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Does this work with the community version (free) or just the paid version of sugar crm?

Hello kg4izp,

I developed the plugin on base of the Community Edition of SugarCRM.

Additionally I tested it for the paid version which worked too.

Hello, thanks for this wonderful plugin. This is a pre-purchase question. Is the plugin compatible with Suitecrm 7.1.2?

Ouh never heared about this. Can you provide me a test installation (url, user, pw)? Then i could test it for you.

If yes feel free to send me an email to support@flowdee.de

I just sent you the details.

Thanks so far! Going to help you via the Ticket System.

I have tried a bunch of CRM plugins and all of them have failed with my current theme setup.

Agile, Salesforce, Leads “inboundnow.com”...

They all require you to use there forms and they charge extra for woo commerce integration.

The way my site is setup is, customer can signup in Woo commerce checkout or by using the Buddypress registration page.

would you happen to know if this Sugar CRM plugin will work by using both methods mentioned above.

1. Will the data be collected from signups and purchases from Woo commerce checkout?

2. Will data be collected from users using “buddypress” registration page?

Or is this plugin forcing you to use a particular form made by sugar?

If its yes to the answers above. I’ll buy it this second!

Hello craigseidl,

thanks for your message. This plugin is just a way to connect to your SugarCRM via the WordPress admin panel. Therefore you won’t have to use two installations at the same time. There won’t be any data from WordPress, BuddyPress etc. collected, used or transported.

Hello! I have a pre-purchase question. Is this plugin works with the wordpress registration? I need to register new users to SugarCRM with the default wordpress registration. (Sorry for my english). Thank you!

Hello gustavofranzetti,

the plugin doesn’t synchronize any data right now. It’s a seamless way to work with SugarCRM within your WordPress admin panel.


I just purchased this plugin. I am working from a hosts file (updating a site for a client, and not ready to make DNS changes), but the CRM installation is in the same htdocs directory as Wordpress, and I can access both the Wordpress and SugarCRM installs.

Upon putting the correct URL and username/pw in, I get this error:

“We experienced a problem with your SugarCRM connection. Please check your SugarCRM installation.”

I’ve tried numerous things, including modifying the url to be just http://, just www. and http://www. I’ve tried using the IP address in place of the FQDN. I have tried manually entering and copy/pasting the USR/PW combo. Tested them multiple times in my Sugar prompt

I am running WP 4.0.1 and SugarCRM CE Version 6.5.17 (Build 1220). Help, please! Thank you! :D


Can you please open a support ticket? This would be perfect. Thanks in advance! http://flowdee.ticksy.com/

Hi there,

I would like to know if your plugin capable doing my client’s request. Please read his messages below:

I am looking for somebody to create a web based CRM and project management system that will allow the capability to categorize projects for clients and allow the clients to log in at any time to see the progress on their project, to do lists and uploaded files. The CRM should be set up so that there are two categories of clients, and each client can have multiple projects attached to them. The projects will have already set up to-do lists and have the capability to upload files to each project. Again, the client will be able to have an account where they can log in to look at all activity on their projects.

Is this possible using sugarCRM and your plugin? Please help. Thanks!

Hello, does it configure with woocommerce?

The plugin doesn’t have any effect according to woocommerce


I’m thinking about purchasing this plugin. But i’ve got a question: Does this plugin also include a custom SugarCRM form builder for contacts and Lead capture?

Thank you, Timothy

No sorry. Best regards

Hi there,

Looking to see if this is compatible with SuiteCRM 7.2.

Also looking to know what can be done with his integration.

I am looking to use a user login function on my website and just use the crm database to get his information and can then post relevant client information like a quote or invoice online. Is this possible?

Many Thanks for your help

Kind Regards


Hello the integration should be compatible with this version. Anyway your intention is not possible with this plugin right now. I’m sorry. Maybe in future I’ll add more features but right now there are not enough use cases for more features.

Feel free to mail me with detailed functionality requirements.

WORKS with Suitecrm?

Hey papix2001,

never used this. Sorry.

Could I receive a trial version to test this out. ddeitz@westparkcom.net

Thank you!

He ddeitz, sorry there is no trial.

Does this plugin integrate with WP Woocommerce

Hi, I purchased the Sugar crm Plugin I have it working on the admin panel but I need it to work for the users as well. How do I get it to work for user too?

Hey 321Magic, currently it’s necessary to have administrator rights to access the tab.

Regarding http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-sugarcrm-integration/4286668?s_phrase=contacts&s_rank=3

Is it possible to access any demo online? I want to check it out before buying it.

Thank you, Pan

Hey Pan,

thanks for your message. There’s no demo sorry. On the screens you see everything the plugin can.

Best regrads

Hi, does this work with SuiteCRM ? which is based on the SugarCRM?

Thanks Aaron

Hey BWebDesign2015, sorry can’t tell you for sue, I don’t use SuiteCRM.


I just purchased a license of SugarCRM integration. But after I enter all the Sugar CRM details and credentials and go to Sugar CRM in WP the page keeps stuck in loading the details.

Hope you can help.




I just purchased a license of SugarCRM integration. But after I enter all the Sugar CRM details and credentials and go to Sugar CRM in WP the page keeps stuck in loading the details.

Hope you can help.



Hello almcharek, PHP SOAP activated on your server?

Hi, Yes it has been enabled

Thanks for the Info. PHP Curl too? Which PHP Version have you installed?

Hi, Does this work with suitecrm? SuiteCRM is an extension of SuagrCRM.

Hey geraldinetay27, I haven’t used SuiteCRM and can’t tell you something about. I’m sorry.

Hi! I have some pre-sales questions here.

I have a client who is in food franchising business. So the website is not for general customers, this is exclusive for the franchisees of his business. He wants a CRM that can handle the following:

1. Can check/add/edit profiles of all his franchisees. Where he can send emails for news and updates, send a birthday message or a greetings during holidays.

2. The franchisees can order stocks like paper cups, crew uniforms and make an online payment and then they can process the orders just like a regular woocommerce shopping cart.

3. The website owner can monitor all the activities, from orders to payment inside the admin panel and can send report or comments if there is a violation in the part of the franchisee.

4. And one of the most important part is that, he wants to put a renewal date for the franchised outlet and the CRM plugin will send an automatic reminder (at least a month before) to the franchisee that they need to settle the amount due – something like a billing software.

5. Any notifications, account due, etc., will notify the owner thru email.

6. If a franchisee has a multiple outlets in different locations, is there a custom fields that can indicate there the different addresses of the outlets and their contract date and expirations?

7. Last login feature – where he can monitor who among his staff is the last one to logged in from the admin panel and made changes to it.

8. Google Map for the franchisees address or store address.

I just want to ask if your plugin can handle all these features including the password protected website? Or do I need to get a separate plugin for the password protection?

Do you offer a money back guarantee here in codecanyon in case the plugin didn’t worked or my client rejected it?

Thanks and best regards!

Hello beneegarcia285,

the plugin simply allows you to access your SugarCRM installation directly via the WordPress admin dashboard. Here you can use the CRM system as it is and all of its features.

Best regards