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There is no download button available in the player ???


You can add one next to the itunes, beatport, etc icons in the player footer.


Glad someone finally got proactive with soundcloud integration. Is there any way to make the play button bigger in the interface? I really want to get this but in some of our user testing, many couldn’t find the play button that easily.


By CSS you can do that. There is not an option in the backend at the moment.

Thank you very much for appreciation tho. :)


Hello bought a plug-in but I do not understand how it works the fact that he was no where clears the displayed ( ( ( I can not understand !

downstairs there is a facebook Itunes icon how to make it work properly ?

Ive added something to that shortcode, please edit the page and you will see where to add the itunes url.

can you show an example ?

Hello! I’m having some trouble using your plugin dinamically through the functions file, this is my code, any leads? $custom_content loads info on a map item, $trackid is the soundcloud URL address pulling though a custom field, sl-edits is a class for future changes once it loads as it should.

$custom_content = do_shortcode( ‘[wpscp url=”’.$trackid.’” style=”dark” el_class=”sl-edits” /]’ );

Hmm… seems ok to me.

The shortcode works? I mean, if you inspect the page, the player is inserted in the page?

It may be a problem from the url. Try to test an hardcoded shortcode and a dynamic one and see how it works.


Does the plugin work with Divi? It’s also not popping up for me. I tried the shortcode to no avail.

I’ve left support question 9 days ago now – – could someone please get back to me please with a solution. Thanks

anything? is this plugin no longer supported?

Pre-purchase question: Please post an example of how it works with playlists? “The only thing you need to do is to copy-paste the SoundCloud URL. The plugin works with single tracks, playlists and profile links.”

Hi Patrick
Thank you for your interest in MESH. What kind of exemple do you need?


my plugin doesn’t show soundcloud caption in the middle of player please help

I refund it.

Thank you

Have a good year! Happy New Year!!!

Very nice plugin! It looks very neat.

I Just bought it and i have a few problems though.. The background cover Image wasn’t centered first, i fixed this via editing the style of the <figure> tag.. Maybe you could implement a fixed aspect ratio of the player? I’m figuring out how to get the player exactly squared, can you help me with that?

//EDIT I’ve solved it. For anyone who wants to do the same: The size is controlled by padding of one container. just change the padding to same values.

Another Question. How can i change the color of the canva circles? This is what i got so far:

If someone needs the solution: Just edit the multi-player.js in the js folder.


TC3 Purchased

Hi there, great plugin. Just wondering how you got the player to appear square, as in your main screenshot?

Does not work over HTTPS. Uninstalled, please refund.

Hi, a couple of questions before buy. I read the above comment, is it possible to make it works over HTTPS? Maybe making the call over ssl? Also, is it possible through some custom work to creare two shortcode with two different layout?

Hi pluggin came with my mesh themes, have use shortcode in visual composer. I’m able to see the player but when click to play nothing happen. try different url from different user NOK.

If this gets updated to work over HTTPS please comment here and I’ll purchase! Looks cool!

Should have read the comments before buying this, just wasted $20….doesn’t work.