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Quick pre sale question here about the plugin. When we put this on our site how many calls does it make and how does that effect the page speed. Also if the images are not loaded on a page is the code running on the site and making calls even if the images are not there.


Hi, Thanks for checking,
The plugin uses a caching system, it calls Instagram API once and cache it.
Instagram API is very fast and the internal caching system makes it faster.
The other feature of this plugin is that it only loads assets where it’s needed (not everywhere)

Are you able to modify code so it fades into one photo at a time through a users account?

I can’t understand what you mean,
Could you describe more?
If you mean it opens a photo on page load, yes, you just need to user jQuery trigger method to simulate click event.
Here is a sample code:
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    jQuery(".gamma-container ul li").eq(0).trigger("click");
The above code opens first image of gallery on page load (0 means open the first photo).

I recently brought this plugin but it seems to conflict with the theme (Avada Wordpress Theme) that I’m currently using. Are there any suggestions for a work around?

Can you describe more about this conflict? I really like to help and resolve any possible issues, we have a support system http://codenegar.com/support/, please open a ticket and describe as much as possible.
Any screenshot, demo page,... is really helpful.

Pre-sale question:

Is it possible to create a gallery based on a hashtag AND specific user? I.e. only display photos of #coolpic posted by @myusername ?

Also, how customizable is it in terms of both output and CSS? I’d like to use the grid system of bootstrap 3 if possible without jamming up future updates and such.


Thanks for your comment, Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t provide an API to do that, It’s possible to get user photos and a hashtag but not both of them at the same time.

For the current version, we have a template for HTML grid but it isn’t accessible by other plugins and codes, but it’s really straightforward to make it editable. I have noted this feature to be added in the next update, but if you like I can give the updated version before releasing.

We like to hear more suggestions from you and other users and improve the code and get satisfaction.


I tried to submit a ticket but wasn’t working.

I purchased your plugin and have installed it.

Just a quick question.

Do you have a how to guide or a list of short codes that can be used to customise it further beyond the basic options? i.e. How do we manually adjust the size.

Thank-you so much.

Support system is working correctly, can you tell me about problem in your case?
The shortcode are generated based on the options you select, I.e we don’t have a list of pre generated shortcodes.
Here is a list of shortcode options with their default values:
'cn_ig_call' => 'no',
'username' => 'codenegar',
'type' => 'user',
'title' => 'New ShortCode',
'follow_button' => 'no',
'followers_count' => 'no',
'media_stat' => 'yes',
'media_title' => 'yes',
'media_link' => 'yes',
'load_num' => '20',
'media_size' => 'large',
'tag_name' => '',
'location_name' => '',
'max_distance' => 1000,
'lat' => '',
'lng' => '',
'title' => ''
The options are self explanatory
Hope this helps you achieve what you are doing.

Version 1.3 published. Visual Composer is supported and much more new features. Check change log for more info.

Hi, this pulls up my instagram images in real-time? Can this be embeded in my website?

Yes, it uses Instagram API to get the images, and also it has internal caching system which speeds up everything.
The plugin supports WordPress shortcode so you can use it anywhere in your website.

Hello, I’m a bit confused. Where do I find the settings like above? I’ve found where I generate the shortcode, but there doesn’t seem to be any options on how I’d like to style the feed? At the moment I just have 2 colums of 20 photos, where as I’d like to position them like a gallery with 2 rows and 8 columns.


The plugin is responsive, it means it adjusts itself with the width of its container.
If you put the gallery in sidebar it shows only 2 columns (depending on the size of sidebar).
Increase the width of slider to have more columns.

Hai, this plugin not work with avada themes, please help for fix this.

Solved with editing css style.

It’s great that you solved the issue.


{“code”: 400, “error_type”: “OAuthException”, “error_message”: “Redirect URI does not match registered redirect URI”}


I put maximum 100 and only show me 30 , why?

Just a presale question. Is it possible to link each instagram photo with a unique link? For example that clicking on the photo opens an external website?

Looks great, one question that I can’t seem to find, does this have a carousel setting?

I have just purchased the plugin and it is not working at all. It has an ‘API error’ warning instead of the gallery being displayed in the widget.

Is this to do with IG now placing all new registered APPs into sandbox mode? I have the client id codes but I think the app is not live until it is authenticated?

I submitted a ticket in your support system but I havent gotten a response and the support page now has a 500 internal server error

I have this plugin, but i cant get it too work. I have done everything you said, but it says,,, Something is wrong about Instagram API I have logged into instagram got the key, etc. But to submit application it wants a screencast of the thing working? How and what is that?? This doesnt take seconds, as advertised or I ma miles off track here. Thanks

Good support…

Still nothing. Joke

Hi There,

After I setup my Instagram application info, where do I find the Instagram Login button from Step 4 in the documentation?


Can it order the images by number of likes ? Can I use data filter to show images within certain dates ? or 1 day ago…?