Wordpress Sticky Anything - Create Sticky Header, Sticky Siderbar etc

Wordpress Sticky Anything - Create Sticky Header, Sticky Siderbar etc

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Wordpress plugin to create unlimited sticky elements like sticky Header, Sticky menu, Sticky Sidebars, Sticky Widgets virtually anything you want to make as sticky. You can create sticky element Globally for header, menu etc. or targeted as page, post, category or template specific sticky elements using shortcodes.


Plugin Features

  • 2 Mode. A. Global to make any element site wide sticky and B. Specific You can also use this element to create page or post specific sticky elements using shortcode.
  • Easy to lock target. This plugin requires lock your target element to make it sticky and for this you can use CSS like class and ID selector.
  • Parent – Using this feature you can specify sticky parent and thus the element sticky behavior only show inside that parent.
  • You can create consecutive sticky elements which show sticky behavior one by one consecutively. For demo check the plugin demo sidebar –
  • Control Top Space, Specify your sticky element position from top of its parent top.
  • Control Bottom Space, Specify your sticky element position from its parent bottom.
  • Disable width – Specify in which device width the sticky element will be disable.
  • Add your desired custom class to the sticky element when it becomes sticky.
  • 2 nice effect of sticky.behavior using Follow Scroll. If set Yes then it will scroll itself and after reaching its bottom it will become sticky. If set No then it will be sticky from start.

Why Wordpress Sticky Anything ?

  • One plugin and multiple use like – sticky header, sticky menu, sticky sidebar, sticky div anything you like to make sticky.
  • Using this plugin you can create virtually unlimited sticky for your website.
  • Easy to use but nice admin interface to manage your sticky.
  • Create sticky for your full website or target pages using shortcode.
  • Independent script and it does not rely on any other script like jquery.


This plugin will not work inside a popup.