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Hi, just bought the plugin, not working on a localhost wordpress installation, but works on a godaddy hosted server. I need to be able to develop and test locally, then send changes up.

Hello and thank you for the purchase. This is strange, because I developed it locally on localhost wordpress installation. Is it working in wp-admin? Can you set it up? Or it is not working both in page and wp-admin? Can you send me screenshots, or if there are some javascript errors. Mail me at

sending details of the problem I’m having by email, thanks in advance for your assistance

I got it.

Is there an evergreen option anywhere for cookie & ip address?......

Thank you for the purchase. I have created simple evergreen option only as a custom edit for the jquery plugin version. User needs to set one variable in seconds, which is used to reset the target date with the amount of seconds defined. So it is not tied to anything else. In general I don’t have that feature, but I still hope the tool will be of use for you.

this works great; thanks :)

One of a kind comment! Thank you!

Hello chrisdean,

I just bought and installed your plugin. Settings are easy and I have managed to let the countdown timer show on my website. However… It seems to breakdown (or at least influence the breakpoint) of my primary navigation responsive menu. My menu is still visible, however on mobiles phones the responsive item is gone. It just shows the complete menu. If I deactivate your countdown plugin, the responsive menu shows up again.

It is for the website: .

Could you please help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Pablo

Thank you for your purchase! Sorry for the inconvenience! I will look into it.

Is it possible to email me at some temp access to the wp admin? If not can I see the site with the countdown deactivated?

can the animation be changed so it’s not a flip but rather a smooth slider or roll type of animation?

I understand what it has. What I asked is can the animation be changed?

It can be changed, but that requires a major update, which I don’t have the resources to do right now.

Gotcha. thanks.

i have a question. what happens when it expires? i’d like to have it replace the timer with some text, like ‘expired’ etc. is that possible?

Thank you for you interest. For example you may have an invisible div below it that says “expired”. The counter can execute a Javascript function on “complete” event, which may include a jQuery(”#completed_div”).show() command in your instance.

I install plugin and target data is 2016/09/15 but count is 29 day, the day left is 123 day what happend?

Thank you for your purchase! Try to increase the number of the day digits showing. The default number is 2 – you need to set it to 3.

How do I include the countdown in a slider within Revolution Slider? Nothing appears when I include the shortcode

I will keep playing around with it, how do I align it left or right? I can’t get it to not centre align

Can you please give me a link to your site so I can at least see the alignment issue.

I hope you have figured it out. If not – send me link so I can see the issues.

Do you know if your plugin is php7 ready with wordpress? We’ve been using it for about a month now and loving it. Wanted to change hosts to some newer and faster tech, php7 being one of them with some great advantages. When we turn php7 on, your plugin breaks (doesn’t show up and the whole config page doesnt show much), So we’re back to 5.6 for now. Is there anything we can do to make it work? Or can you do the update to make it compatible? Or what are your suggestions. THANKS. Loving it thus far.

Will report back ASAP.

Can you please arrange some temporary access for me to wp-admin so I can check what the problems are. I am not in a position right now to use another test environment. My email is – we can arrange some time when I am at the office and you can set version to php7 and I can log and debug the php script. UTC +2 is the timezone here.

Hello again. I managed to log. After investigating the problem I did some changes to the plugin file and now it seems to work OK – both in admin and site areas. Can you please test it a bit more – I did some testing too, but I feel more testing will not hurt. I used the editor in the wp-admin to update this file – dotstudio_responsive_countdown.php. If you need to install it elsewhere you have to put it inside the plugin zip to overwrite it. Write me if you find any more issues. And please rate my item :). That helps me a lot.

is there a way and if there is can you provide documentation for me to be able to connect the conutdown to the event calendar by modermn tribe. so it will always countdown the next event

Thank you for your interest. The tool itself cannot connect, but I guess some PHP code can extract the next event date and build the target_date for my tool. I don’t have the resources to code such script right now though.

Hello I purchased your countdown plugin 13055ec0-9ed7-4e9c-9b3c-e78d990df319 and the “DAYS” is only showing 3 days left when it is set for 12/31/19 for New Years. Any reason?

Set number of days to 3.

Hello I need a countdown timer plugin that counts down to the last day of each month and starts again each month automatically. Would this be possible with this plugin? Thanks Ben

Sorry for the late reply. The tool does not readily support such feature. You need to somehow calculate the target date either using JS or PHP and feed it to the tool.

I am having troubles posting short code in a text widget box. for some reason it is not working. Any hints for me..

Can you please write me at Some temporary access to the wp-admin will be great.

I have problem, why Days have only two pools – I nedd 3. My event start 2017-04-22

Thank you for your purchase. There is a control in the admin page that can change the day digits number. It is a slider tool. Take a closer look.

Hello, i’m embedding the shortcode and the countdown appears for a second, then is gone. Please help!

I answered you. Sorry for the late reply.


adkauth Purchased

Hi! I just installed this, I’m using Wordpress Version 4.6.1 and the plugin in the admin side works ok (I can create coundowns, and they display properly in admin preview) however, they don’t display on site.

I believe this is due to W3 Total Cache plugin, jquery is not loaded before the script from the plugin. I was wondering if you had a solution to this?

Thank you in advance for any help!


adkauth Purchased

Hi! Thanks for getting back to me, I actually found that thread and disabled HTML minify and couldn’t fix this. I have however disabled W3 total cache plugin completely and in that case, the plugin shows up.

However, that’s obviously an issue since W3 plugin handles many optimization issues and the site is considerably slower without it. I understand that it’s a plugin compatibility issue and not an issue with your plugin itself, but I would appreciate any hints you might have to solve this.


adkauth Purchased

An update: I’ve tested it with another optimization plugin, Speed Booster Pack, and same issue as with W3 Total Cache.

I have found a solution for myself, I removed the javascript you’re adding inline and I’m loading that in a separate js file I enqueued in my theme. Since I only use one counter that I occasionally update, I will have to manually make the edits, but it does display.

Thanks, man.

Love the plugin – thanks! I have the Wordpress Version. Is there a way to have this set by IP to 75 hours. In other words, I want to have it so the user counts down to 75 hours from first accessing the page. I thought that is what this did but I can’t see a specific setting for this. Can you help?

I’ve just purchased the plugin and there are two issues. First it does not show any datepicker and it doesn’t save the date when publishing the countdown. Secondly it does not show any countdown. When I look in the code it displays the following:
<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
jQuery(function() {/*empty*/
 = jQuery("#").ResponsiveCountdown({
use_custom_update:,new_custom_state: "",
target_date:"2017/3/16 12:00:00",server_now_date: "",
fillStyleSymbol1:"rgba(, , , 1)",
fillStyleSymbol2:"rgba(, , , 1)",
fillStylesPanel_g1_1:"rgba(, , , 1)",
fillStylesPanel_g1_2:"rgba(, , , 1)",
fillStylesPanel_g2_1:"rgba(, , , 1)",
fillStylesPanel_g2_2:"rgba(, , , 1)",
text_color:"rgba(, , , 1)",
text_glow:"rgba(, , , 1)",
/* ]]> */
I’ve tried creating a custom shortcode but still no luck:
[dsrc id='5927' ui_div_id='countdown']2017/3/16 12:00:00[/dsrc]
View the above shortcode generated jquery on:

How do I make it work?

Thank you for the purchase! Did you enter unique name in the Counter ID field? From the code you pasted above it looks like this field is empty. If it is not an issue, can you please send me temp access to wp-admin at

Nevermind, I found another countdown plugin

Hi, the countdown plugin is not running under Wordpress 4.7? I saw it to late. Its not running in my wordpress installation (4.7.3). What can I do? Thanks for help Alex

Hello! Is it working in the admin area? Can you send me a link to the site so I can see the error? Can you give me a temp admin access? You can send the info to

Hello Pre-buy, I need to show or hide either “id” or “class” Could this work with that? Thanks!

Please write more details. Hide id or class of what? What is the purpose of that? The tool uses unique id for the div it plays in.