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hi Nolan,

The plugin is not working with my theme for some reason. I have assigned the class stm-item to each element. However if I go on the editor of this plugin css shows as inactive. Can you please assist?

Please send an email to with a link to your site and I will take a look at it. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi there. Could you please help me figure out how i can get the menu to look like the one on your image? Right now the menu is transparent. This is what your image looks like:

I am out of town and unable to provide support until 8/28.

Oh man, waste of money and time…Sorry NuvuScripts but if you make a Plugin then you have to do it easy as you can, because 99% of wordpress users are not programmer like you. I know your plugin works and you know how to configure it, but i have readed your manual with 30 words and i worked 2 hours and at the end it was working but the customization process is not for beginners and i delete this plugin, but notice i have a lot experience with wordpress and C++ programming and it was to hard for me ha-ha-ha :) its crazy. I give you -5 Stars because your plugin is realy bad programmed for the normal wordpress users. It make not sense to cantact you and to give you my WP Acces to configure it, i hope you can live with criticism and maybe one day you will think about users they not have experiences and dont forget, why do you mean the users buy plugins for wordpress? because they cant programming nothing, and for that reason the most wordpress users searching for plugins. And 15 Dollars are not very much but i can next day go with my friedns on coffeshop and buy something to drink.

Adding an ID attribute to a page element and a couple other attributes is not “programming”. It is the most basic of basic html. I am baffled that an experienced programmer does not get the most basic html ID attribute. It was developed so that the user with the most novice experience web developing could understand. And you are the very first person to complain about the simplicity of simply adding a html ID attribute.

Ha-ha-ha you are very funny and not friendly to customer. Dont forget i have payed for your plugin or what ever it is. I bet you are a 16 years old kiddy thats want to sale some 0900 plugins but anyway. If you will to salle your plugins you have to be friendly and to accept criticism from customers. You are the first seller that is so unfriendly like you. I will report you on Envato and on my blog…

BTW: For some users is adding ID´s on wordpress like programming, dont be fool. :)

I hope you enjoy your life but you are really not made to sale something. I dont know why i reply on such stupid things… and again waste of my time….

Please stop and just request a refund like a normal person. Thank you, -Nolan

Hi Nolan—My apologies, I just sent an email that was a bit too quickly written.

The plugin works on my page (, but I’d like to make it non-transparent, and know the options for display:

-How to keep the menu items there at all times -How to change the color and font size -How to increase the width (as it currently fits 3 words or so)


Sorry to overload you, but also the menu intrudes when the browser’s width is reduced. Is there a way to condition this scenario out? I saw something about mobile elsewhere in the comments.

Ideally I’d like the menu to take up as little vertical space as possible, so it doesn’t block out sidebar items. To do that, is there a way to reduce space between menu items? There may actually be enough space to fit two words vertically as it stands now (which could actually come in handy if it was possible to stack menu words).

And last but not least (whew!), I’d love to be able to realign the icons, so their bottom lines up with the menu text bottom.

P.S. I found the comment for how to keep the menu items open at all times, and changed the color.

So all there is left is mobile / reduced width desktop disabling, and how to change the transparency to opaque, and how to reduce width in between menu items vertically.

Ideally, I’d like only the menu item that jumps out (is active) to have an opaque background (while it’s active only, before it retreats).

I sent you an email response. Thanks, -Nolan

will you be upgrading this product so that we can customize colors and position?

There is no built in option for this but this can be done by editing the css. style.css Thanks, -Nolan

Would you say through custom CSS I could achieve something like the left scroll nav on Looking to do more of any indicator with text always showing. Also, do you know if your plugin plays well with Visual Composer?

I would say yes you could achieve something similar by adjusting the CSS – “Now works in Visual Editor and Chrome.” Thanks, -Nolan

Hi! Plugin looks awesome, but before purchasing I wanted to know, is it possible to always have the text for the menu items showing (not only appearing on hover?). Thanks!

Yes it is.


How do I do that?

Add the following css to the end of the css/style.css file.
.stm-nav-item h5 {padding-left: 4px!important;}
#stm-menu ul li {padding-left: 0%!important;}

Hi. Looks like what I have been looking for for a loooong time! Only thing left to know is: 1. Can I use this as a secondary menu? Some pages require one-page menu add-on but I dont want to change my top menu. 2. Can I apply this to SOME pages and not all? Reg. the avove requirement.

Thanks a bunch

1. Yes this is entirely independent of the wordpress menus. 2. This is set up on individual pages simply by adding a class and ID to and page element it will auto create the menu items. It is not a site wide menu plugin. Think of it as a page nav plugin.


Hi there. I just bought your plug-in. But I am even more confused after reading the documentations/ manual than I was before. I have no idea if I am supposed to create a new menu, using the native setup, and then call that using the ID’s etc.

Have you any plans on adding GUI to the setup? E.g. extension to the menu? LIke “Add a Scroll-menu” or, ability to add pages/ elements inside the menu-tabs? So far I am so confused I have no idea on how to set it up.


It is a nav menu for content on a particular page. You add a class and ID to any element on the page and a menu item is created. When the user clicks on that menu item the page scrolls to that associated element. Example:
<div id="movies" data-stm-name="movies" data-stm-icon="icon-camera3" class="stm-item">
any content here ...

1.Wrapping your content in this DIV with a class of “stm-item” makes it a menu item or you can set these properties directly onto an element such as a


2.Giving it a unique ID allows the menu to know where to scroll to.

3.Setting the data-stm-name=”movies” sets the menu item title to “movies” otherwise it will default to the ID name.

4. Setting the data-stm-icon=”icon-camera3” sets the menu items icon to use from the list of built in icons.

Hope this clears it up. -Nolan

Hi there. Just bought the plug-in. I have tested now on 2 themes and the result is the same: The floating top menu (the smaller menu on scroll) that comes with most themes, will not work when your plug-in is activated. I believe this must be a common known error. Thanks

First I have ever heard of it. Please email me at and I will assist. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi. Having a problem with your plugin on my website. When installed, your plugin is removing my header, not showing the side navigation and also messing up parallax effect on my scroll. Can provide access but please see link as an example of issue with installed plugin. My developer is building the site on his dev server. He will contact you by email so please look out for an email from: Would appreciate your promtp attention as we are snagging on a site that is due to launch tomorrow. Thanks

No party, just 5AM emails by yourself demanding help “ASAP”, an ER visit for my sick 3 year old and you being extremely rude. No refund since the plugin works and there i no problem you are simply not adding the correct html attributes to add a menu item which I have explained several times. Thank you

May I remind you that on first contact, you replied to tell me you were fixing the issue straightaway. I did not put demands on you. I simply said that if we can’t get this to work asap, I need a refund because we need to launch a website. You said you were on to it. I gave you a choice.

Since then, you have sent a new file to my developer which didn’t work. He emailed you to tell you and has been ignored since then.

If you’re so confident that your product is working and we are not following instructions, post them here, step by step with screenshots and let’s see how far we get. I will guarantee it will not work because your product does not work. it is knocking out the site headers and footers and sides. It’s not just a little glitch. it’s a major mess.

My site needed to launch on Monday. It’s now Thursday. I will now have to look for a new plugin to buy and integrate. I will be contacting envato about this matter and asking for a full refund and raising a complaint. You have wasted my time and been extremely vague and very rude. Not quite the support you expect from a professional selling a product.

I have given full support and explained how to add a menu item into your 3rd party Visual Composer. I have responded to every single email and comment you and your developer have sent, even when my son was sick in the ER! The only reason it is not working is because you have not added a menu item. I do not know what more I can do. I have explained this several times. You asked how to add a menu item into Visual Composer and I told you you insert it as a raw html module so you can add the ID and data attributes for the Icon etc. There is a JS break because you have it activated on your page yet have not added a menu item and or are not adding one correctly to the page causing the code break. I have given full support and have one of the highest rated support rankings on the Envato marketplace. Perhaps you need to look to your developer who cannot insert html into a page rather then ranting about how bad my support is.

Hi Nuvu. One question for you. I bought 4 months ago a template in envato. Can i apply your ScrollTo Menu in it? The template name is Ruby – A Creative WordPress Blog Theme. Can you help me? Thanks! :)

As long as you have access to the html to add a class, ID and a couple data properties you should be able to integrate. It is meant to be added on one wordpress page. I am not familiar with Ruby templates but I can take a look at it for you. -Nolan

Hi Nolan, great plugin, thanks a lot! One question, could you please help me with the CSS to disable the plugin on mobile? Thanks!

Sure you can try these media queries to hide the menu on mobile devices:
/* iPad [portrait + landscape] */
@media only screen and (min-device-width: 768px) and (max-device-width: 1024px) {
@media only screen
and (min-device-width : 768px)
and (max-device-width : 1024px)
and (orientation : portrait) {

@media only screen
and (min-device-width : 375px)
and (max-device-width : 667px) {
/* iPhone [portrait + landscape] */
@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {
Hope this helps, -Nolan

Works great, thank you! (:

Your welcome.

Hi Nolan, is there a good way to change the color of the menu? Looking through the CSS it seems like there are a lot of spots where color is set, and there is also the gradient. Do you happen to have some CSS I could stack on top to change the color scheme, or some ? Thank you!

I have added all the items with colors to the end of the css/style.css file. Lines 2554+


I believe this plugin doesn’t work. Do you offer support?

I do offer support. My email is