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Hi, I am looking for a plugin/software which can send birthday, Anniversary message according to uploaded csv file date and time. Kindly tell me is it possible with your software/plugin and what sms gateway i need.

please order wordpress sms marketing plugin for this purpose…

You can send sms messages with twilio gateway…



Can i Schedule message as per different time uploaded in CSV. Ex- Mobile No. Date Time Message xxxxxxxxxx 29/12/16 8:30 Am Happy Birthday yyyyyyyyyy 30/12/16 9:30 Am Happy Birthday

Plz reply,

Yes you may schedule your messages accordingly or as per different time uploaded to a number via .csv.

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Hi this is a pre-sales question… are you planning to make this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.7 any time soon?

yes ….. our programming team is working on it… as soon as there’s a new update launched… you will be notified…. in the meantime… please checkout our other other products as well….



Hi, Looks great & I’d like to purchase… When will this be ready for wp 4.7? Thank you!

Thank you very much for your appreciation. Please pre order today. As soon as it’s ready for wp 4.7 you will be notified.

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When I save something i get a white screen at this url /wp-content/plugins/wp-messagings/plugin_files/save_settings.php

I cannot add an “existing” phone number, when I save it, its a white screen as mentioned, then when I go to add a number to a campaign, there is no number in the list (it did not add)

This is really annoying

Wordpress sms marketing plugin is been working absolutely fine at more than 150+ installs. Please don’t worry simply just generate a support ticket at and don’t forget to send us your installed url along with working credentials so that we may check and solve your issue.

Please send us credentials as soon as possible and our development team will check you issue and solve your installed plugin issue (if any)



So it’s not ready for 4.7 yet? Would that be the reason I’m getting an error when it’s trying to update the Twilio settings? How long before you get it updated as I’ve now spent $30 on plugins I can’t seem to use yet.

We have checked it properly at our end and after updating the version your twilio settings will be saved..

can you please send us your email address in tickets. we will send you our plugins main files in mail. Please don’t worry, usually envato team takes 5 days and upto 48 for approving any product.

In case of any issue, please discuss with us in tickets.. (

Thank you for your time


Okay. I’ll open a ticket with my email! Thanks!

You are most welcome

In case you need anything else, please let us know


Can you tell me if its possible to use this plugin for multiple client text list I have? For example each client I have would have an easy way to have their customers opt in and then would allow autoresponders that are different for each client. Also what is the diffrence between this text app and some of the others you have. I prefer to have a WP plugin

Can someone answer my question above? Also is there a way allow customers to opt-in to a given list by texting code and if so are there additional fees for this?

We take Saturday and Sunday off that’s why we couldn’t reply you that day.

Relating your question. Yes off course you can use this plugin for multiple client text list which you have. All of our plugins and applications are unique in their own kind..

Yes please pre-order our plugin today and enjoy more than 50+ features inside.

Thank you for your time

Team Ranksol

demo not working?

please check now.. it’s working absolutely fine user name: demo2 password: demo

Pre order our exclusive sms marketing plugin today and enjoy more than 50+ features.

In case you need any help. please contact us at:

Kind regards

Team Ranksol

I plan to purchase Your “WP Woo SMS Plugin” very soon. I understand that the “Woo SMS Plugin” automatically sends the order Status of the Product to the Customer. But with the “Woo SMS Plugin” I can also send Promotional SMS using twilio right ? If Yes, then I don’t need “Wordpress SMS Marketing Plugin” right ? What I feel is that I can send promotional SMS’es from both the Plugins…

Kindly revert,

Hi Codecanyonite !

Thank you for showing interest in our exclusive products.

Yes with wp woo sms plugin you can check order status of product from the date of order till delivery… you’ll be notified via messages straight at your smart phone.

But in order to schedule marketing messages for your customers you will need sms marketing plugin… which comes with more than 50+ exclusive features inside. So so what are you waiting for ? Order now

With both plugins you can boost your marketing campaigns and take your business to the next level …

In case you need to know anything else. Please feel free to contact us at our ticketing system :

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I can’t save Twilio Settings … Essentially I can’t use the Plugin. I have downgraded my WP from 4.7 to 4.6 still can’t save

Messages are not delivering but the autoresponder works, (received messages), but it did not send the message it was supposed to reply with.

But you didn’t informed us about that issue in our ticketing system. we suggest you to please send us your screen cast and issue via our ticketing system and our programmers will solve your issue within the most least possible time. Don’t worry

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I could not test that then cause I could not even set the plugin up.

The links to the demos on your Code Canyon page do not work.

It’s working… you may login from here

User Name: demo2 Password : demo

in case you need anything else then please let us know

Thank you for your time

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my mobile package in Malaysia are FREE SMS unlimited,, so if i use this plugin do I have to pay any charges

we are using as sms gateway. you must have to connect your live sms gateway to send and receive sms.

should i buy Nimble Messaging or Wordpress SMS Marketing Plugin? or it is need to use together?

Nimble sms marketing application and sms marketing plugin both have their own exclusive features.

We suggest you to please purchase both.. Pre-order today and take your business to the next level.


hi we use service in serbia this is explain for api

Komunikacija Parametri se šalju putem http POST ili GET metode na adresu interfejsa: Parametri koji se šalju u svakom zahtevu su: • user • pass • action (case insensitive) User i pass su vaše korisničko ime i lozinka za pristup aplikaciji na webu, a action je akcija koju želite da izvedete. Odgovor na zahtev je uvek OK: rezultat ili ERROR: broj greške; opis greške

can we use your plugin with this service

Please proceed with a check out at 105€ ... in that extended license you will get help and support from us for more than 6 months.

After that we will customize our plugin at your install

ok i must think about because i think its 17

17 for regular support…

105 is for extended license,. if you need other api integration or any other customization then we suggest you to proceed with 105…

Thank You

Does this work out of the box now. I am afraid to purchase because so many said that it wasnt working. Also you said you would mention if it has been made compatible with wordpress 4.7 but there has not been any mention of that here. The last update here says last year. but yet there have been issues you have worked on for people. Why wouldnt those fixes be added to the script and updated here at envato? This is scary as I want something I can use right away and not wait on support to fix it. Please advise.

Hi Richard !

Our plugin is compatible with wordpress 4.7+ and also there isn’t any issue at all. You can check out our plugin functionality via logging in from demo.

Usually those issues about which you are talking about occurred at customers installs due to other plugins conflictions.

Wordpress SMS Marketing plugin is working fine at more than 200+ installs. So please don’t worry about it.. Pre-order today and enjoy more than 50+ features.

Thank You


don_poky Purchased

Where can I find recent update changelog?

Latest Version is 4.11 (02-06-2016) – Script added to send scheduled messages.

You can find change log above Customers Support area inside sms marketing plugin page.

hi , can I do bulk sms using your plugin and Twilio Services ?