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Is it possible to use this plugin in a registration form so that users can retrieve their lost password to their mobile phone?

no. You can not use it to for reset password. But this is a good idea. Thanks

Hello, Does it work in Europe ?

our application is twilio.com based. it works with all twilio supported countries. you can check your country from below mentioned URL https://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing

Can you tell me if this plugin will do this :

I want a guest to enter their phone number via widget/shortcode/ninjaform and they receive an SMS with the URL of the page they entered their phone number on.


no. This plugin is used to send SMS notification to website admin on every contact us form saved and customer will also get SMS notification for the successful saving of the form.

ok thanks, good luck, i may use this on another project in the future. Thanks for the very fast response, I really appreciate it :)

You are most welcome..

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HI,does it compatible with ultimatemember? Thanks.

no. Its not compatible with ultimate members. It only works with 1- Gravity form 2- Ninja Form 3- Contact Form 7 4- Formidable

Pre-sale question. I just want a contact form on my site were the user fills out the form and I get a text notification what the form was sent by a user. Does this plugin do that? Will I also get an email of the submitted form?

Yes off course this plugin supports these features.

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I purchased this as WP SMS Contact Form | WordPress. How can I get updates? Thank you

We have update system available in the plugin. When ever new update launched you will get it exactly like any other wordpress plugin works. You will get notification in your wordpress plugin section about its update. you hit the update button and latest files will be installed automatically.

Dear sir how to possible embed iframe to any html website page use full

If you would like to add iframe to any html website page simply just let us know and we will provide an appropriate solution for you. Generate a ticket at: http://www.ranksol.com/help



Dear sir plz how to possible msg91.com sms integrating

Hi rehan52 !

Thank you for contacting us. Yes off course we can integrate that for you at good price. Please pre order today with extendable license. And after purchase generate a support ticket at http://www.ranksol.com/help. Don’t forget to send us your working credentials and installed url.

Waiting for your positive response


hi I would like to buy your plugin today but I need to ask a few questions asap 1 does your plugin word on avada theme 2 can the plugin be used as a contact form for a business directory for example when user want to email the listing can they email through your contact form 3 is the contact form a short code that can go in a pop up box again I need the contact to be on every listing page with different email receipt your my listing can response directly back to users can I used your contact in this way

Hi Weblyncs !

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes this plugin works fine with avada theme 2 and does meet your requirements perfectly.

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I have one tourism portal where I want to add sms integration service.

Its is a tourism portal, which we created in WordPress, https://kokanplaces.com

Please check following page https://kokanplaces.com/item/ruturaj-inn/

On this page we need to add functionality, We want to hide contact details, when tourist click on contact owner button, contact form shows, after submitting contact form details goes to hotel owner by SMS. & hotel owners details comes to tourist as well by sms

Hi patilabhijit !

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Hello this is a pre sale question. Does your plugin allow to send SMS to multiple users via Gravity Forms?

In our records it shows that you haven’t purchased yet.

Yes wordpress sms contact form plugin allows to send sms to multiple users via 1- Gravity form 2- Ninja Form 3- Contact Form 7 4- Formidable

Also with more than 15 features inside.

Subscriber notification feature Admin notification feature via message Mass / Bulk SMS sending feature Campaign Subscription Send Bulk SMS To New & All Subscribers (Date Wise) Scheduled Bulk SMS Sending Order Status mobile Notification E-Mail Notification Campaign Management Messaging Campaign Scheduler Leads Statistics Analytics Reporting All Time Zones Supported Multiple forms handling Help Message Control

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Thank you



WDjoe Purchased

Hi, very nice plugin. One question though, how can I have a logo show up in the text message? Thank you

I believe "MediaURL' => "image_file.jpg ", needs to added right after the 'Body' text in the send mail section somewhere. Can you tell me where I can add this or how else I can have a logo sent with the message?

Thank you for appreciating our work. In order to add that feature. We will have to customize our plugin for you.. Please don’t worry, we will get that done for you. Please generate a support ticket at: http://www.ranksol.com/help

Hello, I purchased the plugin, but there seems to be no documentation in it. Regardless, I would like to know that I already have a form setup with let’s say a phone number field wc12-PNUMBER and I cannot change its name since this allows me to send the subscriber info to mailchimp. Do I need to make any changes to your plugin to make sure that the person filling the form gets an SMS?

I kindly request you to please point me in the right direction or otherwise initiate a refund. This is probably the worst form of support I have come across on codecanyon from any seller. All I need is to be pointed in the right direction, where I can change the code in the files.

Well, actually there’s no need now. I figured it out!

Dear Byteping !

We have already mentioned in our profile and also at plugins page that we take saturday and sunday off from work that’s why we couldn’t reply to you earlier.

That’s great if you have figured out on your own.

In case you need anything else. Please generate a support ticket at: http://www.ranksol.com/help


does your plugin support Twilio? Is it possible to use this plugin to achieve the following?

1. a person fills in their details in a Contact 7 of Caldera form 2. an sms containing all of the data that was entered in the form is sent to a set of predefined cell phone numbers 3. The person who filled in the form receives a predefined sms on submission of the form.

I look forward to your response

yes, this plugin is active and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Can you send an SMS notification more than one admin number?

no. SMS went only on one admin number.

sir i am not getting customer’s phone no name and email on m lead info ,,,even they are filling info on my form i checked my self please help me .. i ma using contact form 7

ok its working but solve my only one problem below is the content which i put in admin notification column :-

Hi YourBrother, you have a new customer via your website form_name . Customer name is name Customer phone no is phone and Customer email is email

but in this i am only getting form name in text which i getting on my phone see screenshot i attached with this message solve my this problem only..

sir in above message customer name is name is show but name is closed in % sign and other feilds too

yes, this is the format of the tags. please generate a support ticket if you have any question or issue. our engineers will reply you in a support ticket. Thanks

I just need a text message to go from a contact form 7 form to a persons phone when a form is submitted. I see that this will do it. But other the the purchase fees are there more fees after. And do i have to worry about the number of sms messages?

please order today and get this exclusive plugin..

it’s just plugin fee and and support fee.

yes it will work brilliantly as the way you’ve briefed.

Is a 3rd party SMS API or account needed?

does this plugin support multisite?

aside from admins (we can customize) our plugin for you at a really good price so that they have their own settings page..

Please contact us via our help and support desk… We will proceed with your request within the most least possible time and will deliver excellent results on this project.

Looking forward for your positive response

I asked you if the plugin supports multisite and you said yes. Now you’re saying you can customize it at a good price. No thanks, i’m not paying a dime for customization. Be honest for once, and stop lying to people. What a shame

Dear Customer Vivacal !

You may even check out our existing discussion. I said earlier it’s not a multi site. We can customize it for you only after you have purchased the plugin with an extended support.

Yes we are honest with our work. i guess there is a minor misunderstanding from your side in order to understand the working and functionality of our custom plugin.

There is no need to panic and we don’t want to argue for nothing and to prove our honesty.

You can check out our plugin’s functionality via demo and also that’s why we elaborated in such detail at our plugins profile page. So in case you are facing any issue in understanding the core features and aesthetics of the plugin. You may anytime ask for details. We will definitely facilitate you with a prompt / feasible / appropriate response.

But blaming someone over nothing is not appropriate / suitable.

Thank You

Have A Great Day

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Hi I have an existing contact form 7 form on a wordpress installation- would this plugin work with my existing form using the exiactiny Contact form 7 plugin? Are there additional costs per SMS or monthly costs through some other SMS provided in order for the SMS messages to be sent?

Yes this plugin will work absolutely fine.

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Hi, Pre-sales Q: Will this plugin send out a SMS notification to the user who filled out the contact form? or just the admin?

Yes. It works with latest version of WordPress. Yes, you can customise the messages. Yes no of characters are 160

Great thank you.

You are most welcome..

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Thank you