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Thank you AlekseyZhdanov :)

I just want to check on this. You don’t provide support if there are any problems?

Hi, Yes we provide support for this plugin. Thank you for your interest :)

Hi, I am looking for a plugins that can allow me to create horizontal Sticky Jump menu on the page below Main Sticky menu on the Avada theme (

Does this plugin has that kind of capability?


Can you please specify what do you mean by “Sticky Jump menu” ?

This plugin creates sticky effect to any element you wish like sticky menu, sidebar or virtually anything. It has many options like define gap/space from top of the page, disable in defined browser width, shortcode, global sticky element etc.

Thank you

Hi. I have a couple of presale questions.

1. Is there an option to release the sticky items when the collide with an object that is assigned to a specific class or ID?

2. Is it possible to make the sticky object fade away when it collides with a targeted object?

Here is an example. Notice the behavior of the widget area on the left when it collides with the page foot.



Sorry to say but this plugin does not have release or fade away feature.

Thanks for the example URL. We will integrate similar feature in future update.

Thank you :)

Great, I will keep an eye on future updates. Thanks for your reply.

I want to put sticky adds in bottom position only in mobile screen. Can i do this with your plugin? thanks

Hi, Sorry to say but this plugin does not have mobile only feature. Thank you

Hello I just purchased your item and having some trouble.

As you can see the bottom section is scrolling over the sticky items. I am using table layout plugin to achieve this..


I did check your link and it says “Oops! That page can’t be found.” Please provide me your updated link.

Thank you.

Very good. GLWS

Hello, before purchase I’d like to make sure that this plugin can be used to stick any element using its ID and then let it go after reaching a specific ID with adjustments on the margins, including addressing multiple elements. What I want to achieve is this:

Hi, Right now it works as sticky at your defined position but it will not behave like your ref demo. We are working on this to add this feature in our next release.

Thank you

hey! are you planning to continue to support and update this plugin? i don’t want to install a dead plugin that creates a security risk for my site.

Hi, Yes I absolutely provide support this plugin.

Hi, I have some presale questions. I want to have my posts about recent projects to look like on this page:

Is this possible? Is your Plugin compatible with visual composer?

Thx and best regards

sorry the example you show is not possible using the same plugin.


I am using the plugin to have a second sticky menu for a page. The issue is when using it with 100% width green background the background will jump to the left making it not 100% width once it scrolls to its sticky point.

my client decided not to use the second sticky menu

Hi, So you don’t need help on this as your client don’t want the sticky menu. I also did not found the sticky menu in your page –

Thank you.

Is it possible to do the second nav like this:

It is fixed.



Can you please elaborate your query so that I can answer it more specifically.

Thank you.

Hi, please can I check if your plugin can do what this website has done with their Check Availability widget.

Hi, This plugin only make any desired element sticky but in your example its become sticky as well as there are other elements appear like the left logo and right menu which this plugin can not make appear.

Thank you.

Plugin does not work. Global sticky does not work


Please send me your wordpress admin access details (through this link – so that I can check it and provide you the solution as I havetested the plugin and it is working in latest wordpress. So it might conflicting with any of your other installed plugin or script, that’s why I need to check this through your admin end to fix it.

Thank you.