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Hi, does it support HTML5 microdata (for rating)?

Yes I know what you are refering too, I came to the conclusion that using rating microdata in the content of user generated reviews was not the intened use of the spec.

But if i want to use this with a custom post type (for example for book)? Why not adding this as extra feature?

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The Demo doesn’t seems to work properly. The Counters are not working? And can you guys make this in jQuery? If possible?

Hey, Im looking at the demo problem and no we have no plans to do this totally in jquery due to the architeture need to register a score.

When we tweet then why does it always shows 3 continuous #hash signs like:

—> I rate the post on http://bit.ly/11111a as #five #hash #hash #hash

Can we change those 3 hashes with 3 different keywords relevant to our website or are they supposed to be like that only?

Or would they dynamically change automatically on every post?

Yes, the three hash tags can be changed to whatever hashtags you want to use just like any tweet.

Thanks for your reply. Can we delete all the 3 hash tags as well?


Does this support Buddypress & BBpress? Thanks!


If so, will it automatically place itself below the comment thread or will I need to CSS that? One more pre-purchase question: On your demo you show Kohrus Rate and Kohrus Nero, are these both included with this plugin? Many thanks!

Buddypress, BBpress are social networking and forums plugins for wordpress, Kohrus Rate works on post and page elements of a wordpress installation if other plugins use the post/page functionality of wordpress then there might be limited ‘untested’ support. No, ratings are not placed on comment posts. Kohrus Nero will be released soon and is not part of Kohrus rate.

Thanks for all the quick answers!

Is there a way to sort posts based on the total vote score they receive?

It certainly would be possible with a little bit of development from your theme developer.


Is there an option to reset the votes after a certain period of time?

There isn’t a built in function but you could always reset the scores in the DB.

Purchased this plugin, it’s awesome. Would certainly recommend.

Question: is there any way to use different graphics/stars for each rate? Like a red star for 1, a yellow star for 2, a green star for 3, etc…

I’m continually getting a RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error in the spot where the bit.ly URL should generate. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Answered in your other ticket.

-what happens if user does not have twitter account? Can they still vote?

-When users who actually have twitter accounts vote, can we skip the step which includes the “Post a Tweet on Twitter” box opening. Can the tweet just simply be posted without that box opening?

Never mind I’ve found the response to the first two questions.

Can it post to facebook as well?

Not at this time.

I think I figured out my problem with the RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED showing up in place of the bit.ly place on tweets.

In my admin panel, my bit.ly API is no longer verified. I have checked the keys against my username, and still nothing. I didn’t change anything to the code.

Can you help?

Open a ticket, and Ill discuss there.

Sent you an email. Thanks for the quick reply

Can you place a shortcode on any page?

The plugin uses a default placement for the voting UI which can be switched on/off or you can use a php var in your theme to place the voting UI to any place on any post-page.

No idea what your talking about, just a YES or NO will will do. So you can’t use a shortcode to place the social rating on any page?

Hi really like this plugin, you can put to share on Facebook?

No, not right now.

Hey I woudl ask the same question about microdata. This should work with aggregate ratings and not ratings. Ratings are author specific while aggregate ratings are consumer specific. Can you add this?

Its not on the radar, sorry.

Hi, does this leave star ratings under buddypress user profiles so other members can rate eachother?

Live preview is non functional.

Is this plugin still live?