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bobwp Purchased

Just bought this and am dropping it into a text widget on the homepage of a Genesis child theme. How can I center it?

Sorry for the late reply. Can you please show me a link? Also I can help more if you send me some temporary access at


bobwp Purchased

The link is

As far as access I need to get the permission of someone else for that. As you can see right now it is showing up but not as shown it would look in the backend. Also, if size can be adjusted.

Let me know if you need access still after looking at it.


K_77 Purchased

Hi Chrisdean, great job with this plugin.

I was wondering if there’s a way to cycle the countdown (i.e. every hour the count start over again). Furthermore, I had to take the server time and when the page containing the countdown is loaded, the countdown had to show the remainig time until the next hour… Then the countdown start again from 01:00:00…

Many thanks for every help you could give =)

Thank you for your purchase and sorry for the late reply :(. I was testing a scenario where I aim at a date/time in the distant future (say 2020) and only turn on the minutes and seconds. This will work visually but will not fire the end event.

In order to use the server time you will need to get it and feed it to the counter. So use the date PHP function and then

<?php echo do_shortcode(“[dsrc id=’715’ ui_target_date=’new_value’ ui_use_now_offset=’0’ ]”); ?>

new_value can be string in “Y/m/d H:i:s” format.

Note: You will notice that I used 2 attributes. Second attribute is used to make sure that “now offset” functionality is not used for target date setting.

Write me at if you need further assistance.

Hi just purchased your plugin. Do you have documentation on how to use it?

Thank you for your purchase! In the admin page of the plugin there are help topics associated with every parameter.

I have used your plugin to create a countdown on a page, but when I use the short code I get the full countdown and not the countdown I created. I create a countdown, copy the code and paste it on my post but not getting the created countdown. Do you have a step by step instruction on how to use this plugin . Any help is welcome.

Thank you for your purchase! All the instructions are included in the bottom of the admin page. There is nothing special really? Is it possible that you did not update your counter? Can I have a look. If it is ok you can send me temporary access at Sorry for the inconvenience.


oh… can you please send it again. sorry for the inconvenience… i may have deleted it :(

i’ts done right now!

Fixed. PHP 7 issue I think. I updated the countdown.

This is getting really frustrating as I have tried everything I can. I have created a countdown and installed the code in my page [dsrc id=’728’ /] and all i get is a blank space. What am I doing wrong as I am sure you did not create a countdown plugin that does not work.

Harrison73, please show me a link so I can have a look and inspect this blank space. Additionally, please send me a temporary access to your wp-admin at I am pretty sure we can fix this.

For some reason I deleted couple of emails. If you have emailed me your issue, please do that again.


rfh123 Purchased

I want the countdown to be set for individual instances where a person will come to my landing page and have their own specific countdown timer (maybe by IP address).

The result I’m looking for is if person “A” hits my landing page on a Tuesday at 9am and person “B” hit’s that same landing page on Wednesday at 4pm, the will each have the same amount of time to respond, say 24 hours, before the countdown hits zero.

How do I do that?

You will have to write some server (PHP) script that checks the IP of the visitor. These should be saved in a database along with the time/date of visit, if not saved already. If IP is already included then it is a returning visitor. In both cases you will have the time of first visit. Then you can calculate the remaining time. After that set the the target and no date using PHP like this:

<?php $server_now_date = date(“Y/m/d H:i:s”); $target_date = CALCULATE BASED ON FIRST VISIT AND EXPIRE PERIOD. USE SAME “Y/m/d H:i:s” format. echo do_shortcode(“[dsrc id=’721’ ui_server_now_date=’”.$server_now_date.”’ ui_target_date=’”..”’]”); ?>

You can use one countdown only, which is just holding the visual look. The script above will set the other important values. The id above (721) must be replaced with the one you have assigned to your counter.


rfh123 Purchased

Can you give me what I need to make it work? I’m not technical, so I’m lost here.

Please write me at


Just installed your plugin and I tried to create a new countdown and it does not save it, it is not working for me.

Please help.

I can’t pickup any date from the calendar, no calendar popup, even if I try to put the date manually, it does not work.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please email me at I think it is a PHP7 issue. I have an update, but have not submitted it yet.