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Congratulations, great Plugin and exactly what I was looking for :-)

It would be great if there would be an option in future to resize the include Post Thumbnails. Reason: Our current images are to big for simpley RSS feeds and are not really thumbnails.

Otherwise I can recommend this plugin, it should be used by anyone using feeds to customize it for their needs!

Thank you, I am glad you like this product. I’ve taken a note of your suggestions and will include these in up-coming release.


HI ,

Do you have roadmap for this plugin ?

Not really, I’ve left this on customer feedback. Once I get new feature request, I will try and add the same to grow the functionality of this plugin.

Hi, I need to have Wordpress galleries from posts in RSS. We want to add this as a solution for displaying in iPhone and ANdroid app. Does this plugin can do this? Or it just grab featured image?

Hello, this feature is not available in this plugin.

How to dandled all post from https://slon.ru in the my blog with your plugin? I want download all content( title/text/image/date).

Hi, to download and transfer the content of a WordPress site you need to use WordPress Importer plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-importer/

Can I import post from rss link with it plugin? Or I need install another plugin? I want import( parsing, grabbing) news content from rbk.ru and another source.

This functionality is not available yet. However, seems like a good function to add in future. Thanks.

Hi. With this plugin can you control the number of items that appear in the feed and how they are pulled (i.e. ascending, descending, random, etc.)? Thanks!

Number of items etc. are based on WordPress settings to test all features you can create your demo site here: http://cssjockey.net and check all available features.

I am importing wordpress feeds into Joomla, but when they are imported the text appears next to the picture and I need it to appear under the picture, so I suppose that it is necessary to put a blank space using php code between the featured image and the description text. How can I do that?

Please take a look at link:http://acr-fornelos.pt/site/index.php/nt/424-oficina-da-escrita-2-a

Hello the link you provided isn’t working. please create or respond to your ticket with correct url or screenshot.

Hello! I bought this plug in and I am very satisfied with it. Can I use it in more than one site?

Hi, as per envato license you can purchase more licenses for any number of sites.


I have a list of RSS feeds and I want to be able to do the following on my blog:

1 – Auto post content on my blog from my personal Feeds list; 2 – Auto publish the entire post or just a part of it, with the post featured image; 3 – Allow users to see the entire post directly from the source but under my blog, with a bar. Like a iframe.

Take bloglovin.com by example, if you visit this URL https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/le-fashion-39894 you can see a resume of this Feed posts, and when you click on a post it will open the post but on the original website under the bloglovin.com frame.

This is what I want to do, can I do that with your’s plugin?

Thank you in advanced for your attention.


Hi, this plugin adds additional functionality to the site RSS feed and does not fetch and do anything with external feeds. You can try this plugin at http://cssjockey.net.

Is it possible to only show certain categories of a custom post type?

Hi, I am afraid, this option is not supported.

Hi, i’m looking for a plugin which allows me to add all required elements by Facebook instant articles to display rich content on Facebook using RSS feed.

bearing in mind that normal wordpress rss feed is too simple. it displays basic content from articles, and excludes many important ones like youtube embedded videos, embedded tweets, etc.. Do you offer that? Can i customize the feed and add new elements to it?

Please check this article for details on what i’m referring to, i’m not a developer so that searching for something ready to use.


cjrupak Author Team


We are sorry but this version of our plugin does not offer what you are looking for. We shall update the plugin to give more robust feature like this in the future.

You can take a look at all the available feature of this plugin over here : http://docs.cssjockey.com/cjrss/


Hi, I need to create a custom rss feed that only show latest posts and news. Is is possible with this plugin?


Yes, you can display custom content by disabling the default RSS feeds.

Please follow this link for more info : http://docs.cssjockey.com/cjrss/how-can-i-disable-all-rss-feeds/

Also, I would advise you to first test this plugin on http://cssjockey.net/ before purchasing and remove any doubts you may have.


still working? need a working site with articles to confirm


You can check out this plugin by creating a demo site at : http://cssjockey.net/

On the demo site you can activate any of our product along with any other plugin or theme.


With this plugin, can I show ACF fields for a regular or custom post type on feed items? Thanks.


cjrupak Author Team


ACF fields won’t be possible but you can show custom post type items feed/posts.


Mhh, i installed the plugin, changed settings but there are no changes in the feed….???? So what can i do?


cjrupak Author Team


Please create a ticket at : http://support.cssjockey.com/ and we will help you debug the issue.


How does your delay feeds by specified minutes work?

1. User publishes post

2. The post will not be in RSS feed after specified minutes?


Possible to delay each post by 24 hours?


You mentioned

Next version will be a complete re-build with our new and improved framework and additional features.

When are you going to release next version? Are you still supporting this version?



cjrupak Author Team


We will release the new version soon and we are supporting this version as well.


Hi. If I properly understood the description, WP RSS Feed Tweaks can display feeds with thumbnail from WP installation A (website) on WP installation B (website). Correct?


Hi, you can display any website’s valid RSS feed on a WordPress site where this plugin is installed, however, thumbnails are not supported and we may consider adding these in the upcoming versions.

Check this page http://cssjockey.net/addon-rss-feed-tweaks/ to see an example of Smashing Magazine’s feed pulled on our demo site.