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is there a limit to how many members you can have? And does it have a search bar?

You can add unlimited members and yes it has a search bar to search members in admin settings

Is it responsive and compatible with all themes?

Yes … its absolutely responsive and it works perfectly with all themes..

Awesome, I will purchase it soon :)

Thanks Rameez

Is there option to create categories or groups?

Yes you can create categories and you can display as a group.and also you can filter members according to their categories.

looks good, I will use it in my next project

Thanks Mate

I get a blank page ONLY for ad new member on wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=team-show-case

Hi Titan

Can you please contact with me on my Email id …

Fantastic plugin! Zafar has been wonderful with troubleshooting some issues we had in the beginning and is amazingly responsive. Thank you so much, it’s great!

Thank you

Does your plugin have filter plus pagination?

Yes it has filter in admin side…even if you want to display members according to their skills you can display. you can use filter on front end using group can use 7 template in groups

about pagination if you want pagination i can enable for you ..

no square pictures with name/phone/email AND filter? There’s a lot of show options but they are not used across all templates????

So i need to paid extra for that?

Don’t worry

will this work with wordpress 4.4.2?

Yes it’s compatible with wordpress 4.4.2

Hi there,

Just installed your plugin and it appears that if I were to sort by name it sorts in reverse by the first name. That is quite frustrating.

Also, the only template to actually show phone numbers and email addresses is the first template. All the others (even if I have it selected) will not show them.

Please respond quickly

Hi which template that you want to use for email address and phone number?

actually every template has different layout … pre build layout and if you want to display phone number and email with different template please contact on my email address

Does it allow for the main listing page to show a short description (similar to a WordPress excerpt) and then be clicked on to view more details via something like a Custom Post Type single post? If yes, once on the single post view, is it easy to go to the next/previous member? I am considering using this to showcase business members in my non profit organization. Please advise :)

yes you can display member description …. and it has option to insert link for more can create post and insert link to more detail.and it has’nt next and previous button.but you can display members with categories

Hi, I want to use Template 7 but with category filters. Is it possible? I bought your plugin so I want this feature to work.

I checked it out, the filter works with most tempates… but I need template 7 to be working with filters. Is it possible, can you help?


HI can you please contact me on my email ….

Hi, I sent an email 3 days ago, is it possible for you to check that out? thanks!

I have a couple of basic functionality edits needed: 1) How can I have the social media links open in a new browser window? 2) How can I make the email linkable? 3) On a phone, the phone icon is on the previous line with the email address. It needs to be on the next line next to the phone number. How do I force that line break?

HI can you please contact me on my email ….

I can’t generate the code to display just one specific team member or only a specific category. Is that possible?

Hi, does this work with Visual composer? It seems to blank everything on the page if used.

Hi , yes you can use its shortcode in Text editor section with visual composer

My client purchased this plugin to use so I completely understand if you would rather the support request came from them directly. On this page I have added the shortcode but it completely blanks out the content where it is placed and anything after it. It also adds a white border to all images used within the page.

can you please contact on my email address


bryson Purchased

Hi There, There seem to be a few bugs…1) The animations aren’t working correctly when I use the group function…they jump all over the place…


bryson Purchased

Just realised the plugin hasnt been updated in years! since 2015! Oh dear waste of money…can i get a refund?


bryson Purchased

Hi There, what code do i have to use to display a specific category – i.e. cat=’area1’ etc

Hi can you please please contact me on my email address