really want to become a better and greater framework.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Great looking thing. But as far as I have understood this, you only could dave ONE array of settings, named $fuseData. That’s enough, if you decide to use it for one Theme. I assume, it utilzes the settings API? In that case, it would be so great, if one could define the name of this variable to something unique somehow, so that this framework could be used by multiple plugins as well.

As I said before, love the look and feel. Kudos for your work and greetings from germany!

Hello Elvis67,

Thanks for your feedback and contribution, that’s actually an amazing idea, we will check the best way to implement that in future.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

... can’t wait to get my hands on that! Thank you considering to implement such a feature. It would give me the ability to give all my plugins the same look and feel.

Ah, and while talking about plugin use: A RGBa Color Picker would be a perfect match!

HI, thanks for this framework ;)

you updated this framework but not change the version to 1.2.3 in index.php file , for what ?!

Hi themefarsi,

Let us check, maybe we forgot to update the version, thanks for your feedback.

Cheers, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hi and very nice plugin, love it.

I just want to point out one typo in your documentation. In your sample code on Page 60 you explain the slider usage there but are you not missing the ”;” in—> echo $value :)

Best regards and GLWS !

Hi Gummisj

Glad you liked our product :)

Thank you for reporting about it, we will fix that.

Best Regards, Anthony Vendeirinho, FuseCoders Co-founder

:) also on page 47 you have “echo” but should be ”=” here i think. ”$fontID echo str_replace (’ ’, ’’, $fuseData[‘themeoptions_googletextID1’]);”


Thanks for your feedback again, we really appreciate it.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

HI, can i use other fonts in typography “without Google fonts” ?

Thank You <3

Hi there,

Currently it works only with Google Fonts, maybe we consider that functionality in the future.

You can try to replicate the Font Block to whatever you need, take a look on our docs:


Cheers, Tiago Martins

where is the social icons settings field? i dont see it in the functions.array.. it is on your demo site

Hi there,

We just uploaded the new files, it will take around 24 hours to get them approved by the envato team.

Cheers, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

can you send to my email ? i am a bit behind with my project.. i used already this theme options .. nj.ucab@outlook.com

Hi there,

The update was approved after we uploaded, you can download from your Envato Account.

Thanks for using WP Theme Options :)

Cheers, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hi ,This support RTL ?

very nice Theme Options, love it

Hi there,

For now we didn’t make any tests on RTL, probably just CSS will handle it, something we will consider for future updates.

Cheers, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

added slider to options but when i go to wordpress i cant fill out the form it wont let me type in the form feilds

Hi there, can you please send us an email with more informations by our profile? Thanks.


i am facing issue with Dynamic Social Icons, and ajax slider, it wont let me type in the form fields value and also Social Icons dropdown not opening. http://prntscr.com/bh5vlp http://prntscr.com/bh5wb5

Awesome work! GLWS!