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I own the exact same plugin ( that is unfortunately now taken off the site.. And now same plugin, same name, same demo site, same everything is back alive. What a gimmick, so if I want to download, I have to purchase it again? Not Nice. This is a mal-practice and I hope both seller and the codecanyon will take the note of this.

The top and bottom has been a particularly requested feature. The trick with it has been label placement. Also whether the links should be on a bar or free-floating. It’s not an impossible feature, just one that needs some time to build out.

The most requested feature actually was to use icons that were not available for certain services. This has been solved in the new plugin by offering image uploads in place of a selected icon.

The demo site was modified slightly, the outputted sidebar code is new, but many of the size, shape, and style options are the same between both plugins.

In terms of other improvements:

1. Updated output code: Links don’t rely on CSS :before elements to display icons on their own, but instead now have their own span. This allows that space to be used for other elements like images.

2. Link options have been expanded significantly. We switched to Font Awesome for the icons and added custom color options plus an image upload option.

3. Mobile options have been simplified and WordPress mobile detection has been added as an option. This should flow much better than before.

4. Custom colors and media queries have been re-coded to be a bit more secure than before.

5. Custom CSS now uses an editor vs. the old textarea. This is minor, but it’s a nice thing.

For the changes to this plugin, don’t look at the demo site alone, please take a look through the screenshots, they will give you a good idea of the options from the settings panel.

We did not change the name of the company. The previous company name was A3 Labs, Inc. Our company name is Fuselight Media, LLC. The other company has closed.

Read thru your explanation.. While you might be a totally seperate company from the A3 Labs, I am still stuck to the fact, how can your website, plugin outcome can look exactly the same?

2nd.. You too admitted that the Top/Bottom was the most requested feature, if your plugin is a significant improvisation to the former one, then how come this feature is not available from the day one.. you shouldn’t have gone live without it. The poor-guy below (innersmile73) didn’t get that.

3rd.. all the upgrades you’ve listed are efficiency improvisation, but overall it is still the same plug-in, same visuals and same out-come that the former one had.. I am still amazed that how ironic it is that the former plugin gets unavailable, its seller shuts down and same day same plugin with same name & same looks becomes available.. I am not saying you guys are same, but its all very goofy.

Overall this is a plugin that everyone wants, but there is no guarantee that if someone buys it, few months later, the plugin will become unavailable and seller may shut down the door.. may be thats how it works overall.

Wish you all the best in your sales & business. If you bring Top/Bottom feature, let me know, I will spend money again to buy this one.

A new update (1.0.1) has been released that includes top and bottom positioning options! Please take a look at our revised demo.

thx hdpr for your comment. just a minute longer and i bought this thing :-)

I’m trying to figure out why my pinterest button is not adding the image to pin it its instead taking the text from the post. What am i doing wrong? If you try pinning it just grabs my text from my post:

We need to look for an alternative Pinterest share link. It turns out that AddThis supports Pinterest in their normal button setup, but doesn’t support it properly for the endpoint service for some reason.

Making a note of this for the next update, we’ll see what we can do to get this patched up. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

In our latest update (1.0.1), we have added some additional share links including a new Pinterest bookmark script that can replace the AddThis share link.

Please let us know if this is an improvement over the previous share type or if there is something more specific you would like to see in the future.

WTF!? How can it be legal for you to pull the ‘Social Sidebar’, repackage it and then require me to purchase it again? The original plugin is no longer available for me to *!#@ download too. So, now that I have run into a problem and need to reinstall it… See hdbr’s comment above and Do yourself a favour and STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! Simply charging more for the original plugin is one thing, this shady business of screwing your previous supporters is something else entirely.

I’m sorry you feel that way. It was unfortunate to not be able to use the other account, but that business is out of business.

Additionally, this plugin has been re-written from the ground up. Yes, many features are similar, some are the same. However, the new format allows for better upgrading, better security, and more usability.

If you need a copy of the older plugin, please message us directly through our profile and we make some arrangements.

Hello , the plugin is very useful! I just have a little problem with the display of icons inside of the circle, they are not centered. As you can see here : As you can see here:

Please try the following code:

#FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Size-Small .Link-Icon {
   line-height: 35px;

Works perfectly ! Great, thanks ;)

Is this plug-in only for sharing, or does it have a follow-us as well?

You can use any type of link for the plugin, not just the share links. Is there a particular type of “Follow us” link you had in mind?

I saw your comment on our site. Cool looking plugin! If you want us to help you promote it you can submit your item via the submit button in our main menu.

Thank you very much for letting me know!

prepurchase question, Can I hide the sidebar only in posts? I want to show the sidebar only in homepage.

That works! Thank you.

Hey Fuselight! Congratulations your plugin works like a charm. I have a question, how can I exclude the sidebar in the categories pages? I want to display the sidebar only in the homepage, I just tick front page in settings but it keeps showing the sidebar in categories.

That’s odd. If you have the automatic display for Archives unchecked, it shouldn’t show up on category pages.

In the case that isn’t working, you could switch on manual mode and paste the PHP code directly into the front page template just to be sure it won’t load anywhere else.

presale question.

can i add custom icons in the plugin?

Yes, you can add an image in as a custom icon in the individual link settings.

Hey there Fuselight, How I can make the icons smaller? not the link size, the icon. in CSS

They should automatically be centered, but we can take a look and see if there is a CSS override that can be made if a conflicting style is moving them to one side or the other.

Is the site you are working on online? Can we get a link to it?

The icons are horizontally centered, but they could use a tweak vertically. Please try this:

#FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Size-Large .Link-Icon i { top: -3px; } is my site.

Thanks! We have taken a look and this custom CSS code should help:

#FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Size-Large .Link-Icon i { top: -3px; }

That works! You are awesome.

Looks very promising, All the best.

Hi, great plug in, I was wondering if its possible to keep the left social menu on desktop, but when on mobile to show it bottom right. Is it possible?



Yes! Try out the following code in the custom CSS panel under the plugin settings:

#FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Size-Small ul li a {
width: 24px;
height: 24px;
line-height: 24px;
font-size: 18px;

#FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Size-Small ul li a i {
font-size: 14px;

#FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Size-Small .Link-Icon {
width: 24px;
height: 24px;
line-height: 24px;

#FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Label-Square .Link-Label {
line-height: 24px;

Those values can be altered as needed for the best look, but those should shrink things down a bit. If you add them and the styles don’t seem to take hold, add “body” before the start to make sure the override takes (example: body #FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar)

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Thank you for your quick reply! Works great, one small detail, the icons in the circle look a bit off centered, is there any way we can fix this? Btw instead of 24px i made it 32px.

Many thanks!

Glad to be of service!

For the icons, there is a way to move all of them or just one at a time. Right now it looks like the Instagram icon is off-center. Please try this code out:

#FLMSRR-Social-Sidebar i.fa-instagram {
position: relative;
left: 1px;

To move all icons in a direction, leave off the .fa class and just use i.

I have a page in three languages in the translated polylang. Is it possible to use a plug in more than one language?

Not on the live preview because that is a style demo. You can see the option (Show Labels checkbox) in the screenshots:

I do not have the option to hide the label. Apparently this is the latest version. I am using something else. Regards.

You do have the option to hide the label (uncheck the Show Labels checkbox). I apologize if that wasn’t clear before.

Good luck with the other product! I hope it works out well for you. :)


Nice plugin, is it possible to make the Facebook icon quite big on desktops only, possibly tw3ice teh size as the large option?

Yes, if you can provide me with a live site to look at, I can take a look and send over the custom CSS code to use.

Cheers one last thing, we’re only going to use the Facebook icon…I take it we can change the text to Find Us On Facebook?

Absolutely. Just change the label text when you set up the link and you should be good to go.


Nice script. Do you have a WhatsApp share link?


Thanks! We do not currently have a WhatsApp share link, but we will certainly consider that for a future upgrade.

Hello friends,

I bought this script. How to change icon color?


There are settings for individual links and the overall sidebar that can alter the text color (icon and label) if that helps. Otherwise, we can provide some CSS that can help target icons more specifically.

Small note: If you had an html version I would have easily chosen this plugin over the one I did purchase.

Thank you for the suggestion!

No worries. Will keep an eye on this for updates.

FYI: it’s great that you have IMDB. It’s often overlooked.

Hi, I just purchased the plugin but i can’t see it on my mobile only on desktop.

The following code, in the custom CSS panel in the plugin settings:

body #FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar.Pos-Left ul li a .Link-Label {
left: 100%;
opacity: 1;

Once it’s been added and saved, please check that it shows up on the page. Usually a quick find in “View Source” for the page should do it. If it’s not there, clear W3C Cache and any other cache mechanisms until it shows up.

Please let us know how it works out (or not) and we’ll go from there. But the code has to make it to the page for us to proceed any further.

Hi i just deactivated the w3 plugin and it still doesn’t work. Can you email me so i send you the inlog of the website?

Email has been sent.

Hi! Pre-buy question: Can it be align to the bottom-center?

The sidebar normally aligns to the bottom left or right. It may be possible to use custom CSS to center it.

Thank you! I already bought it and I found how to do it via css. It works like a charm!

Is your plugin compliant with the gdpr?

Icons are Font Awesome 4.7 and it comes bundled with the plugin or is available via CDN. For GDPR, you should be fine as long as it’s not loading from the CDN (it loads locally by default).

You also have the option to turn off Font Awesome and upload your own images to use as icons.

Sounds great! Thank you for your input. I will buy your plugin! :)

Thanks! :)