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This plugin looks like a copy of SEOPRESSOR which also does not work with Themify Builder

Is this plugin still developed or is it dead?

Hi sbenzon the plugin works fine with the actuall WP Version

Hi, great plugin. Deat support team, i want to change my website (news blog) with a new theme. In my old blog i have more than 5000-6000 posts in different categories. You can check old website here…http://tinyurl.com/ofh3yg2

I would like a way to export posts, categories etc and import them to the new website. is this possible with your plugin? It might have problems? is it possible to managed transfer the posts?

KIndest regards, xrisxal2000

hi sry this is not possible with the plugin

Is this plugin still working with the latest wordpress version

Yes it works fine with WordPress 4.2.2

any updates for this plugin? It was last updated in 2013!!

actually not, everything works fine with latest WP version

Wenn ich unter Einstellung die Autozeit erhöhe, verschwindet SEo Post Optimizer auf der rechten Seite bei Seite bearbeiten für immer. Kann auch nicht mehr Sichtbar gemacht werden. verwendetes Theme: Avada

Gibt es ein Update ? Oder was kann ich machen, das es wieder Sichtbar wird ? Habe auch schon probiert das Plugin aus und einzuschalten, es bleid verschwunden.

LG Monika

Does this plugin work with the latest WP version? Thanks.

General post optimisation, is there any way to turn this off ? I like the option to turn of the ones below it, would be nice to have the same control for this area. Thank you.

Does this plugin work with the latest WP version? Thanks.

MALWARE WARNING/QUESTION – I have recently had a lot of my website get infected with malware and I get the same warning on all of them mentioning your plugin:

This file contains a suspected malware URL listed on Google’s list of malware sites. Wordfence decodes base64 when scanning files so the URL may not be visible if you view this file. The URL is: http://www.webtec-braun.com/fileadmin/wp-themes/seopost/desc/logo.jpg?domain= – More info available at Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page.

Why am I getting this malware on all of the sites I use your plugin and are you aware of this. I google searched this and see this mentioned on forums dated back years.

I found this issue using Wordfence plugin. Please let me know what is going on?


Thank you.

MALWARE and your website is flagged by Google tool as being unsafe? What is this about? Please explain so I understand why Wordfence is showing all of the sites I am using your plugin as the source for the malware and Google tool has your website as unsafe to visit?


Can I get to see a live demo?

It’s Seems This Plugin have no supports

are you providing any API for this plugin ?