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Does this plugin include geo-ip detection? For example, if I add “Los Angeles” with a redirection to www.myWebsite.com/losangeles, does the plugin detect the city based on IP and direct the user to the link I specified for that city?

Not currently.

The admin interface has disappeared. The plugin is still functioning but I can no longer edit it. Is this plugin still supported? I emailed you via the website and got no response.

Running Headway as my theme. It worked perfectly fine a few days ago but then suddenly just stopped appearing. I tweaked the look via the style.css but have done nothing to alter the look or function of the admin panel. Any help would be appreciated.

I was able to comment out the duplicate request mentioned before causing that Critical Failure and it fixes the failure part and allows the duplicator to activate and run…but the ZipDirector admin panel is still blank. The widget is still in place but no longer redirects to the pages representing those zip codes. It is like the guts if the plugin have just been removed but the basic framework is still there…crazy.

Hi Jay,

What I meant was which “reply” e-mail did you use, where I can contact you.

Thank you for providing so much detail, I’ll look into it and contact you via e-mail, you’re correct in saying this is strange (crazy) behavior.


I have had an issue of some type with every other plugin I am using…even when I use “just” your plugin with the Headway Theme I get glitches like missing buttons on the admin panel…sometimes only after submitting a zip code. Either way, I have been unable to find any circumstance in which it works when it did previously leading me to believe it is not compatible with the latest version of wordpress yet. That’s fine, but I can’t use it for my client until it works properly. I would prefer to just get a refund and call it a day. I appreciate you responding and looking into the issue but I am out of time and have had to use another plugin to complete my project. Your website says you offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, so please advise on what to do next.

Thank You, Jason

Hi I want to buy this plugin but I want to be sure it is what I need. I have a pick up and delivery service in the Netherlands. With this plugin visitors can fill in their zipcode and get directed to one page if Its in my delivery area and get an error message if its not right? (similar to https://getprim.com/ )Thanks!!

I just purchased this plugin and installed it. MY WHOLE SITE IS BLANK NOW! Please provide support asap!!

A little help would be greatly appreciated!!

PEOPLE DON’T BUY THIS PLUGIN!!! I purchased it and it crashed my whole site. I contacted the support in every way but they don’t respond. I had to hire a software developer to get my site back to work again.


Do you still support this plugin

Hello I would like to buy this plugin. Does it still work and does it work with the current version of Wordpress?

I would gladly buy this but it looks like that the owner does not update it at all. You are missing out on sales! This is a GREAT tool. Add auto IP and more zips and you’ll get tons of sales.

envato, please take this plugin down. It is not worth our time to search and test only to find out that it’s not supported

This plugin seems to be vulnerable to SQL injection.

I have pre-sale question. Can I create an RSS feed with your plugin? I want to be able to list my stores with your plugin but also create an RSS feed to place into a MailChimp template.

I look forward to your response!

Just purchased this plugin and got it all working in the admin, but I don’t see a widget under Appearance > Widgets, nor does the [zipjump] shortcode work. Does anyone have this working? If so, can you please point us in the correct direction?