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Hi Crodev.
Very interesting plugin – I was really interested in the Password Protect Image function, however although it works a treat, it only takes a quick look at the code to find the image without needing a password – On your preview page it can seen at
Anyway to “hide” the link to the image in the code?
Also can I upload and use custom “markers”?
Good Luck with the sales

In the next version the link will be hidden and maybe add the feature to upload custom markers.

please add responsive code and I will consider buying. thanks.

The generated code by the script is responsive a demo is here

I’m sure I’m asking too much, but is it possible to use this by clicking on a thumbnail image, then having it popup a larger image with tagpix?

If you mean when you hover over a thumbnail then will pop up with a larger image ? No, this script is for adding tags on images. If you generate manualy your thumbnail then you can use this script, but if the automatic generated the this isn’t for you.

On the Demo Site the end user can tag the image himself, through the front-end. Is this functionality included with the plugin?

No, the tagging tool is available only in the admin panel.

This looks great, is there a way to have the tooltip have a simple image gallery in it (maybe 3 or 4 images)?

If you know HTML then you will see that you can put image tags so many as you want.


I would like to make an image of a kind of gym timetable with lot of activities and then, to tag these activities to show more specific info about each one. Until here I think it will work great with your tool.

The info that I would like to show is the name of the activity, then a big picture, then more text about specific options and hours and finally a link to join the activity and all this into the same box. So I need to mix a little all your options, is it possible maybe throw html content or could you to give me any suggestion?

Thanks in advance! )

Yes you can, because it support HTML tags

I mistakenly bought the $9 version but I need the Wordpress version of this plugin. Is there anyway I can count the $9 toward the $16 price tag? I’m so very very excited about this plugin and am anxious to use it.

Buy the wordpress version and request a refund of the other version.

Hi. I have seen the process of tagging creation in the demo, and I like the way it outputs a code to be used anywhere, but what about if I want to edit some point that I need without loosing the work made in other points of the image?


This will be available in the next version

when the finished image displays once I tag everything, The tags are not lining up where I set them. They are appearing way off to the right off the image. How do I fix this?

can you give me a link and access to your admin panel to see what happens. Send me it over PM.

This site is not live yet, I am still running this on WAMP. Im using this with X theme maybe theres a compatibility issue

Hi Crodev,

pls tell me can i use your great plugin in a slider (revolution slider), in a picture inside the slider?



If the slider support HTML code, then yes.

Hi there,

Are the tags added on an image SEO friendly from google or searchable from a search box that will be included on a website?

Thank you,

Filios Sazeides.

Not in this version, but i will add it on the Feature list for other versions.