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Pre-sales question: Is this plugin working with latest WP version? Secondly. Can I add subscription form to any page eg. Name, phone number by shortcode (not as widget)

First please order the plugin. Our records show that you haven’t purchased.

Yes off course it does work with latest version. subscription form can be added to any page. But we strongly advise you not to make any custom changes in source code on your own because by doing that you will not be supported by our engineers. We do not provide support for modified plugin or application.

Pre sale question : Is it possible to run campaigns like ‘Notify users for new blog post whenever it has been made’ ? Curious to know if it’s support


yes campaign can be made like such. for notifying users for new blog posts. But it will be an additional feature. We can add it for you at a really good price. Pre-order sms marketing plugin today and enjoy unlimited features.

I have a question in regards to the number rotator feature… When using the rotator feature does the script send out from random numbers but the receiver can see the message came from the number that they signed up with.

Example… User signs up to sms service to get notifications from number 111-222-3333. The admin sends out message and because it is a rotation feature the message gets sent from 222-333-4444. Will the user see the message came from 111-222-3333 because you send in the headers the original number they signed up with or do they see it came from 222-333-4444.

I know of another system that has a rotation feature and the end user always sees the sms came from the number they are signed up with so they can recognize the sender and see history of previous messages.

Can you fix it so that the end user sees the number they signed up with regardless of the number that sends out the message from the system. That is very important to keep branding consistent and history in one place.

I know this can be done. The capabilities are there to have the script work in this way using twilio etc.